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“Everything I have created in my business is because of Amy Latta’s coaching. In our first session, she asked me “What’s your 90-day goal?” I had never made a goal or thought about making a goal. That seemed so scary! I just wanted a coaching business. But this one question started an avalanche of massive action for me! And then session after session she just kept pushing and questioning my own limiting beliefs. I truly believe that I am where I am, earning what I’m earning, coaching the clients I have because of Amy’s questions, coaching, and insights. I have never been more uncomfortable in my own growth and yet completely understood and supported by my coach.

Amy's coaching has had an incredible life-changing effect on me and my coaching practice. The biggest change has been in my belief in myself to create what I want. I had no idea I was capable of any of this and Amy has made me see that truly anything is possible!”
Amy Latta Client Testimonial April Price
April Price
April Price Coaching
“Working with Amy has moved me ahead with my goals more quickly than anything else I've ever invested in. Having her to hold myself accountable to what I really want, and cut to the real root of what's going on, has shifted everything! She has taught me how I'm showing up everyday really matters and really does create the results I currently have.

I had been making money in my business all year, but wasn't taking credit for it. I was giving the credit to everything else...the time of year, the customers, and 3rd party marketing. In doing so, it made me think I didn't have control. Once she helped me get ahold of this, I have never felt so empowered to make things happen in my life. My results are MINE! Thank you Amy! ”
Elisa Owen
Elisa Owen Coaching
“Amy first shared with me the concept of, 'I am 100% worthy just because I exist' during an early coaching call. From there, coaching with her has created more freedom in my mind of "I'm enough", allowing me to create more possibility in my coaching practice. My coaching has become more intuitive and empowering as I have worked with Amy, and I'm so ready to continue our work together as we both up-level to the next amazing version of ourselves! I am already grateful for the transformation I will be able to empower other women to experience by doing the work with Amy Latta!”
Amy Latta Client Testimonial Angela Marick
Angela Marick, DC
Empowerment Coach
ShatterBox Coaching
“I loved how Amy was able to help me see the areas in which I was getting stuck in my own thoughts, and her ability to show me my thoughts so clearly. She did this with honesty, but I never sensed that she was rushed to get me somewhere. I needed this honesty because it may have been one of the few things between me and a significant shift that needed to happen. It was up to me how I used the insight to help me continue to grow.

I saw Amy as lighthearted and confident, and also wise, and I looked forward to our sessions each week. From a practical standpoint working on my business - I started with $0 earned and by the end had signed 3 clients (and one bought a second package with me). Amazing.”
Ashwini Nayak
Physician Wellness Through Coaching
“My work with Amy really showed me how to take action no matter what obstacles show up. Not only did she help me with my mindset, but she shared practical steps, based on her business-building experience. It is invaluable to have a coach work with you because she can see where you’re getting in your own way and how your belief (or non-belief) in the outcome truly impacts your success. And she does all of this with her wonderful, irreverent humor that makes her a delight to work with...”
Stevie Fownes
Fownes Coaching
“When I worked with Amy, one of the things she stressed to me the most, was connection to my emotions. I knew I felt emotions, but I was super quick to push them down and resist them. Amy showed me the power of tapping into them, feeling them, and then working from a place of confidence to move forward instead of being paralyzed and all consumed with avoiding them. I now am learning to ‘feel’ my emotions while taking the actions I need to take in order to accomplish growing my business. My emotions no longer control how I show up. It has been a game changer for me!”
Diana Hochhausen
Diana Lynn Coaching
"I came to Amy during a huge career transition. I wanted to sell my successful family business and start my own coaching practice but felt stuck. Amy helped me find the confidence and action to make new choices. Working with Amy was exciting and empowering. Her sense of humor made the whole process fun, which was unexpected."
Risa Kuhlman
Risa Kuhlman Coaching LLC
“Working with Amy gave me a voice, not only in my business, but my life. With that voice I started speaking out more on who I am, what I’ve overcome, and what I do. The most unexpected growth I had working with Amy was my ability to have more compassion in every area of my life, which released what was holding me back. This compassion allowed me to go after my dream coaching job and get it!”
Rebecca Gwozdziewycz
Life Coach for Eris Conflict
“How has our work together helped you take more action in your business? My work with Amy has opened up so many things for me. I am much more aware of when I am not doing something because I am scared. I now can see s where I was holding myself back. Before working with Amy, I wasn’t taking action because I didn’t have the confidence to do it and I was scared of how I would feel if I did, I didn’t have my own back. Our work together has allowed me to see where I was getting in my way with my thinking. I am now able to be on to myself much faster than I was in the past and know that it is okay if I am feeling uncomfortable I can still take action anyway.

The most significant transformation or growth I had while working with Amy is knowing that I am the one who has to have my own back at the end of it all. I have been able to practice thing skill and know that I am allowed to do that no matter what happens or what other people think.”
Shaina DeFichy
Shaina Defichy Coaching
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