Work with Me to Elevate Your Income

Elevating Your Income isn’t just making more money
or signing more clients.

  • It’s creating income by putting your ideas and innovations into the market, ideas that revolutionize thinking and transform communities.
  • Income achieved by leaving our Bestest Clients and communities with their autonomy and agency in tact.
  • Income that elevates your life, paying for the most important things you want outside of your business.

The Elevated Income Model

Elevate Your Knowing
Elevate Your Experimentation
Elevate Your Nurturing

Free to 90 Days

To become a paid life coach, you need two things:

  1. You need to know what to do to become paid.
  2. And you need to know how to handle the shit show of emotions that comes with doing all the “What to do.”

You get both in Free to Paid Coach.
And rather than just another series of videos and workbook pages, with weekly coaching when you remember…

I laid it all out in a 90 Days to Paid format.
Step by step, what to do for 90 days, to become paid.
With weekly live coaching, with me, the creator of the program. 
Plus community support and monthly business sessions and live group conversations.

Free to Paid…in 90 Days.

Lifetime access to the materials.
12 Months Access to live coaching and community support.

Let’s get you paid, coach.

Create Income, Not Just Revenue

You’re creating revenue, selling your innovative ideas and helping people.
But it kinda sucks if that’s not translating to actual income you can live your best life with.
And definitely sucks if you’re depleting yourself or your audience to make it happen.

The Elevate Your Income 8 Week Intensive has your back. You’re gonna:

  • Know who the fuck you are in your industry – values, vision, what you bring to the table
  • Nail your messaging so your bestest clients have no doubt you’re who they’re looking for
  • Create a marketing and content strategy that doesn’t suck the life out of you
  • And price all of it so you create life-changing income without extracting from the very people you serve. Or from yourself.
This is small group coaching, for women business owners, entrepreneurs, creatives, and coaches, with weekly live coaching and bonus marketing strategy sessions.
(Yes, feminist men are welcome!)
So you stop exhausting yourself throwing spaghetti at the wall or replicating another coach’s business that totally doesn’t vibe with how you work.
Now Enrolling for the September 26th group.
Next Group starts November 1st..

One-on-One Focus & Attention

You know exactly where you’re headed, but how you get there is fuzzier than your coziest pair of slips.

For any female entrepreneur, executive, business owner, creative, coach, service provider.
Who loves luxuriating in deep conversations.
Geeking out in brainstorming and strategizing.
Irreverence and hilarity and neurospicy LattaLuv.

Choose your own one-on-one adventure, and let’s get it done.

  • Book a Fast Track day, and you’ll leave with the exact strategy and plan for accomplishing your goal.
  • Book six months of 1-1 coaching, and you’ll not only have the strategy and plan, but the implementation support each step of the way.

So whether you want a rebrand.
Launch a new idea into the marketplace.
Figure out how to make the same income without the hustle and exhaustion.
Or even just have the life coaching support you need while you plot World Domination.

Choose your goal and your support level, and let’s start working.

What you get working with Amy

I am your coach if you love swimming around in:
Feminist Coaching

You’re not the problem, systemic and intersectional obstacles and bias are the problem. We find solutions to your agitators that either completely overthrow them or work around them. We can’t dismantle all structures of patriarchy and capitalism, but we can ensure they stop fucking with you so damn much.

Simplified Marketing Strategy

I bring foundational marketing  from my business education and corporate career, with an insatiable appetite for adapting to new technologies and markets.
While replacing depleting and extracting business tactics with methods that leave our Bestest Clients and commujnity with their agency and autonomy in tact.

Individual Focused Work

There’s no one-size-fits-all solution anywhere. Together, we’ll adapt the Elevated Income Model to your unique personality, neurodivergence, and whatever else you got going on in your life. Because you are not operating in one role, and you need a business that works with every role you carry in your life.

Elevated Income Goals

Live-changing income created by generating revenue as a trained professional providing needed goods and services to your bestest clients, while keeping expenses in check and not giving it all away to the latest guru. Income that elevates your life by nourishing your audience and community.


I came to Amy during a huge career transition. I wanted to sell my successful family business and start my own coaching practice but felt stuck. Amy helped me find the confidence and action to make new choices.

Risa Kuhlman

Risa Kuhlman Coaching LLC

The most unexpected growth I had working with Amy was my ability to have more compassion in every area of my life, which released what was holding me back. This compassion allowed me to go after my dream coaching job and get it!

Rebecca Gwozdziewycz

Life Coach for Eris Conflict

I knew I felt emotions, but I was super quick to push them down and resist them. Amy showed me the power of tapping into them, feeling them, and then working from a place of confidence to move forward. It has been a game changer for me!

Diana Hochhausen

Diana Lynn Coaching

My work with Amy really showed me how to take action no matter what obstacles show up. Amy was an ally, a teacher, a mentor and a guide in my journey towards growing into a more mature, self-confident businesswoman.

Stevie Fownes

Fownes Coaching

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