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Applications open in June for the august 2022 mastermind

It took me 15 months to make $100K in a year.

Well. Four years and 15 months.

Because it took four years to figure out that Confidence was the path to $100K.

Confidence is the inevitability of creating whatever you want to create.
Believing you can do what you’ve never done.
It’s what keeps you making offers and having your own back along the way.

Confidence is what creates Cash and Clients.

Path to 100K Mastermind is the program that delivers it.

Applications open in June 2022

“Thank you from the bottom of my heart for going first, and creating this space for me to safely navigate my way to more self-confidence. I’m freaking out the whole way and you make it totally OK.”

– Rebecca, after hitting her year-end goal a month early.

Welcome to Path to 100K Mastermind.

You’ve been working your coaching business.
Throwing the spaghetti at the wall to see what sticks.
Getting a feel for how this whole entrepreneur thing goes.
Signing some clients, making some money, creating momentum.

You believe it’s gonna happen for you.
But DAMN if the path there looks muddled and fraught with danger.

Because you don’t like the pictures of success.
Those “do this, not that” rules you hear from your favorite mentors feel confining, not liberating.
You’re doing a whole lot of shit you hate because you think you’re supposed to.

I have the best possible news.
The Path to 100K solves for all of that.

“I am literally bursting with gratitude over you! I’ve been rewatching the modules, posting consistently, and telling people I am life coach and I can help them. This work is freaking amazing. It’s not only a great program for coaches. It’s like a ‘how to’ for life in general.”

– Leslie

You need Path to 100K if you are:

The is the actual Path to making six figures as a coach.

Your path to $100K is a simple formula.

A formula that puts all doubt and frustration aside.
So you can take more compelling action and stop quitting on yourself. 

It’s the formula every coach needs to create $100K. And beyond.
And you can only learn it in Path to 100K.

You’ll learn to:

With Path to 100K, you will create:

I believe in the Path to $100K process so much, I guarantee it.
If you don’t make $10,000, I’ll give you your money back.

You will be well on your way to $100K in just six months.
With $10K in the bank.

With Path to 100K, this all becomes possible.

When I started the mastermind, I’d made $5000 with five clients, hoped for 20, and eventually a group program. I swung back and forth from belief to doubt, and worried about spending money on my business and it not working out long term.

Amy explained belief to me in a way no one else had, allowing me to believe I could do what I’d never done.

By the end of the mastermind, I was creating five figure months, while experiencing life changing events: living in New York City when Covid hit, moving, and getting pregnant.

With the tools Amy taught, I was able to take a three month maternity leave, then launched a group and made $64,000 in the month back.
We’re buying our first home, my clients make more, and I never doubt the value I give.

Thank you for creating the mastermind. Seriously, the foundation of confidence is what got me going in this business. I would not be here without the mastermind.”

Jackie Murphy

Jackie Murphy Coaching

Here's what you'll do in Path to 100K

This is #ThrillRide > #BarfClub.

Business building shouldn’t be like strict dieting.
Why wait to love your life until after you hit your goal.

Let’s find what you love AND what works. 

And tell the patriarchal and hierarchal structures to Fuck It.

In 3 years, I worked with six clients and made $12,000. My confidence was 2 and I was close to throwing in the towel. Just 3 months into the mastermind, I signed six new clients and made $18,000, and my confidence is at a nine. Six figures is just who I am now.

Like some kind of voodoo magic concoction Amy put together, this program was the exact potion I needed to shift my belief in myself. To trust myself to do whatever it takes to make my dreams come true. To take the risks necessary and sit through the discomfort and push through when it gets hard.

I feel equipped now to do that. And that makes me feel pretty unstoppable. I am not quitting on myself and my dream ever again.

Rebecca Thornberry

Rebecca Thornberry Coaching

With Path to 100K, you learn to be OK with you.

In all your light. In all your mess.
When there are no consults. When no one is saying Yes.

Because you have committed to making $100K, no matter what.

Confidence keeps you showing up.
Posting and testing and trying and evaluating and deciding each next-best-step you’re gonna make.

Because when you shine your light this bright, your success is inevitable.
The clients are 100% coming.
The income is as good as in the bank.

Confidence is your path to six-figures.
It’s Guaranteed.


Overall, I’m a pretty confident person. But I wasn’t as confident in marketing and selling my coaching. I joined the mastermind at 3 and walked a way a 9 on the confidence scale.

My confidence is so solid now, I have my own back and believe in me so deeply, what I am capable of, and what I am going to achieve.

The mastermind community itself, the environment and the tools have been incredible for me. I didn’t realize just how powerful it would be in this room, connecting with like-minded women going through what I was going through. It’s been an absolute game changer for me.

And I have 15 times my income! I had my first five figure month, and now I know in my bones. My goal of making $100K this year is not only done, I will exceed it. It is happening. Thank you to the mastermind, my mastermind sisters, and Amy for showing me what is possible.

Xena Jones

Xena Jones Coaching

The Path to 100K Mastermind is application only.

If you are ready for more daring offers.
More engagement on posts.
More consults and more clients.

Without overworking and hustling.
Without compromising values.
Without having to become an entirely different person.

If you are ready to make your first $100K as a life coach.

This is the place for you to be.

Confidence is my secret weapon. Now it will be yours, too.

Inside Path to 100K, you will:

Invest in the brilliance already inside you.

Shine bright for your ideal clients to find you.

Get on the Path to $100K.

Path to 100K Mastermind is $10,000.
If you do the work and don’t make $10,000, I’ll give you your investment back.

You all in?

We are Confident Coaches.
Believing we can do the audacious.

Applications Open for in June for the August 2022 Mastermind


About Amy

Becoming a coach through direct sales weight loss in January 2013, Amy spent years desperately trying to find a business plan or a certification that would tell her what to do and not feel terrible doing it.

Yet, she couldn’t overcome fear of what rules she was breaking about making money, being a woman in business, or what it meant to be professional.

What got her over the “am I doing it right” drama?
Deep, under-the-current coaching that gets to the root of fears.
Getting the patriarchal and hierarchal structures in our thinking out of our heads so we do big, bold things “they” tell us we can’t.
Connecting to our Inner Knowing, who knows exactly what this adventure should be for us.

That’s what she needed when no one showed up for the webinar and the calendar was bare and the few consults she had were saying No.

That’s what she needed to create a half-a-million dollar a year coaching business.

She helps other coaches do the same.

Applications Open in June for August 2022

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