About Amy Latta

From people pleasing perfectionist to rebellious business woman.

Confident coaches challenge the thoughts of their audience to compel them into becoming clients and then creating powerful new results in your clients’ lives.

So you can imagine how super fun it was for me to become a life coach, as a person who lived her whole life avoiding confrontation, trying to ensure no one was ever mad at me.
Changing up who I was to ensure my safety in any given room.
Gauging my worth and value on what I achieved and how I appeared to others.

Not only is that the worst energy to attract great clients and create amazing results, it’s fucking exhausting.

Getting paid as a life coach isn’t hard.

My mentor taught me the basics: meet as many people as possible, tell them you’re a life coach, make lots of offers to help them.

But when you’ve grown up thinking it’s dangerous to make bold claims.
That your safety is on the line to stick out from the pack.
That you’ll be judged or canceled if you share your unconventional ideas on conventional subjects.
That your very worth is predicated upon never failing and only achieving.

You’re gonna show up super weird when you meet people, tell them you’re a coach, and offer to help them.
Either needy and graspy or some weird, stilted, watered down version of yourself.

Even if you land those clients with ease, you show up super weird in the coaching relationship, needing them to get results and keep working with you so you can feel like you deserve to be here.

Because everything in your life has told you: there’s a right way and a wrong way.
And bucking the system is dangerous.

Guess what? Everything in your life has told you wrong.

When I began coaching 10 years ago, I invested in every “how to be a life coach” and “how to be an entrepreneur” program I could get my hands on.
What I really needed was a program that taught me the confidence to be me.

To actually believe I could do something I’d never done before.
To rely on what I already knew.
To set big goals and solve for how to achieve them – without needing the achievement of the goal to verify that I deserve to be in the life coaching space.

To stare these rules I’ve been following my whole life in the face.
And dismantle every single one of them.

So I can finally feel free to create the coaching business that rocks my clients’ worlds and lights me up every day.

The programs didn’t exist.
So I created them.

The tools you find inside my weekly podcast, my group program, and my six month mastermind are the very tools I used to create over a million dollars as a life coach.
That my clients use to secure their first clients, their first paid clients, their first $100,000 as coaches.

They’re the very tools you need to do the same.
No amount of money or clients will make you feel supported and strong and safe and confident.

But the tools inside these programs will.

No life coach should be without them.

Your next best step is right here.

Having worked with literally hundreds of coaches, I put together the top 10 obstacles every life coach faces when trying to make irresistible offers to their prospective clients.
And then solved for every one of them.
You’re gonna face these obstacles, too.
Don’t face them without solutions.

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