Yet, your mind is making it way more complicated than it needs to - because it’s kinda terrifying to ask someone for money to hire you as a coach.

I promise there are clients right now that would love to work with you, and you just need to know how to help them find you.

That’s why I put together this mini-workbook to sign your next client this week.

It has the exact questions to know why people want to work with you, how to tell them that’s not skeevy and weird, and how to ensure they connect with you.

I use them all the time, and so do my coaching clients from over the years.

I created what you’ll find in this Sign Your Next Client This Week workbook when what was being taught by the gurus wasn’t working for me.

Because it was based on what worked for them – and unless you want to be a carbon copy of some other guru, that won’t work for you, either.

These three steps are based on what you already know and what you’re already good at and comfortable with – so much easier to sign clients from this place than from copying what someone else tells you to do.

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No matter how many times I’ve tripped and fallen, I’ve always got back up and returned to these three simple steps in this workbook. And so do my clients. Because they work every time.

You’re gonna get:

Who is Amy?

Amy Latta is a master certified feminist business and marketing coach, helping coaches sign their first and next clients, all the way to 100K and beyond.

It took her four years of struggle,and then 15 months once she found the path to create her first $100K. She’s now created over $1.3 million as a life coach.

A lifelong rule-follower, adept at shutting down her own genius, Amy had to figure out how to unpack and unbelieve all her conditioning to go all in on her brilliance.

She helps coaches dig out from their own piles of crap so they can attract perfect people and the money they want, creating businesses that help people and feel like home and make their souls shine.

It’s her favorite.

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