Ep #138: How You Identify & Human Design with Kaia Hunter

The Confident Coaches Podcast | How You Identify & Human Design with Kaia Hunter

This week’s podcast episode is equal parts brilliant client testimonial, coaching call, and masterclass on something I know very little about.

My guest on the show today is Path to 100K client, Kaia Hunter. Kaia is a life coach for moms of teens who are transitioning into the world of empty-nesters and an expert in Human Design. And she’s here to share her experience of being inside our community and how she’s bringing Human Design work into her business. 

Join us for a conversation all about identity, how Human Design can be a modality to bring into your practice if you resonate with it, and why being in our community will get you so much further faster than going it alone. 


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What You’ll Learn:
  • How Kaia knew the decision to join the Path to 100K Mastermind was a nudge from her intuition.
  • The difference between taking action from your gut and taking action from your brain.
  • Why how you identify yourself needs to be examined and questioned.
  • What the Human Design framework entails, and how it has helped Kaia as a coach. 
  • Kaia’s experience of leaving her business behind to build a coaching practice from scratch.
  • Why Kaia doesn’t consider herself a full-time life coach. 
  • How what she’s learned inside the mastermind is impacting how she shows up for her clients. 
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Full Episode Transcript:

You are listening to episode 138 of The Confident Coaches Podcast, the one where we talk about how you identify yourself and your Human Design. Oh, it’s going to be juicy stuff, let’s go.

Welcome to The Confident Coaches Podcast, a place for creating the self-confidence you need to do your best work as a life coach. If you want to bring more boldness, more resilience, and more joy to your work, this is the place for you. I’m your host, Amy Latta. Let’s dive in.

Well hi, coach. Oh my goodness, don’t I sound so much better than last week’s episode. I still have a little bit of a cough and you’re definitely going to hear that in the interview you are getting ready to hear. I’m so excited, I’m interviewing a renewing Path to 100K Mastermind client who is also an expert in something I am not an expert in. So this is part client testimonial, client experience, and brand new expert level information that I was not aware of. I’m very excited about this.

Kaia Hunter, she’s lovely. She’s funny, I could talk to her all day. And you’re going to hear us both, though I don’t know what the final edited version is going to sound like, but you can hear us both navigating some unruly pets during the entire interview because her cat was just not having any of it and Lou, my Chihuahua, also couldn’t decide if he wanted to be in the room, out of the room, you know how it goes.

Here’s why this episode is so good, and so important, and so worth your time today. Kaia is going to be talking about knowing when is a good time to change your niche. Knowing who you really are and who you speak to and why that is the way you should go no matter what somebody else may have told you.

A lot of this has to do with how you identify yourself, what it means to be a full-time coach. And watch for this, because both Kaia and I were caught off guard mid interview and it took a direction we did not know it was going at all.

And we talk a lot about community, Kaia is a really beautiful example of how the Path to 100K Mastermind community shows up for one another, how they have your back, and why being in a community like Path to 100K Mastermind will get you so much further and faster than going it alone or just working with a one on one coach when it comes to business.

And her level of expertise around Human Design. Now, I was someone who was really annoyed by all the Human Design talk until I started really bringing in more work, as you have noticed in the past couple of months of episodes. Bringing patriarchal work, creating self-safety work, talking about energy work. Human Design plays into this also.

I was fascinated, I learned so much about this and how it comes into how you identify yourself, how you show up in your business, how you can give permission to yourself where other people are telling you it’s not okay. This is such a related conversation to the work we are doing at the mastermind level. You ready? Here we go.

Amy Okay everybody, I’m so excited today to welcome to the podcast one of my clients in the mastermind who is coming back in this August round of Path to 100K, Ms. Kaia Hunter, who I am talking to on the other side of the world. So thank you for always being flexible with me.

Ms. Kaia is a life coach for moms of teens and what she does is she helps them as they’re approaching this transition into empty nester. When their kids are older, they’re still in the house, they may not need you all the time. But don’t they though, Kaia? Don’t they still need you all the time?

Kaia: Yes. Yes, that’s true, just in different ways.

Amy: Just in different ways. Kaia is, her work is right up my alley because I have a young adult daughter and I’m a mom of two teen boys and it’s a different world. There is no, where is the Dr. Spock book on raising teenagers? It’s very different than babies.

Kaia: Right? Exactly, it’s like hold on to your seat, this is a whole new ballgame we’ve got going on. I’ve only got one.

Amy: Yeah, it’s an entirely different ballgame. My 16 year old, suddenly these children, they’re children to me. There are children showing up in cars to take my child away. I’m like, where are you going? I’ve known this kid since fourth grade, what is he doing driving you somewhere?

Kaia: How the hell does that happen? And I’m sitting here looking outside my office window at my daughter’s car who, she can’t drive without me just yet. But we’re on the count down for that, she’s counting down the days until she can. And she’s told me that I’m never going to see her, she’s going to be out all the time. So it’s a big transition, I’ve got a lot of thoughts myself about it.

Amy: Exactly, which of course, like I always say because I am always dealing with the confidence work and the believing beforehand and all of that, that makes you the ideal coach for your people.

Also, another super amazing thing and one of the reasons that we’re going to talk a little bit on the podcast today. Kaia is also, she hesitates to use the word expert, but she is more expert in this than I am. She is a student of Human Design and she uses a lot of Human Design in her coaching and she’s going to be bringing some of her Human Design work into the Free To Paid Coach work that we are doing.

I’ve invited her to help us out in Free To Paid Coach and help the coaches in FTPC with their Human Design. So this is part interview of a mastermind student, part interview of an expert in something I know so little about. And it excites me as everybody, if you’ve been listening, unless you just crawled out from under a rock.

If you haven’t been listening I’ve been talking a lot about bringing all kinds of new modalities into this coaching space because I think we are all so adept and expert as thoughts create feelings and drive your actions, so let’s solve that, let’s figure that out. There are so many different ways to help our clients get to the same place.

So, first of all, let’s talk about you and the time that you’ve had, you know, you’ve been in Confident Coaches Mastermind coming into the new Path to 100K version of the mastermind. Tell me about where you were when you, I don’t even know how you found me. I’m actually not even sure how I ended up on your radar.

Kaia: And to be honest I can’t remember the moment in time, but what I do remember is finding your podcast and listening to your podcast. Joining at least one of your free trainings that you ran, and from there I was hooked, Amy.

I found you, of course, did all of the stalking things that you do. And I loved that, I loved your way, I loved that you were, dare I say it, a little bit older, a little bit more my age let’s say. Older and wiser, like I really liked that. I liked that you are just you. And I loved your coaching, I loved the free event, I loved all of the things. So of course, the next step for me was to sign up to the mastermind.

Amy: All right, so when you were signing up to the mastermind for the first time around, do you remember where you were? How long had you been a coach? Certification, you know, like how were you in terms of attracting the clients that you really wanted, clarity as to who you coach, all of that kind of stuff that we do in the mastermind.

Kaia: Yeah, so I certified with the Life Coach School in October last year, September last year. I was like when did I join the mastermind? When did I join?

Amy: So the mastermind, you were in the one that started in October. So you’d only been certified for a month.

Kaia: I had only been certified for a month, but I had been coaching prior to that. I did have another certification so I had been coaching for about a year or so before that. I still own and operate my other business. So I’ve been scaling that to the point where it doesn’t need me as much whilst I’ve also been growing my coaching business. That’s been a lot of topic of conversation and a lot of topic in coaching for me.

So I’d been coaching for a while before I joined the mastermind, but I changed my niche. So prior to joining I was actually a business coach and it just wasn’t where I wanted to be and what I wanted to do. So I changed my niche and then joined the mastermind.

Amy: Why did you change your niche? What was that decision? Because I know a lot of the people who are listening either want to change their niche every third week or they think they can never change their niche. So let’s talk about like what was your decision making factor in terms of I’ve been working with one set, I’ve been coaching this group, I want to coach a completely different group.

Kaia: Yeah, I think if I rewind that even the decision to become a business coach. When I look at that decision, that was the decision that wasn’t the right one for me. And talk about putting a square peg in a round hole, I made that decision off the back of “advice from experts” and without much of my heart and soul into it. And I did it for a year and I had a little bit of success.

And then I just felt this nudge, this pull, this thing inside that was like no, that’s not right. I just want to be a life coach. I just want to help women with all of the things. I don’t want to be a business coach. Yeah, so I changed and I’m so glad that I freaking did.

Amy: Yes, and I think this conversation is important. And I like how you described it because this is talking about something more of what’s coming into the mastermind is learning to listen to that nudge, that pull even though an expert told you you should do this.

And the funny thing is you did it for an entire year, which that’s a commitment. And yet, I think you said, what is your heart telling you? That nudge, that pull? And I think for what we want to bring into Path to 100K and to the clients is to be able to listen to the difference between your brain freaking out, I’m in the wrong place, versus your gut and your intuition saying I’m in the wrong place.

Kaia: Yeah, absolutely, and it was definitely that. And I didn’t make a quick knee jerk decision or anything like that. And it’s not changing your niche every five minutes for whatever reason. But it really was this pull and it was a considered decision that I made. I took the time to make it. And I was working with a one on one business coach at the time. And she really coached me hard on it around the whole, you know, changing your niche. But it just felt in all of my being the right thing to do.

As soon as I made the decision and went in that direction, and I was just calling myself a general life coach, you know, helping women in their mid-40s and what have you, it just felt so good. And I really knew that I could help these women. I really just knew that within my soul as well. I can really, really help these women.

Amy: I don’t know if I’ve ever asked you this question, how did you know that this was a nudge and a pull from your intuition and your gut and not a kind of a source of just Helga brain, cave woman brained panic? How were you able to discern the difference, right?

Kaia: It wouldn’t go away.

Amy: Okay.

Kaia: And there wasn’t drama around it. It’s hard to say because it was a real, it wasn’t a brain decision.

Amy: Yes.

Kaia: For me it was like this whole body, and I’ve almost got goose bumps when I, that’s how I know. There was not a whole lot of drama around it. It was like the decision, this might sound weird but it’s like the decision was made for me. It just felt in my whole body the right thing to do. And that is how I knew it.

And I compared it to when I changed careers, I worked in advertising sales for, I don’t know, a decade or so. And I changed from that career into finance. And that’s the business that I own now, a mortgage broking business.

And that was the same thing, it was like the decision was made for me, it was just something that I felt I had to do. And so I compare that change in niche to that change in career and how it felt for me. And both felt the same. It’s just like it’s just the right thing to do. I hope that makes sense.

Amy: It does and I’m excited that you’re going to be in the room when I introduce more of the intuition work. I know you won’t be there in person, but you will be at the live event virtually. So you will be in the room with us when we have these conversations of how to learn the difference between making a decision from your head versus making that decision from this place of just deep knowing.

Kaia: Yeah, that’s what it was. That’s what it was for sure.

Amy: Yeah, I call it that deep knowing and how to learn to listen to that version of you. And I love that it even goes against that, “Well an expert told me to do this.” Because I think that part of your story that part of your story as a life coach and a business owner is so important because so many of us coaches can be afraid to make decisions like that because it goes against what people said.

Kaia: Yeah, exactly.

Amy: And how do you justify to the outside world, well, my gut is telling me to?

Kaia: Yeah, and that’s why I say the coach I was working with at the time gave me a really hard time. And my thoughts about about that period in time were I almost felt like I was being talked out of it, it was the wrong thing to do. You don’t become a general life coach, you have to have a niche. She’s like, so, who you going to, you know? And I’m like, “No, I just want to help all the women with all of the things.” At that time.

It’s since evolved and I’ve gotten, you know, it’s changed a bit since then. But yeah, I almost felt like I needed to justify it to her, to my coach. I didn’t need to justify it to anyone else, but I felt like I needed to justify it to her. But it was justified in my head and my heart, so I went with it.

Amy: Well, and I actually do like how you brought up, and I think it’s an important thing to mention, is working with someone that you do feel comfortable letting them coach you really, really hard. And also having the sovereignty, the authority to be able to still make decisions, not because you’re letting your Helga brain run away and panic, but because you are listening to your inner knowing. And that’s the kind of space that I know I want to create here.

Kaia: Yes, which is why I’m sticking around for more.

Amy: So when you came in, I do remember coaching you quite a bit on that stepping away from the other business that you own and moving into full-time coaching. And I know that this is also something. So not only do we have a lot of people who are unsure if being a general life coach is okay, who might have experts telling them that they need to pick something specific, who haven’t learned how to listen to their inner knowing.

We also have a lot of people, a lot of coaches in this space, particularly in Free To Paid Coach who are trying to move towards becoming a paid coach. Let’s talk about that experience of having something successful, stepping away from it to build this coaching thing from scratch. 

Kaia: Again, it was something, coaching itself was something that I was just really, really pulled to do. I launched my coaching business one year after taking over that other business. And wanting to scale and remove myself from the day to day of that business, like one year after taking over it. Like no one does that.

Amy: I’m not sure I realized it had only been a year, that is amazing.

Kaia: Amazing slash crazy, but it’s what I wanted to do and I had, like I talked about, this real pull. Yeah, so I did set about scaling it from the get go. And it’s been a ride. It’s where I want it to be now, you know, fast forward a number of years.

I’ve got five team members in that business running the day to day. I go there once a week to run a team meeting, I do a little bit of mentoring the girls from home, and I do the social media for that business. So I’ve been able to really step away from the day to day, which has been awesome.

So it’s weird, I’m 99% a full-time coach, but because I’ve still got that and it is still, even though I’m not in it very much it is still my responsibility. It’s my business. It’s crazy, but I don’t call myself a full-time coach yet and I probably won’t until I sell that business.

Amy: Okay, so I wasn’t planning on coaching you in this podcast. Goodness, why would you not describe yourself as a full-time coach when you clearly are? Everybody listen in, Kaia is getting coached right here.

Kaia: And of course my brain, Amy, is offering, “I don’t know.” And I wasn’t expecting to be coached on this call either, but here we are. It is crazy, isn’t it? Because really I spend, if I totaled it I’d probably spend on that business, including all of the things that I just mentioned, I probably spend maybe five, six hours a week on that business. But like I said, because it holds such a mental load if you like for me, in my head I wasn’t going to be a full-time coach until that business is gone.

Amy: Why?

Kaia: And my days are going to look pretty much the same as they look now. So that’s kind of crazy, right?

Amy: So why?

Kaia: I think because I still have that as a responsibility. That doesn’t even make sense when I say it out loud, Amy.

Amy: Right? I know.

Kaia: And you know what’s interesting? And I’m not inverting the question, although I might be. Other people will call me, but other clients in that other business call me and they’re like, “Oh, we weren’t sure if you still own the business because aren’t you coaches now?” I’m like, “Oh, yeah, I am. But I still own the business.” So people’s perception is that I’m just a coach now. So maybe my self-perception needs to catch up.

Amy: Yes. Okay, so I’m not going to like go deep into coaching here, yeah, she’s writing down taking notes.

Kaia: I am so am.

Amy: This conversation is so important, I need everybody to lean in and listen. Bringing your self-concept up to who you really want to be, and we’re going to talk a little bit more about something we talked about before we hit the record button here, about I’m bringing you on and one of the first things that you said was –

And this interview is coming in a string of interviews of mastermind sisters of Kaia, like Melanie and Shauna. And she’s like I don’t quite have that big headline producing income story. Maybe a part of that is because you still aren’t considering yourself a full-time coach. And I think this is fascinating, because do you consider yourself a full time mortgage broker?

Kaia: No.

Amy: So in your brain you are not full-time in any one thing?

Kaia: Apart from motherhood, no.

Amy: Okay, because I wasn’t also sure yeah. Oh, she just sighed big here. Everybody, I love that this is turning into part interview, part coaching.

Kaia: I’m glad you do.

Amy: Kaia is incredibly uncomfortable, I love it.

Kaia: Hot seat coaching, yeah.

Amy: Yeah, all the sudden we’re sweating over here.

Kaia: And it’s winter.

Amy: And this is so good because how you describe yourself is how you’re going to show up. And is this this tiny little piece, that shifting this tiny little piece shifts everything else that needs to fall into line after it?

Kaia: Yeah, that makes so much sense. And you’re right, I have been writing notes down here. So yeah, that makes no sense. And not until you said, well do you consider yourself a full-time mortgage broker? I mean, I haven’t really actively been a mortgage broker for a while, but even full-time broker or full-time, no, I don’t because I’m not.

Like I said, 99% of my time is spent in coaching. So what I’m saying to you doesn’t even make sense. Okay. All right, I can see some self-coaching coming straight after this call.

Amy: All right, great, who wants to be interviewed next? That should be a podcast interview, where I just bring five people on and I’m just going to hot seat coach everybody.

Kaia: Yes, great idea.

Amy: I love this idea. Yeah, and I just think this conversation is so important. And little did we know we had some thought work to uncover for Kaia, for everybody else out there of that this idea that – And I love that your brain was waiting for the number to be 100% of your work hours before you consider yourself a full-time coach.

Kaia: Yeah, absolutely.

Amy: And why? Why? I have some theories, but I’m wondering, do you have an answer to that? Why were you waiting for that number to be 100% do you think?

Kaia: Well, like you mentioned, my self-concept at the moment is I’m a business owner and a coach. And not necessarily a coach, and even for me to say, I said first business owner, right? Even just to say that first.

Amy: And when you say business owner you’re not thinking you’re coaching business.

Kaia: No, I mean, other. Yeah. So I’m a business owner and a coach.

Amy: Like I’m a full-time life coach. I also happen to also own another business that’s a mortgage broker business.

Kaia: My brain is offering that that’s not right because I still own another business. It’s not right to say that because I spend five hours a week, whatever it is five or six I don’t really count, in that other business. It’s not right, 100% is the right time.

Amy: Yes. Do you have –

Kaia: No, I’m just listening to you in my head talking about the patriarchy and it’s got to be first, and it’s nothing. And it’s like it’s got to be 100% or it’s nothing is what came into my head. It’s like it’s not 100%, therefore it isn’t. It’s not.

Amy: Yes, which is exactly what I was getting ready to say. Of course, all of you out there, including Kaia, who just thought she was going to talk about her coaching business a little bit in this interview. Of course we hesitate to call ourselves a full-time coach or a full-time whatever until it looks a certain way because if we pull way, way out they, patriarchy, hierarchical structures have said that if it’s not 100%, it might as well be nothing. That number one is the only thing that matters.

Which is interesting because I was like is it the number of hours that determines? Because what makes somebody a full-time mom, right? It’s not necessarily the number of hours, particularly now that we have teenagers, most of our parenting is spent with the teenager nowhere near us.

Kaia: Correct, it’s probably five hours a week, maybe less.

Amy: Exactly, the rest of the parenting is answering texts going, “No, you can’t. Come home now. Where are you? Who are you with?”

Kaia: Exactly.

Amy: But it’s just really fascinating and I love that this came up as uncomfortable. How we identify ourselves is how we’re going to show up. So let’s be willing to question how we’re identifying ourselves and does that butt up against what we’ve been told is and isn’t acceptable?

Kaia: Yeah, that’s so good. And I clearly do need to do some extra work on it because just as you were saying that I could just feel myself kind of clenching. Like that’s not right, it’s got to be 100%. So, okay, I need to work on that a little, thank you.

Amy: Absolutely. And I think that it’s important and I think this shows up a lot for women, predominantly for women, though I’m sure men have their own version of this where we have also been socialized that our number one, our full-time is as mother, is as parent, and everything comes after that.

And if we have gone into career, it’s the career that is more socially acceptable, it’s the career that is what more people, out of a panel of 100 people it would need to be the career that the majority of those people say is okay. And life coaching is, you know, starting a life coaching business outside of the immediate life coaching world is still kind of seen as what are you doing?

Kaia: Yeah. What is that? What is that? What even is that?

Amy: Exactly, what are you doing? Yeah, so of course it makes so much sense. So I love that that came up in this interview in terms of those of you who are listening and also struggling with how you identify yourself. Are you identifying yourself as a full time coach? And if you aren’t, just ask the question, why not? If the answer is because they said so, who’s they?

Kaia: Exactly. I love it. I love it.

Amy: And let’s just introduce the possibility that they are wrong.

Kaia: Right?

Amy: Oh my God, what just happened? Kaia’s whole body, her whole demeanor went, what? 

Kaia: I mean it did go, what? But it also went, yes, please.

Amy: Yes, please, sir, may I have some more? Okay, so we know that in our next call, or you’re going to reach out to your peers to get some coaching on defining yourself as a full-time coach.

Kaia: Yes, I will.

Amy: Yes, you will. And then, being in the mastermind, those are two things that you have worked on and continue to work on, obviously. How has this impacted how you are coaching your people? Like from what you’ve learned inside the mastermind and how you were showing up for your moms. How you did go from general life coach to women, to really finding a heart and a space for these moms of teens who are transitioning to becoming empty nesters.

Kaia: Yeah, I think for me, I mean, when I look at the growth that I’ve gotten from the mastermind around my belief and my success. And you and I’ve talked before about me owning my success and stepping up and believing and knowing that I’m already a great coach. I think I’m showing up in sessions more confidently as a coach. I think I can coach women on their doubts and their confidence.

Obviously, being part of the mastermind I’ve brought that with me. All of the learnings that I’ve got from the mastermind about confidence, and self-belief and two thoughts or two emotions at the same time. You coached me a while back on being disappointed because I had a couple of things not go right in coaching, but also at the same time while I was feeling disappointed, holding the belief that this is going to work.

So that was profound for me and that’s something that I bring into my coaching for my clients as well. You can be feeling this but also holding the belief that you can, you know, whatever it is that they want to achieve, lose the weight, you know, find a new career, whatever it is. So that’s been something profound that I’ve learned.

Amy: Yeah, that space right there, I think is probably where, you know, because I like to think of both Free To Paid Coach as a transition program, Path to 100K as a transition program, that any sort of transition, it’s required that we hold two different emotions at the same time. because transition is inherently cognitive dissonance. It is an inherently holding two beliefs at the same time, the old version of you and the new version of you.

And as much as everybody’s like, can I just stop believing the old and start believing the new? And I’m like don’t we all wish that’s how our brain worked?

Kaia: That would be so good.

Amy: But that sounds like it might be easier, but I feel like the transition is more meaningful, it’s more powerful when we can actually learn to hold two spaces at one time.

Kaia: For sure, definitely.

Amy: And I know also, you are also another member of the group who has found – Let’s talk about community.

Kaia: I’ve found my, you know, for want of a better word biz besties, my tribe. And it was part of the reason that I wanted to join a mastermind as opposed to have a one on one coach, was for that community. Because we’re in our houses all day, every day for the most part building our businesses. And I really wanted, really deeply wanted that sense of community.

And I don’t know if I just got lucky with these women that were in the round of the mastermind that I was in, but that has been such a huge part from the peer coaching every week, to our conversations outside and deep, deep friendships that have been formed. I know that I can, we’ve got a Marco Polo group now, I know I can get on there and talk to them about my brain not saying I’m a full-time coach, and they’re going to give me all coaching.

That was born from the mastermind, and it’s just incredible and beautiful and I cherish it so much. It makes me emotional.

Amy: I love that so much.

Kaia: Yeah.

Amy: Yes, and that is something, as a coach, as we start the next round and it’s a mixture of those of you who have renewed from previous round, plus, you know, from the October round. Plus we have this February round, and then we’ve got new people coming in. Of really creating from a coach point of view.

I think what I want to offer is how can those of you who do do groups, who do have small groups, who do have memberships, or even free communities, I think even free communities, is how can you set the tone that encourages people to love on one another and to reach out to one another so that they’re not just all staring at each other in the room being like, hey, we’re individual people who happen to be in a group. As opposed to no, we have each other’s back and you can reach out to me.

Kaia: Yes.

Amy: I’ve got your back all the time.

Kaia: Yeah, like invaluable to have that. The women that I’ve got, I know that they do have my back. And I know they’ll call me out on my BS, and I know that they’ll be there to support me and cheer me on. And it’s amazing, amazing. There’s only one bad thing is that they’re all on the other side of the world, Amy.

So I’ve often said to them, like I just want you guys to come over for dinner or to all come over for coffee or a glass of wine so we can sit in the same room and chat. But for now it’s on Marco Polo, and I’ll take it every day of the week. But I often sort of lament that I’m in Australia, and some are in Europe, and some are in America and it’s a long way away. But that’s okay, at least technology has allowed it to happen in the first place. So I’m super grateful for that.

Amy: Yes, when I saw her my business besties who resides in South Korea, and I saw her back in April, it was practically obscene the amount of body attachment that we had to one another. I’m like, oh my God, because we do get to know people so intimately and so well. And my mastermind sisters, many of us have now all kind of gone our separate ways. And we’re talking about can we just have like quarterly or yearly, kind of can we all just plan to travel one place and all get together?

Something entirely different, this is where we’re going to transition to where I’m going to no longer be the expert talking and I’m going to shift into you. Because through all of this, your growth in the mastermind, the results that you’ve seen, I know that you’ve made all your money back. And we’ve now just even through the course of this podcast found this little thought error for you to go work on to be able to move forward.

You are an expert, I’m going to call you an expert, in Human Design. And you’ve talked to me about how your Human Design has helped you as a coach, not just for your clients, but for how you run your business in terms of this is where I’m going to turn it over. I know that you gave me a couple of key areas where knowing your Human Design has helped you make business decisions or actually just helped you show up how you show up in your business.

Kaia: So I did do, I no sooner finished CCP and in typical, to use a Human Design term, manifesting generator style I signed up for Human Design reader certification because I just have this insatiable need to learn all the things and I blame my design.

Amy: So just real quick, CCP for the uninitiated, that is the Life Coach School certification program. That’s Coach Certification Program is CCP. So that’s her getting certified through the Life Coach School. So you finished that and then you immediately went into Human Design certification?

Kaia: Pretty much hit purchase on the certification straight after, which is part of my design. And it is something that I used to beat myself up for. You know, you’ve got to just do one thing, just do one thing and do it well, but that’s not me. I gave myself the permission to do it. And I’m glad that I did and I love it.

And how I use it, I mean, we were talking earlier there’s so many different layers and I’m still exploring my design. It’s not something that, because it’s so in depth, it can be so in depth there’s so much to explore, it can take time. But for the first, I guess, couple of layers, like you said, to make decisions.

So I am, if anyone’s familiar, I’m a manifesting generator. There’s five different types, I’m a manifesting generator. And then we have our authority, which is one of the things is how we make decisions. So I’m an emotional authority.

So for me, what I’ve learned and how I apply it in my businesses is it’s best for me to make decisions from a neutral place. So I need to ride out the emotional wave. So don’t make a decision when I’m really, really excited and pumped about something. Or don’t make it when I’m down in the dumps and really on the lower end of the emotional scale. I kind of have to ride out all of that before I come to a decision.

So that’s something that I learned about myself. And it’s something that I practice now in my business, is taking the time to make those decisions. And we’re all designed to do it differently.

Amy: Yeah, so I am an inner authority.

Kaia: Right.

Amy: So that would mean right off the gate, or right out of the gate, right off the top, you and I make decisions very differently then.

Kaia: We do make decisions really differently. And I think inner authority is talking to yourself, but that’s one of the ones that I don’t come across very often.

Amy: Are we surprised that I would be a super rare one? But I think this is so important to know because when we coach on, I have coached particularly in the past how to become a powerful decision maker. You make the decision and then you just decide ahead of time it’s the right thing and then you move forward.

So I think that this right here tells us, even if you’re not ready to spout off the cuff because I just dropped it on her that I’m an inner authority decision maker, that I think this is, like you said, how you make decisions, the authority and your Human Design –

And Your Human design is based on what? Like it’s not your birthday, I know what it is, but like where does your Human Design come from? How do we determine what that is?

Kaia: Yes, so it is designed, sorry, it is based on your time and place of birth. So time, date, and place of birth. So it’s really important to know those few things and you can go and get a free chart from a number of different websites. So it’s a mix then.  So based on those things, it’s a mix of astrology, quantum science, the Chinese I-Ching, the Kabbalah, and the chakra system.

So it’s a mix of all those different things. And when I said there’s so many things that you can explore, you can go down any number of those beautiful rabbit holes and explore them even even more.

Amy: I’m sure, but I love this conversation because, like I said, I’m even sure that there are podcasts I have waxed poetic about like, well, you just make a decision this way, right? You just blah, blah, blah.

But you telling me, like here we are right now you and I make decisions very, very differently. And it makes a lot of sense because I am a talker outer. I am somebody who likes to have full blown conversations with herself in order to figure out what feels right, what sounds right. And I’ve been told that that’s weird.

Kaia: No, it’s not. And I’ve got a coaching client at the moment who’s like an ego authority and her decision making process is to talk it out loud. Either to herself and we’ve talked about, you know, go for a walk in nature or wait. She’s like I don’t want to do it if anyone’s at home. I’m like, well wait till they’re not home or go for a walk in nature. So she talks things out to make decisions, that’s her authority.

Some people are designed to be able to make those split in the moment decisions, those gut responses, but some people aren’t. So that’s been really interesting for me and to lean into that and practice that emotional authority and to not make decisions from the highs or lows. 

Amy: Authority kind of gives you an idea of what kind of decision maker you are.

Kaia: Yeah, yeah.

Amy: How else have you used, I know you mentioned a couple other things that have helped you as building your coaching business.

Kaia: Yeah, for sure. Well, just the very top layer is like I said, the five types, and I’m a manifesting generator. It’s being okay, for me, to like to do different things. You know, we’re considered to be the kind of jack of all trades not master of one kind of thing. I’m giving myself permission and being okay with that. I like change, I like constantly trying new things and doing new things. So it’s giving myself permission to do that.

And the other area, I think, is my profile. And we talked a little bit about that. So I’m a 2/4 profile. If you do, go get your chart you’ll see these lines on your chart. So I’m a 2/4 profile and part of that is my opportunities that come to me in life or business, but mainly I focus on it for business, is from relationships.

And that makes sense when I learned it because I’m like, oh yeah, every single job that I’ve ever gone for in the last 20 years has been through someone I know or a relationship. It’s not been from some random job ad or anything like that.

So for me now it’s like, okay, so how can I apply that even more in my coaching business? And that’s relationships so I’m like okay, so networking. And I’m getting more involved in a networking group that I’m in, using my existing network of people that I might have on Facebook or just out and about. So how can I leverage that a little bit more?

And the flip side of that is the two in that profile is what we call a hermit. So it’s being okay that I kind of like to be holed up at home and not go out and do all of the things. And there will be days where I just don’t want to show up on Instagram stories. I’m like, you know what? I’m not going to today, and that’s fine. Giving myself permission to do that, as opposed to having to do it because that’s what you’re supposed to do.

Amy: Yeah, and one of the things that I’ve learned, so I’m a generator as opposed to a manifesting generator. And I learned that that means that I’m unhurried, but very effective. That I love to work, and build, and create, and get great pleasure from it. So while you’re constantly seeking more and more and more and more change, I kind of like to sit with my stuff for a little bit longer to see what I’m creating.

And then I’m a 6/3 profile, meaning it’s difficult for me to find people who fully understand and appreciate me. Which is kind of my lifelong story, I’m like nobody gets me. And then I get my Human Design, I’m like, oh, literally the first line is people don’t get you. And learning to be okay about that.

And obviously, everybody has, you know, if you do your own Human Design and you just find out some of this information, you know, some of  like what your type is, what’s your profile, what’s your inner authority, I think t just helps, oh okay, that explains why this thing my coach keeps telling me to go do isn’t working for me. Oh, that makes sense why this person over here is thriving off of in-person networking and I would rather curl up and die.

Kaia: Yes.

Amy: Or oh, no wonder this person, you know, or like you’re saying, no wonder I’m constantly signing up for the next thing and the next thing because that’s that manifesting generator coming out in me.

Kaia: Yeah, absolutely.

Amy: No wonder I love to make decisions this way because I talk it out, this person needs to make sure they’re not at too high or too low of an emotional level.

Kaia: It’s permission giving. I also do check in with myself though. Even though I do like change and I have this insatiable desire to learn new things, I do still check in with that authority to make sure that it’s coming from the right place. And because I don’t ever want to use Human Design as an excuse, oh, that’s okay, like, you know, and it could be Helga talking in the background.

But so checking in with my authority, like is my decision to go study something else or what have you coming from that really solid, grounded, inner knowing place or is it coming from Helga? So not using Human Design as that excuse to go do all the things, but really using everything that I’ve learned to make sure that the decisions are right, as well.

Amy: Yes. Yeah, I think this is an important thing. And I think this is another reason why for somebody brand new who is a brand new coach and they’ve only just realized that their thoughts are different than their circumstances. And then they hear us talk about get in touch with your intuition and inner knowing, bring in some Human Design, let’s go do some energy work over here. It can sound very over whelming.

What I think is probably most important is I’ve learned more about Human Design in the past 20 minutes than I have ever. I knew what mine was, but I hadn’t really related it the way Kaia said it, oh, okay, now I see how she’s relating it to how she runs her coaching business. I can take my profiles and I’ll run it through that same lens. And yet, here I am 10 years into my coaching career, I am a full-time coach by the way, Kaia.

Kaia: Good to know.

Amy: Full-time coach with a coaching business that makes multiple six figures a year. So I think it’s really important that you don’t have to know and master all of this stuff. That these are all tools to elevate what you already know to take it to a deeper level, to a higher level. No wonder these requests from my coach were very triggering, no wonder this expert I wasn’t jiving with, no wonder this thing that I’ve been told you should do feels so terrible to me.

It’s not because there’s something wrong with me. It’s just like me now bringing in patriarchal work and feminism work. No wonder I’ve struggled to say I have a full-time coaching business, Kaia. Oh, because if it’s not 100%, it might as well be zero. So if it’s not the thing I do all of the time, then it’s not the thing I can say that I do. I think it’s about bringing all of these modalities into play.

Kaia: Absolutely, absolutely. And yeah, definitely using them where you see fit. And for me Human Design was, I mostly studied Human Design because I wanted to learn more about me and uncover more about me. And then as I did it, I’m like, oh, this could be so helpful for my women. And now I use it in my program.

And everything that you’ve said about it, everything that I’ve said about it, they say about it. You know, it’s giving me permission to be me, oh, right now I understand me. So it has been really good to bring it in for me and my coaching business, to use it for me but also to share it with my clients so that they can implement it as much or as little in their lives as they see fit.

And I’ve got a couple who are kind of experimenting with their authority. Like I said, like the client that’s going out bush walking to make decisions and things.

Amy: I love that.

Kaia: So it has been a lot of fun, that’s for sure.

Amy: And I’m going to guess bush walking, that’s native to Australia because we don’t use that term here.

Kaia: Hiking. She’s in New Zealand, actually. But yeah, you guys would say hiking.

Amy: Bush walking? Sorry, I’ve never bush walked in my life, tell me more.

Kaia: Oh God, I love it. The nuances, hiking.

Amy: Hiking, got it. Yes, I have a lake across the street in my neighborhood, I don’t know that I’d call it hiking. But yeah, we’ve got like a little trail that goes around there and it’s my favorite place to go when I’m feeling like I can’t get in touch with my inner knowing, when I can’t figure out. Like when my brain is just full of I don’t know, I don’t know, I don’t know, I don’t know, I’m going to go take it out to nature and figure that out.

So I just love this conversation and I think I wanted to bring your expertise to the audience of just here’s a new modality, here’s a different modality that you can, if you want, it’s not required, it’s not necessary. But I think particularly if, okay, everything I’ve been taught doesn’t seem to work, and I don’t think this is just my Helga brain. This feels like it’s coming from my gut. This is one way to find out, oh, of course, because this is how I operate, this is how I function, this makes so much sense.

Kaia: Definitely. Definitely, definitely. That’s what it’s done for me and I can see it’s doing the same thing for my clients as well, for sure. 

Amy: I think you also mentioned one other area where it has energy, right? How you…

Kaia: Oh yeah, and you’re about the same, being a generator. So like a manifesting generator, we’ve got like all of the energy. I can go, I’m like an ever ready bunny. I don’t know if you guys had that commercial over there.

Amy: The Energizer Bunny, yes.

Kaia: Energizer Bunny. So I can keep going. So for me to work eight hours a day, 40 hours a week, not a problem. That’s my design, I’ve got that energy that I can use up every day to do that. Versus someone who is a projector, one of the more rare types. They’re not designed in that way. They’re designed to rest. They’re not designed to go that eight hours a day.

So it’s interesting that that’s how the world is designed pretty much, that that’s how we work. Projectors don’t necessarily fit into that, so their role in the world, if you like, is here to show us new ways to work, which includes rest and recuperation before they go again. So just at that really high level like I said, like the five types, we do all interact energetically in the world so differently.

Amy: And I think that’s so important. And again, I didn’t know that a Human Design conversation was going to relate so much to the patriarchy conversation, is that there’s so much of how we’ve been socialized is to fit into a go, go, go. We don’t rest.

This is particularly the American dream way. I don’t know exactly how it shows up in Australia’s socialization in society, but at least definitely in American culture, rest, you have to earn. You have to validate your reasons for taking rest. You need to have shown up in advance of that rest at a very high level before you’re allowed to take it.

And I can see how for the projectors of the world, not only are you inherently wired differently, but our patriarchal society has said you need to function this other way.

Kaia: Yeah, absolutely. Australia is exactly like America in that regard for sure. And yeah, I met a few projectors, I don’t have any projector clients, but I know a few. And yeah, they all talk about never knowing why I don’t fit into this mold. And that’s why, they’re not supposed to. They’re here to show us the way, this new way of working. So, so interesting.

Amy: It is incredibly interesting. And again I had you, you know, I wanted to talk to you a little bit about that as just bringing in some new ideas for those of you who are listening of when things butt up against this –

You know, learning your Human Design. I was able to hop on my Apple iPhone and nab an app for $5 and I was able to get my full profile. If you are in Free To Paid Coach, I’ve asked Kaia to interpret that for you or help you apply that to oh, this is how you’re going to show up in your business. And then I can help you get coaching on that.

And actually she’s not going to be doing it today, I don’t know if Kaia is aware of this, but this episode is going to drop when I am on vacation and she’s going to be running our Free To Paid Coach call. So it’s not necessarily a Human Design call, but if you are a Free To Paid Coach member, if you even aren’t yet, by the time this drops this afternoon you could be coached by Kaia this afternoon on whatever is standing in your way.

But I am also going to have her come in and do a separate Human Design specific class were you, in Free To Paid Coach, can bring your design and she will help you coach you through, oh, you’re a manifesting generator. Oh, you’re a generator. Oh, you’re a projector, no wonder you want to rest so much. And then help you figure out your energy, how to make decisions and any other ways that your authority, your type, and your profile determine how you show up in your business.

Kaia: Yeah, so fun.

Amy: Anything else that you want to share with us from where you are now versus when you got started, how the confident coaches community, the Path to 100K community have really helped you in that journey?

Kaia: In so many ways. Apart from me growing in my confidence, I’ve got so much more clarity around my business, where it’s headed, what I want to create in it. You know, that’s been really great. Some of the things that you took us through when it was called CCM, some of the exercises that you took us through and had us do just gave me so much clarity.

My content, I don’t think a week goes past where either, you know, where someone will say, “I love what you’re saying.” Someone actually said it to me yesterday. They were like, “Oh my God, I love what you’re saying.” And she’s like, “I listen to it and I apply so much of it.” Other people who turn into clients will say like, you’re in my head. So my content has definitely come leaps and bounds, that’s for sure.

Yeah, so just the clarity of where my business is going, where it is now and where it’s going. My content, my confidence, obviously, and the community has been everything. And I just can’t wait to get started again.

Amy: I know, I’m so excited. Kaia, you have been an absolute joy. Thank you for bringing your brand new information. Thank you for letting me kind of coach you on the spot and discover the thought error that neither of us knew was hanging out there. I don’t know if that actually speaks more to you or if that speaks more to me as your coach. Like wait a minute, what do you mean you’re not calling yourself a full-time coach yet?

But how can people reach out to you? What’s the best way for them to connect with you on social media?

Kaia: So I’m on Instagram @Kaia, which is K-A-I-A, underscore Hunter. Or my brand new podcast, The Empty Nest Countdown Podcast.

Amy: Yay! I love this. The Empty Nest..

Kaia: Countdown Podcast.

Amy: Countdown Podcast. And then you can also tag Kaia, reach out to her on Instagram at K-A-I-A underscore Hunter. And when you guys reach out, if you already know your Human Design I think that would be super fun to tag us on this post and share what you know. If you are not already in Free To Paid Coach, make sure that you get in there. If you’re listening to this on Tuesday morning, you could be coached by a Tuesday afternoon, this is so insane.

And then make sure you’re in there for the class on Human Design that she’s going to run for us. And also, if you are already a paid coach and you already know that your path to 100K is as good as done and you just need help getting your way there, Path to 100K Mastermind, we start in August.

All right, Kaia, thank you so much for meeting me. It’s my evening, it’s your morning, I appreciate you being here with us. And hi to your kitty who made a little bit of ruckus in the background a couple of times.

Kaia: Always, always. No, thank you so much, Amy, this was an honor and so much fun. And I got some coaching, so that was just a little bonus that I was not expecting. But no, I loved every minute of it. Thank you so much for having me on. And I can’t wait to be, you know, to guest coach in Free To Paid Coach and run the Human Design workshop. It’s going to be so much fun.

Amy: So much fun. All right, thank you Kaia.

Kaia: Thank you.

Okay, my friends, right? I had no idea that that was going to turn into a part coaching call. I about fell out of my chair when Kaia said she didn’t consider herself a full time coach. I was like, wait, wait a minute, stop the interview. What the hell are you talking about?

So Kaia, I don’t know if I specify this in the episode that Kaia was in one of the last classes of Confident Coaches Mastermind. She worked in the mastermind with me from October to April. And then she’s renewing into the August group. So there’s this little bit of time in between, so May, June, July, August, where we’re only meeting once a month in this interim time. And so I’ve never heard her say that before and it came as a huge shock.

So I’m so glad, I hope you didn’t mind me coaching her just a little bit and giving her some work to go work on in between. And how important it is to view yourself as you want to be, how you want to be perceived. Not necessarily where you’ve been and maybe even not how you identify yourself in this exact moment. How you talk about yourself, how you tell that story is how people are going to perceive you. So make sure that the story you’re telling is how you want to be perceived.

And how much fun are we going to have in that Human Design class that’s going to be showing up in Free To Paid Coach? So if you are not already in Free To Paid Coach, it is my evergreen program, you pay once, you join once, you’re in it forever. You get all of the modules that you need, everything that you need to become a paid coach. And you could join it right now and if you join it right now, if you are listening to this episode the morning this episode drops, Kaia is going to be the guest coach in Free To Paid Coach this afternoon.

So we coach every Tuesday afternoon. That’s 3pm Central that we have our weekly calls. Kaia is going to be the guest coach today as I am on vacation. So you could join right now, be coached by her later today, get literally all of the goodness that’s waiting for you inside Free To Paid Coach, literally everything you need to get started and get paid as a coach. And then you get me every other Tuesday, on all the other Tuesdays.

And we’re going to bring Kaia in sometime in the month of July for her to teach a Human Design specific class to Free To Paid Coaches. Are you ready? Of course you are. You want to go right now to amylatta.com/FTPC. That’s A-M-Y-L-A-T-T-A.com F-T-P-C. We are waiting for you inside. This is the place and the program you have been waiting for. And until next week, let’s go get paid coach.

Coaches, I have created a brand new freebie offer just for you podcast listeners. I created a brand new training called Stop Over-Complicating Confidence. Because I see my coaches do it all the time, make this confidence thing way harder than it has to be.

In this free training you’re going to learn exactly how you over-complicate confidence, what’s creating that, and how to stop it. Here’s the best part, all of it less than an hour. Less than an hour of your time. You will feel more confident in less than an hour. Yeah, friends, this is the best training I’ve ever done. So visit amylatta.com/podcastgift to get yours. Again, that’s amylatta.com/podcastgift. Go now and feel more confident in just an hour.

Thanks so much for listening to The Confident Coaches Podcast. I invite you to learn more. Come visit me at amylatta.com and until next week, let’s go do epic stuff.

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