Announcing The Confident Coaches Podcast!

Welcome to The Confident Coaches Podcast, a show for life coaches who want to build up self-confidence, sign more clients, and help more people. If you’re struggling to put yourself out there as a coach and feel like you’re not being your fullest self, a weekly dose of strategies, tips, and tools to build self-confidence is exactly what you need to take your life and business to the next level.

To celebrate the launch of the podcast, I’ll be giving away ONE Series 4 Apple Watch and FOUR $50 Amazon gift cards to some of my lucky listeners. Keep reading to find out how you can enter!

Get to know me and how this show can help you by listening to my first three episodes. You’ll learn why I’m your best coach to create self-confidence, why you’ll need self-confidence at every new level of your business, and practical strategies for creating it. I don’t want to just cheer you on in this podcast – I want to help you create the true transformation that you want!

I’ll be releasing a new episode every Tuesday!

You can check out the first episodes here:
  • Ep #1: Why Self-Confidence is Key to Building Your Dream Coaching Business I’ll tell you a bit about why self-confidence is such a crucial part of a successful coaching practice and how I learned to become more confident. I’ll also tell you a little bit about my five-step process for creating self-confidence at any stage of your business. 
  • Ep #2:  How to Believe on PurposeWe’ll talk about what it means to believe on purpose, how to actually do it, and an exercise you can use to start trying on new thoughts and beliefs.
  • Ep #3:  How to Embrace Discomfort Why discomfort is a key ingredient for self-confidence and a successful business. I’ll tell you about my experiences with discomfort, some of the common avoidance practices I see life coaches using (myself included!) and how to start embracing discomfort.
Here’s what you should do right now to sign up for your weekly dose of The Confident Coaches Podcast:
Subscribing in Apple Podcasts

To subscribe in Apple Podcasts, visit The Confident Coaches Podcast page and click on the “Listen on Apple Podcasts” button.

This will launch Apple Podcasts on your computer and bring up the podcast.

Click on the “Subscribe” button and you’re all set!


You can also listen to the podcast via SpotifyStitcher Radio, or wherever you get your podcasts.

Review the podcast and win!

I’ll be giving away ONE Series 4, 40MM Apple Watch and FOUR $50 Amazon gift cards to a few lucky listeners who review the podcast in Apple Podcasts.

How to Enter: Once you’ve listened to an episode or two, click on the “Ratings and Reviews” link on The Confident Coaches Podcast page in Apple Podcasts to leave a review.


Any review qualifies you to win: I want you to be honest, tell me what you think and how I can I help you better.

Unfortunately, Apple Podcasts doesn’t release contact information for reviewers so please email me at with the title of your review for your official entry.

If you haven’t yet, make sure to subscribe in Apple Podcasts now.  Thanks for listening!

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Hi, I’m Amy.

For years, I took a ton of action to sign clients.

I learned to create self-confidence and powerfully believe in myself first, and then built a multiple six-figure coaching business.

And I can help you do it, too.

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Ready to take the actions that sign clients?

Despite your certification and investing in business courses, no one taught you what you really need. The self-confidence needed to take the actions that consistently sign clients.

I am sharing the three secrets I learned about creating self-confidence, right here.