Path to 100K Mastermind

Do more of what you love and less of what you hate to create your 100K business.

It took me 15 months to make $100K in a year.

Well. Four years and 15 months.

Because it took four years to figure out that Confidence was the path to $100K.

Confidence is the inevitability of creating whatever you want to create.
Believing you can do what you’ve never done.
It’s what keeps you making offers and having your own back along the way.

Confidence is what creates Cash and Clients.

Path to 100K Mastermind is the program that delivers it.

Applications open in June 2022

Everything you have been looking for to create that 100K business is right here!

All the rules and how-tos and don’t-you-evers.
The rigid framework that guarantees success for everyone.
The cookie-cutter playbook that’s the only solution to your problems.

Oh, wait. Shit. I forgot myself.

That’s not what we’re doing here at all.

“Thank you from the bottom of my heart for going first, and creating this space for me to safely navigate my way to more self-confidence. I’m freaking out the whole way and you make it totally OK.”

– Rebecca, after hitting her year-end goal a month early.

You’ve signed some clients,

and you’ve made some money, and you know a 100K life coaching business is possible.

But you are for sure working twice as hard as you need to, because #hustleculture is real and insidious.

You’re spending precious brain power obsessing over some insignificant thing *over here* instead of sitting down to write out that – post or video or class or insert anything that sounds great in your head but you can’t get out on paper.

You’re stalking other coach Instagram accounts, watching your ideas become other people’s platforms. Wondering how they make it look so easy when it feels like swimming in mud to you.

And you’re buying what some expert says hook, line, and sinker instead of listening to the smartest person you know – your Inner Knowing.

Bottom line, you’re not saying the things that make your ideal client say, “YES, I need that, how did she know?”

“I am literally bursting with gratitude over you! I’ve been rewatching the modules, posting consistently, and telling people I am life coach and I can help them. This work is freaking amazing. It’s not only a great program for coaches. It’s like a ‘how to’ for life in general.”

– Leslie

In Path to 100K mastermind, the destination is the sure thing. But the journey is all yours.

I can sell you a rigid framework that guarantees success for everyone.
But if you believe such a thing exists, then I’ve got a bridge in Brooklyn to sell you

And then there are systems that tell you to do the exact opposite, that work just as well.

Path to 100K mastermind helps you find what your Inner Knowing

- your gut, your intuition - knows, and go do that.

It may be informed by some frameworks and systems.

But if 75% of what you know works in the world is your Inner Knowing, it’s time to stop turning that off for the 25% of the frameworks people are selling you.

In Path to 100K, you do get a framework. I have a very simple formula to make 100K.

You also get freedom.

And you’re about to learn how to use the right amount of each to create your 100K business.

~ First ~

We’re gonna start with where you already are.

What you already know.
What is already working in your business.
We’re gonna identify what you LOVE, even if you’ve been told you can’t do that.
And do more of that.

~ Second ~

 Then we’re gonna see what’s not working.

What you hate doing. What’s sucking the life out of you.
And stop doing that.

~ Third ~

Try 100 Things

Play and experiment with new ideas that you’re adding to the What’s Working and What’s Not Working lists, while confronting the rules that stopped you before and nurturing your nervous system every step of the way.

When I started the mastermind, I’d made $5000 with five clients, hoped for 20, and eventually a group program. I swung back and forth from belief to doubt, and worried about spending money on my business and it not working out long term.

Amy explained belief to me in a way no one else had, allowing me to believe I could do what I’d never done.

By the end of the mastermind, I was creating five figure months, while experiencing life changing events: living in New York City when Covid hit, moving, and getting pregnant.

With the tools Amy taught, I was able to take a three month maternity leave, then launched a group and made $64,000 in the month back.
We’re buying our first home, my clients make more, and I never doubt the value I give.

Thank you for creating the mastermind. Seriously, the foundation of confidence is what got me going in this business. I would not be here without the mastermind.”

Jackie Murphy

Jackie Murphy Coaching

You and I are gonna do all of that with three things:

The result? It’s not just a 100K business.

In 3 years, I worked with six clients and made $12,000. My confidence was 2 and I was close to throwing in the towel. Just 3 months into the mastermind, I signed six new clients and made $18,000, and my confidence is at a nine. Six figures is just who I am now.

Like some kind of voodoo magic concoction Amy put together, this program was the exact potion I needed to shift my belief in myself. To trust myself to do whatever it takes to make my dreams come true. To take the risks necessary and sit through the discomfort and push through when it gets hard.

I feel equipped now to do that. And that makes me feel pretty unstoppable. I am not quitting on myself and my dream ever again.

Rebecca Thornberry

Rebecca Thornberry Coaching

It's a 100K business that truly is your own.

One with no “flukeness.”
One you can’t give credit to someone else.
One that looks and feels like YOU all over the place.

And you get that by hiring me as your guide.
Sure, I’ll be your teacher of powerful money-creating concepts.
I’ll be your coach, deep diving with you past the surface to get to the real juicy meat.

Hiring me is the difference between hiring a designer that decorates your house in all the latest trends, but feels hollow because it’s OK, I guess.
And hiring a designer that helps you discover the colors and the textures and the shapes that make your soul sing, and creates a space that electrifies you every time you step foot inside.

Overall, I’m a pretty confident person. But I wasn’t as confident in marketing and selling my coaching. I joined the mastermind at 3 and walked a way a 9 on the confidence scale.

My confidence is so solid now, I have my own back and believe in me so deeply, what I am capable of, and what I am going to achieve.

The mastermind community itself, the environment and the tools have been incredible for me. I didn’t realize just how powerful it would be in this room, connecting with like-minded women going through what I was going through. It’s been an absolute game changer for me.

And I have 15 times my income! I had my first five figure month, and now I know in my bones. My goal of making $100K this year is not only done, I will exceed it. It is happening. Thank you to the mastermind, my mastermind sisters, and Amy for showing me what is possible.

Xena Jones

Xena Jones Coaching

To be clear: I am not your guru.

This idea that our clients must always love us and stay with us and believe what we believe.
And never contradict what they’ve learned from us.
Or else we must have done something wrong.
Or they are wrong.

Ew. I’m not running a discipleship.
That is classic hierarchal thinking and it’s a pillar of patriarchy we are smashing inside Path to 100K.

​​I help you dig out layers of rules and expectations and “this is just how we do” so you can let your brilliant essence shine through to the world.
So your ideal people can’t help but want to work with them.

This shift in your thinking about me and you and your business is just the beginning of how your business will be forever changed.

With Path to 100K, you will:

Path to 100K mastermind is Application only.

You need to have made at least $5000 in the past six months to apply.
You need to believe that $100K is possible for you.

Because in this mastermind, you know the basics of signing clients and that 100K is coming.
You just need to unlearn that it requires a strict structure and overworking and hating yourself and your life to get there.

This is super fun, often brain-hurting, always dazzling work.
There might be swearing and gnashing of teeth as you dismantle what you thought you were supposed to do, and also, you’re gonna have your back and build so much trust with yourself using these tools and this coaching.

It’s the only way to create a 100K business that is 100% your own that is completely irresistible to the people who your work was meant for.

Path to 100K Mastermind is six months long and the investment is $10,000.

We meet in St. Louis August 3-6 for our live event.

Virtual attendees will be accommodated. We’re gonna coach and take pictures and get curious and play and create. You leave the live event with everything you need to create 100K.

Our first group coaching call Tuesday, August 9 at 1pm CDT, and we will meet weekly on Zoom through the last week of January.

This is to coach you through all the bullshit that prevents you from using everything you learned at the live event.

We’ll collaborate and peer coach inside the private facebook group.

You’ll have access to our member portal for call replays and workbooks and any bonus materials.

You all in?
Let’s Fucking Go.

Frequently Asked Questions

Path to 100K gives you four avenues for coaching, so if you want to make sure you get what you’re needing, use all four! Take responsibility for getting what you’ve come for.

You get our weekly calls, which is small group coaching, watching your peers get coached, using the coaching you see to apply to yourself, and you are also getting coached.

There is no hiding in this room. My job is to make sure no one is getting lost.

I also want you peer coaching one another – because to think I’m the only one that can help you is asinine. When you hear MY tools come out of someone else’s mouth, it’s gonna land differently, and you’ll go farther, faster.

You can also get coached inside the Facebook group – by me and your peers, together.
And you do get two 1-1 45 minute sessions with me, once a quarter.

Path to 100K is for ANYONE who knows making 100K in their coaching business can happen for them, and also knows that there’s a bunch of bullshit between here and there.

I will use feminist coaching principles to help you cut through that bullshit, because patriarchy and hierarchal structrures and the imperial and colonial undercurrents in your thinking affect both men and women.
*The Patriarchy hurts everyone – even white hetero males.

So if this is the work you want to do, there is a space here for you.
Everyone – man, woman, non-binary, marginalized communities of any kind – is welcome here.

No. And you will be better for it.

When there’s a money back guarantee, I NEED YOU to do what I say and not listen to yourself. I need you to follow my “sure fire” plan, so that you will make your money back, and I won’t have to pay you back.

But that plan may actually shut you down because your internal genius is screaming NO, and it feels like sludging through mud and you hate me, and don’t exactly love yourself.

Instead, you and I will be in a collaboration together, where I guide you on making decisions that make your 100K goal inevitable, because we’re honoring your Inner Knowing, not some rigid structure.

This feels Open and Curious and Free for both of us, which will actually get you to 100K way faster than if we’re both hunkered down on getting you there as fast as possible, with no room for error.

Your $10,000 can be paid in full or you can make 5 equal monthly payments.

We’re gonna use a Framework to Freedom sliding spectrum with every mastermind member.

You will leave the three day live event with your business’ Foundation (who help, what you help them with, how you help them, and the results they get working with you).

And we’re gonna find your Superpower in both what you THINK about yourself, and what you DO – what you LOVE that’s also attracts clients, what is sucking the life out of you.

If you don’t know where to start, and this is the first time you do any of the “getting to know your Inner Knowing” work, no worries at all.
I have an exact Framework for you to start with. It’ll be in the Path to 100K workbook.

And then what happens each week in coaching, you get more connected to the Inner Knowing, we find more rules and “supposed tos” you’ve been believing, let them go, and that framework I gave you looks more and more like your own.

The Path to 100K process is all about finding what’s working and replicating that, and what’s sucking the life out of you or not working, and letting that go.

You’ll leave with a “what to do” that feels more FREE and more you by the time we’re done working together.


About Amy

Amy’s a master certified feminist business coach shattering the business norms keeping life coaches swimming with the pack instead of breaking out into their own gloriousness.

It took her four years of struggle, and then 15 months once she found the path to create her first $100K. She has now created over $1.2 million as a life coach.

She found her Inner Mystical Goddess of Knowledge and Brilliance buried under decades of “do this, not that” rules of societal conformity – and had to be willing to step away from the pretty-OK life those rules provided for her to discover an exhilarating life she believed reserved only for the chosen few.

She helps other coaches dig out from their own piles of crap so they can attract perfect people and the money they want, creating businesses that help people and feel like home and make their souls shine.

Applications Open in June for August 2022

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