I help coaches Play More.
So they Sell More.

Selling coaching will no longer feel like selling your soul while your guts are ripped out.
But like chatting with your bestest bestie instead.
Let me show you how.

It's time coaches got Paid. And got Profitable.
In a way that vibes and jives with them, not against them.

I invested damn near every dime I had….well into my hundreds of thousands of dollars, in figuring out how to become a confidently paid coach.

Only to be taught tactics and tools that didn’t actually work with how I functioned as a person.

GAWD. Spending all your revenue to be taught how to swim through mud.

It doesn’t have to be this way.

I will help you become a paid coach.
Once paid, I will help you find your path to becoming a profitable coach.

It will be your path.
Not mine.
Because I’ll show you how to confidently make decisions to build a business that looks and feels and vibes like you do.

Not me.
Not some celebrity coach.

100% you.
A beautiful coaching business, changing the lives of others, that makes you money that elevates your life, now.

Real Clients

Amy Latta Client Testimonial April Price

Everything I have created in my business is because of Amy Latta’s coaching. I truly believe that I am where I am, earning what I’m earning, coaching the clients I have because of Amy’s questions, coaching, and insights. The biggest change has been in my belief in myself to create what I want. Amy has made me see that truly anything is possible!

April Price

April Price Coaching

Working with Amy has moved me ahead with my goals more quickly than anything else I've ever invested in. I had been making money all year, but wasn't taking credit for it. I was giving the credit to everything else. It made me think I didn't have control. Once she helped me get ahold of this, I have never felt so empowered to make things happen in my life.

Elisa Owen

Elisa Owen Coaching

Amy Latta Client Testimonial Angela Marick

Amy first shared with me the concept of, "I am 100% worthy just because I exist" during an early call. Coaching with her has created more freedom in my mind of "I'm enough," allowing me to create more possibility in my coaching practice. I am grateful for the transformation I will empower other women to experience by doing the work with Amy!

Angela Marick, DC

Empowerment Coach ShatterBox Coaching

I loved how Amy was able to help me see the areas in which I was getting stuck in my own thoughts, and her ability to show me my thoughts so clearly. From a practical standpoint working on my business - I started with $0 earned and by the end had signed 3 clients (and one bought a second package with me). Amazing.

Ashwini Nayak

Physician Wellness Through Coaching

Ready to sign your next client this week?

Having worked with literally hundreds of coaches, I put together the three simple steps every coach needs to Sign Your Next Client This Week.
Because signing clients doesn’t have to be so dang hard.
It doesn’t have to go against what’s important to you or how you like to work and move through the world.
I’ve just made it super simple, download what to do this week to make it happen.

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