About Amy Latta

From people pleasing perfectionist to audacious business woman.

It’s super important to understand…
You have choices.

  • I’m not the only marketing consultant who can help you with strategy.
  • Or help you get a coaching business off the ground.
  • Or get your ideas out of your head, and into emails and content and videos so your bestest clients are drawn to you like a tractor beam.
  • Or avoid skeazy marketing tactics that deplete and manipulate your audience.
  • Or unpack patriarchal structures in your thinking.

But literally no one does any or all of those things the way I do.
Because I’m the only me.

I’m Amy Latta.

Marketing consultant and feminist coach for ballsy women.

I love dirty jokes & live music & coaching clients by integrating feminist principles while quoting movie lines.
I geek out over marketing strategy and tailoring plans to match client goals.
I love digging out decades of patriarchal socialization to launch your audacious ideas into the world.

I’m an irreverent Aries GenXer with ADHD, I love deep philosophical conversations, advocating for social justice, and I cry at dog reunion videos and every time Snape says “Always.”

I spent over 40 years modulating my energy, what I said, how I said it, how I looked.
To make sure other people were comfortable.
So you’d never ever ever possibly ever be upset with me.
Rejection Sensitive Dysphoria, a really not-cool side effect of ADHD.)

With therapy & energy release & nervous system regulation & feminist-focused life coaching…
I’ve unpacked, processed, danced with, and ultimately shed expectations of others.
So I can actually be the human I was designed to be.

Damn, it's good to meet yourself.

Turns out I gotta lot of audacity.
I love audacious women.
Women with the n
erve to be what does not match the expectation of them.

I was raised by fierce women.
But women with Audacity?

We take that fierceness.
That perseverance.
And create something entirely different.

  • A business from built from scratch.
  • Rebuild an existing biz on a new model.
  • An innovation or message that challenges what people have always believed.
  • Turn a well worn idea on its head.

What’s your Audacity?
What’s the thing you imagine people sitting back and saying….
“I can’t believe she has the nerve to _____________.” 

Gut Check: I got credentials, too.

Fear I’m all fluff and snappy copy? No worries.
I’d wanna make sure I can walk the walk, too.

  • I graduated with a marketing degree; Consumer Behavior was my favorite class of all of business school.
  • I spent 10 years in corporate marketing helping international corporations, clothing manufacturers, and homebuilders craft their messaging, manage communications and marketing plans, and hit record sales.
  • I’ve spent 10 years in online business and life coaching, personally helping hundreds of coaches start their business, ensure it reflects their values and definitions of success, and create income doing what they love.
I’m also an open book.
What you see…is exactly who and what I am.

I’ve made mistakes in business.
I’ve replicated patriarchal capitalism in my practices.
I’ve left clients behind with “it’s your thinking” coaching.
I’ve attempted to copy other people’s business models when my confidence was shaky.
I’ve lost money.

And I’ve taken the time – over 18 months – to pull all the way back, reflect, unpack, process, burn parts down, remove patriarchal and capitalism-at-all-costs methods from my business.

It’s been hard. It’s been humbling. It’s been the best time I could have ever spent in business.

I am not for everyone. But...

If kismet erupts when we meet, it’s like when Remy eats the strawberry and the Tomme de Chèvre together in Ratatouille, and *fireworks.*

If you are ready to do any of the following:
-Get your coaching business off the ground.
~Have clients reaching out to you, ready to say Yes.
-Re-brand to match your audacious ideas, with a fraction of the drama.
-Meet up income goals instead of revenue goals.
-Create the same amazing income, without the same hustle.

Let’s work together.

Let’s nail your messaging.
Let’s shift focus on creating personal income for you.
Let’s ensure your business reflects no one else’s genius but your own.

Do I sound like someone you’d love to hang with week in and week out?
These are my current paid offers: 
And because I am all about transparency, review the Values, Practices, & Privileges page.
How I work, what I value, who I learned from, and what you can really expect when you work with me.

Wanna try my work out for free first?

Having worked with hundreds of coaches, I put together the three simple steps I use to Sign Your Next Client This Week.

Because signing your bestest clients can feel amazing.

You can work with what is important to you, and with how you enjoy working and moving through the world.

I’ve just made it super simple, download what to do this week to make it happen.

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