I help life coaches feel confident and get paid. Here’s how.

Confidence is what gets you paid. That means believing you are a paid coach, not being terrified of talking about money, trusting yourself to use what you already know, and not beating yourself up when you mess up. It means you keep going until you become a paid coach.

Whether you’re a brand new coach, just got certified, or have toiled off and on for years, I created Free to Paid Coach to give you everything you need to to sign your first clients and to consistently get paid.

Free to Paid Coach is a one-time-payment-and-you-are-in-forever group coaching program for all life coaches ready to become a confident, paid coach.

Let’s get your money back in just a month and get $5000 under your belt in the next six months.

Let’s get you paid, coach.

Once you know the basics of being a confident, paid coach, you are ready for Path to $100K.

Path to $100K is a six-month small group mastermind for life coaches ready to scale to six figures without hustling or becoming someone they’re not.

You take what’s already working and replicate it. You identify what’s not working so you can let that go. You test and try new things, evaluating every step of the way.You know exactly why your clients need you, what you help them with, and how you get them there. You uplevel how you view yourself and fully own your genius.

You set and achieve any goal you set your sights on. And you don’t stop until you are a $100,000 life coach.

You know you don’t need the $100K to feel confident and believe you’re a good coach. You create $100K because you feel confident and believe you’re a good coach without it.


I came to Amy during a huge career transition. I wanted to sell my successful family business and start my own coaching practice but felt stuck. Amy helped me find the confidence and action to make new choices.

Risa Kuhlman

Risa Kuhlman Coaching LLC

The most unexpected growth I had working with Amy was my ability to have more compassion in every area of my life, which released what was holding me back. This compassion allowed me to go after my dream coaching job and get it!

Rebecca Gwozdziewycz

Life Coach for Eris Conflict

I knew I felt emotions, but I was super quick to push them down and resist them. Amy showed me the power of tapping into them, feeling them, and then working from a place of confidence to move forward. It has been a game changer for me!

Diana Hochhausen

Diana Lynn Coaching

My work with Amy really showed me how to take action no matter what obstacles show up. Amy was an ally, a teacher, a mentor and a guide in my journey towards growing into a more mature, self-confident businesswoman.

Stevie Fownes

Fownes Coaching

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