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Create Self-Confidence.
Sign More Clients.

I know what it is like to have this gift burning inside of me and yet still struggle to make it happen.

To take the workshops and the courses and the certifications.
To read the books and listen to the podcasts and sign up for every guru freebie.

And then swing from taking all kinds of actions that didn’t seem to get me where I wanted.
To the other end, feeling beaten down and sure this was never going to work, so let’s watch some Netflix.
And back again.

This is because no one ever taught you what you really needed to know.

Are you ready to do this work to feel this confident?

This is the work we do here.
Because all the knowledge and all the information does nothing if you are not doing your own work.
Some people can put their gift out into the world with just the knowledge gained through courses and certifications.
But most can’t.
Most need someone by their side to get over the bullshit lies in their head.

There’s nothing wrong with you.
You are not broken.

You are human. You’re just not wired to be 100% sure you can do something you’ve not yet done.

Confident Coaches Mastermind is what will help you get there.


I came to Amy during a huge career transition. I wanted to sell my successful family business and start my own coaching practice but felt stuck. Amy helped me find the confidence and action to make new choices.

Risa Kuhlman

Risa Kuhlman Coaching LLC

The most unexpected growth I had working with Amy was my ability to have more compassion in every area of my life, which released what was holding me back. This compassion allowed me to go after my dream coaching job and get it!

Rebecca Gwozdziewycz

Life Coach for Eris Conflict

I knew I felt emotions, but I was super quick to push them down and resist them. Amy showed me the power of tapping into them, feeling them, and then working from a place of confidence to move forward. It has been a game changer for me!

Diana Hochhausen

Diana Lynn Coaching

My work with Amy really showed me how to take action no matter what obstacles show up. Amy was an ally, a teacher, a mentor and a guide in my journey towards growing into a more mature, self-confident businesswoman.

Stevie Fownes

Fownes Coaching

If you are all-in, let’s talk about the Confident Coaches Mastermind.

Mastermind is application-only.
Fill out the application.
It will help you understand…
…where you are right now
…what you want to create
…the obstacles standing between the two
…how the Confident Coaches group mastermind can help you create it.
I am excited to hear from you!

I know you have already taken workshops and courses and certifications.

I know the idea of paying for coaching seems like throwing even more money out the window when you have yet to see a return on what you have already invested.
I know how hard it feels to see your peers creating the coaching business you want. You might even wonder if there’s something wrong with you.

Here’s the thing. For most of us, having information does not create transformation.
Having a group of life coaches by your side to help you create self-confidence is the missing piece that will tie all that knowledge together for you.
It is what will help you create a successful coaching business, with clients excited to work with you.
There is nothing wrong with you.
You are not broken.
Get started today.

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