You only need two things to become a paid coach.

They're waiting in Free to Paid Coach.

…and then you’ll be making real money, helping people solve their problems, in a biz a business that lights your soul on fire.

I'm Amy Latta.

I help life coaches become paid coaches.

There’s so much to figure out: how to get off the ground, how to sell, how to market, how to right, how to network.
And you just want to get paid.

But how do you find people to talk to?
What do you say to them.
How do you get them to schedule a call with you.
How do you get them to say yes to you on that call.

Where do you start?

Free to Paid Coach is where you start.

90 Days to Paid starts October 1st.

Free to Paid Coach delivers the only two things you need right now.

  • Exactly what to do to sign your first and next clients.
  • Exactly how to handle the roller coaster emotions that come with doing the “what to do” to sign your first and next clients.
  • With giant scoops of play and fun, and what you love best, with direct, live coaching with me, every week.
    No other program in this price point delivers these goods to you.

Your biz is about to take off. I've just made it super simple.

First, you need to know What to Do.

You also need to know how to handle the emotional shit show that comes with the What to Do.

Knowing what to do – the practicals and tacticals of sales and marketing – isn’t enough.
If it were, everyone would have a thriving business, making all the money you want with only the clients you love.

My business degree and corporate marketing career didn’t prep me for what felt like building an airplane from scratch.
So little worked for four years, and I was sure I doing it all wrong.

Makes sense, since everything about our socialization says, “You can’t do that. That’s for someone faster or smarter. You’re too much and also not enough.”

The Bestest News Ever? You’ll unpack all that in Free to Paid Coach.

90 Days to Paid starts October 1st.

When you're feeling Stuck here:

GAWD, this place sucks. I was there for over four years, so I know it inside and out – and how to get through it.

Free to Paid Coach will show you how to:

With Free to Paid Coach, you'll have:

All of this for $1000.

90 Days to Paid starts October 1st.

Sign Clients This Month

“I just signed my third client…this month. Amy planted a seed in me awhile back while coaching that I wasn’t doing a good job hiding my intuitive gifts, so why keep hiding. I turned up the volume on those gifts…and signed a total of four clients in three months, after taking a break from my business for almost six months. I’m creating magic.”
Danijela F.

Hard Truth Coming In

I do not do the work for you. I give you everything you need to do it yourself.

You have immediate and lifetime access to every tool and concept you could need.
I’m in the Facebook group and on weekly calls to pick my brain and get the coaching you need.
Yes, it’s actually me, not someone standing in for me.

It is your Tenacity and Curiosity and Determination that ultimately gets you paid.

*There are occasional opportunities for add-on Intensives to have me hands-on in your business to do the work, together.

Know what to do. And feel amazing doing it.

“Free to Paid Coach gave me the confidence to create my program, and sign my first clients in over a year. Following my gut and knowing there are no rules and no judgment.”
Sian M.

All Your Questions Answered

How is this program different than others?
It’s designed so you aren’t dependent on a coach – me or anyone else – to make money.
I’m gonna tell you what to do and the questions you need to answer, but I’ll guide you to your answers. Not mine. Or anyone else’s.
It’s tactical biz strategy, deep belief coaching, with some patriarchy dismantling and nervous system love. All while we unleash your cosmically-ordained brilliance. Ya dig?

Is this program for New Coaches?
Free to Paid Coach assumes you’re brand new. You don’t have to be certified, have a website, or ever worked with a client.
Start with the Start Here section, and let’s go.

What if I’m NOT new?
If you haven’t made at least $5000 in the past 6 months.
If you’re not sure how you’ve signed the clients you’ve had.
If you’re still wishy-washy on whether you’ll be a successful coach.
Free to Paid Coach is for you.

✔︎ What’s the cost? Do you have payment plans?
Free to Paid Coach is one payment of  $1000, or 4 payments of $250.
Lifetime access to the materials.
12 Months Access to live coaching and community support.
**You get that if you don’t make all the payments, you lose the program, and the money you’ve paid, right? So don’t be a boob. Make sure you’re ready.

✔︎ That sounds too good to be true. What do I get for that?
You get lifetime access to the member site, videos of every concept of Free to Paid Coach. 
**A 90 Days to Paid workbook to actually implement this work in 90 day cycles. (launching October 1, 2023)
12 months of weekly live coaching calls with Amy to coach you through. Private community to celebrate, ask for more coaching, and share posts and copy. Monthly business classes, occasional bonuses and challenges, too.

✔︎ How do I get started?
So, you’re actually ready to do the work and aren’t just click-y happy? Then LET’S GO.
Click that Get Paid Now button, and enroll. You get immediate access to the entire program. 
I can’t wait to meet you inside.

90 Days to Paid starts October 1st.

That "Holy Shit, It's Happening" Feeling.

“I secured my first paid client in 18 months in this container. It’s resurrected my belief that I am a coach and I can actually have a coaching practice.”
Ananya D.

Everything is inside, waiting for you right now:

90 Days to Paid starts October 1st.

Everything you need to become a confident, paid coach.

Free to Paid Coach is $1000.

90 Days to Paid starts October 1st.

I just signed two clients in one week after watching just some of the content inside, and I recommend Free to Paid Coach to all my coach friends.

I may be a confident person overall, but just a few live coaching calls with Amy, I realized confidence in business and marketing was a totally different story.

The way Amy explains the concepts in her course are different and blew my mind. Her one concept of evaluation changed my life, and of course, my business. This program took me from a struggling certified coach to a professional coach who charges what I believe my program is worth.

I believe Free to Paid Coach is revolutionary, and the price? Talk about an irresistible offer!

Thais Glenn

Thais Glenn Coaching

You ready to write your Success Story?

“Joining this community has been one of the best investments I have ever made on myself and my business.”
Leticia C.

“I am literally bursting with gratitude over Amy’s work! I’ve been watching the modules, posting consistently, and telling people I’m a life coach and I can help them.
This work is freaking amazing. It’s not only a great program for coaching, it’s like a ‘how to’ for life in general.”
Lesley M.

“Amy showed me how to create a coaching business that didn’t look like anyone else’s, but was exactly what I wanted mine to look like. How to follow my own path and do my own thing is what I needed to learn.”
Tammy H.

READ THIS before you go.

I know it’s scary to spend your dollars when you’re not sure if THIS is the thing that works.

Do the workbook. Follow the videos. Show up for live coaching; and if you can’t, watch every replay. Post your coaching needs and share your wins in the Facebook group.

I’ll lovingly call you out in our coaching sessions when you are wallowing. I’ll help you navigate your nervous system when it freaks out. I’ll help you dig out from decades of socialization that keeps you playing everyone else’s game. I’ll give you my heart and my love and put my brain on your business.

All you have to do is show up. You ready? I’m ready for you. Let’s not wait on this any more.

Let's get Paid, coach.

It’s just a click away.

What to do to get your first paid client.
How to end the stress/shame cycle and stop quitting on yourself.

Click that button right there, and I’ll see you inside.

90 Days to Paid starts October 1st.

About Amy

I spent literally decades plagued by what other people might be thinking of me, totally shutting down my own ideas in favor of others, and looking for mentor after mentor to have my way to success.

Even though I’m full of Aries fire and sass, cuss like a sailor, and bring laughter and dancing and fun to all I do.

Because everything about growing up tells us our value and worth is based standards “they” set for us.
And no certification or business plan was powerful enough to overcome that programming.

I packed Free to Paid Coach with the very tools I used to break all that garbage down.

Yes, the steps of what to do to sign clients and get paid.
And, the essentials needed to unpack your natural born genius and share it with the world.

That how I’ve signed hundreds of clients and created over a million dollars as a life coach.

And it’s waiting in Free to Paid Coach for you.

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