Nothing is more thrilling than getting paid as a coach.

There are only two things you need to get paid:
~Know what to to
~Know how to handles emotions of what to do,

I teach you both in Free to Paid Coach.

I'm Amy Latta.

I help life coaches become paid coaches.

I’ll give you the exact actions to take that signs clients.
But also exactly how to have brain of a paid coach who always knows how to sign clients.

You’ll get that in Free to Paid Coach.

Free to Paid Coach will tell you exactly what to do to get paid.

You’ll know what you are offering, what to coach on, and how to share that.

You’ll know what makes an offer daring, and then exactly what to share for 30 days.
You can never say “I don’t know what to say today” again.

You’ll learn my pre-call habit and call script I used to make over $100,000 a year with just one-on-one coaching.

You’ll know how to get testimonials that help sign more clients, not just make you feel good.

Free to Paid Coach will tell you how to handle the emotions stopping you from doing what you need to to get paid.

The how-tos of business work. They just feel terrible if you don't also stop the stress/shame cycle of constantly chasing clients and money to believe that the how-tos are working.

The how-to actions are not mysterious.
How to handle the stress/shame cycle isn’t mysterious either.

I’ve put the Know-How to do both in one program.
Because that is what will get you paid.

If you’re a brand new coach who has never coached another human.
If you’ve worked with free clients but not paid clients yet.
If you’ve been toiling off and on, with no real consistency.

Free to Paid Coach is what you’ve been looking for.

Free to Paid Coach is what every coach needs when they decide to become a coach.

You know you want to coach, and help people with everything you have learned.
Coaching is what you are meant to do, and this dream ain’t going away.

But bullshit patriarchal rules and expectations have taught you it’s dangerous to make bold claims.
That your safety is on the line when you stick out from the pack.
That you will be canceled if you share your unconventional takes on conventional ideas.
That your very worth is predicated upon never failing and only achieving.

That’s why you show up super weird when you meet people, tell them you’re a coach, and offer to help them.

When I became a coach, I needed a program that told me what to do.

I also needed a program that taught me to stop killing my chances of signing clients with my people pleasing.
How to attract clients to me instead of letting my fear of face planting and being judged by others drive them away from me.

It didn’t exist. So I created it.

I created Free to Paid Coach.

Free to Paid Coach is for you if you:

Free to Paid Coach will teach you:

This is what gets you to "paid coach."

I will teach you to how to sign your very first client.
I will teach you how to create consistent clients.

I will teach you what to do this week.
Next week.
The next six months.

To sign your first client.
Your first $1000.
Your first $5000.

Because that first $5000 is the foundation of you making a living as a coach.
If you know how to make $5000 consistently, you know how to do it for the rest of your life. 

Free to Paid Coach takes out all the guess work.
Know exactly what to do.
And exactly how to handle the emotions.

This is what gets you paid, coach.

Know what to do. Know how to feel better doing it.

That’s what Leslie experienced going through the process:

“I am literally bursting with gratitude over Amy’s work!
I’ve been watching the modules, posting consistently, and telling people I am life coach and I can help them.
This work is freaking amazing. It’s not only a great program for coaches. It’s like a ‘how to’ for life in general.”

Becoming a paid coach doesn't fix all your problems, but I know what will.

Money in the bank only brings security in a moment.
You’re gonna set your sites on the next goal, and your brain tells you: “Yeah, but you haven’t done that.”

Dozens of clients have already used this process to get paid.
And each one is surprised when the same
 bullshit in their head is still there.
Because they secretly hoped money and clients would make it all go away.

It doesn’t.

Money and clients don’t stop the stress/shame cycle of constantly chasing a more money and clients in order to feel like this is working.
Even if you happen to have no consults this week, or the last 9 consults said no.

The funny thing about the patriarchy telling us that money is the only thing that matters is “they” never figured out they can’t accumulate enough to stop the same stress/shame cycle.

Hitting every goal doesn’t have to be a brand new stress cycle.
That stress/shame cycle is what takes up all your time.
That’s what makes coaches want to quit.

You can skip all that.
You can learn to activate money-creating confidence.

Confidence you can only find in Free to Paid Coach.

Everything is inside, waiting for you right now:

Everything you need to become a confident, paid coach.

Free to Paid Coach is a one-time payment of $1000.

And then you are in forever.
You will learn how to get paid this week.
And this month.
You will make more money every month.

This program will always be here to tell you how to do it.
With the steps of what to do.
And then steps of handling that comes with doing the “what to do.”

I just signed two clients in one week after watching just some of the content inside, and I recommend Free to Paid Coach to all my coach friends.

I may be a confident person overall, but just a few live coaching calls with Amy, I realized confidence in business and marketing was a totally different story.

The way Amy explains the concepts in her course are different and blew my mind. Her one concept of evaluation changed my life, and of course, my business. This program took me from a struggling certified coach to a professional coach who charges what I believe my program is worth.

I believe Free to Paid Coach is revolutionary, and the price? Talk about an irresistible offer!

Thais Glenn

Thais Glenn Coaching

There's no one-size-fits all. Free to Paid Coach helps you find what fits you.

You need to know what to do.
You need to know how to handle the stress that make you want to quit taking the actions of what to do.

If you solve for that.
You’ll always know how to get paid.

You’ll do how you’re gonna do it, not how some scion of business who claims to have all the answers does it. He don’t know shit. Because he doesn’t know you.

That’s what Tammy experienced using this process:

“Amy showed me how to create a coaching business that didn’t look like anyone else’s, but was exactly what I wanted mine to look like. How to follow my own path and do my own thing is what I needed to learn.”

The patriarchy is what's stopping you from taking the actions I tell you to take in order to go sign your next client.

Centuries-old thinking and rules of what is and is not allowed, who is and is not allowed to do what, what’s considered proper, and what role you play in the world.

I teach you to shatter norms of what you’re supposed to be and how you’re supposed to act.
I teach you how to create safety and reliance on yourself so you can help your clients at the highest level possible.

And rely on the most important asset in your coaching business: 

You and your brain.

You need a top notch brain to stare the patriarchy in the face, making bold statements about why people should give you money to help them.
That’s what you’re gonna get in Free to Paid Coach.

You ready to get paid?

In just a click of that button.
You’ll get access to Free to Paid Coach.

You’ll have what to do to get your first paid client.
You’ll have what to do to end the stress/shame cycle that stops you from signing your next client.

See you inside.

About Amy

Amy spent years believing certifications and business plans were the key to signing the clients she wanted and becoming a confident, paid life coach.

But no certification or business plan could overcome her fear of what people really thought about her when she spoke her mind.
Or what rules she was breaking about making money, being a woman in business, or what it meant to be professional.

Amy created Free to Paid Coach to help brand new coaches who need the only two things that create paid clients:
The steps of what to do.
The know how to handle all the emotions of the steps of what to do.

Free to Paid Coach is what used to sign hundreds of coaches and create over a million dollars as a life coach.

And she’ll teach them to you.

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