Confident Coaches Mastermind

Next class starts Jan 2020

Believe you can do the audacious

Create that $8K a month coaching business.

By feeling more confident. And signing more clients.

A mastermind like you've never experienced.

Teaching what’s between the Learning What to Do…and The Doing.

More Confident Marketing.

More Confident Selling.

More Confident Coaching.

Next class starts Jan 2020

Take Action That Works

Ready to become a confident coach?

After four decades of playing small and being afraid of rocking the boat…
I decided to rock some boats.

I completely stripped away who I was.
The good-little-girl-make-everyone-happy Amy.
To become a self-confident, says-what-she-means Amy.
Who dropped the rules and the judgement to put her genius out into the world.

And I’m recruiting for the cause.

Coaches, let’s create a world where people stop putting their gifts inside a box on the shelf.
And instead let those gifts shine!

I’ve created the best damn confidence coaching program in the world.
Because believe on purpose is all that stands between us living life small and us owning brilliance.

And I’m starting with other coaches, because we are on the front lines of helping others rock their own boats.

To hell with those Helga lies we we hear in our head or what anyone else says.
We are learning to believe so hard in ourselves.
To create the future we always wanted.
No matter what.

A future where we share our gifts with the world.
A future where people don’t let fear of the unknown stop them from doing it anyway.
A future where coaches make a f*ck ton of money rockin’ some boats.

And that future starts now.
You in?

Next class starts Jan 2020

Confident Coaches Mastermind

Feel more confident. Sign more clients.




Sign More clients - Create $8K months

The Confident Coaches Mastermind includes exclusive access to the Member Site

Section One

Self-Confidence Basics

Section Two

Purposeful Belief

Section Three

Embrace Discomfort

Section Four

Be your Best Mentor

Section Five

Have Your Own Back

Section Six

Keep Going

Next class starts Jan 2020

Since joining Confident Coaches Mastermind, I have almost quadrupled the amount of money I made last year, in only my second year of business.

I feel way more confident, know myself better, and am able to lean into the discomfort that comes with building a business.

I’ve been able to build my business in a way that it’s really authentic to me, which has brought me more money, more clients, and more confidence.

denita Bremer

denita Bremer Coaching

Since I began working with Amy, I have increased my monthly income from $500 a month to $12000 a month. 

Everything I have created in my business is because of Amy Latta’s coaching. I truly believe that I am where I am, earning what I’m earning, coaching the clients I have because of Amy’s questions, coaching, and insights.

The biggest change has been in my belief in myself to create what I want. Amy has made me see that truly anything is possible!

April Price

April Price coaching

When I joined Confident Coaches Mastermind, I had made $5000 with five clients. By the end, I was creating five figure months. All while experiencing multiple life changing events, like living in New York City when COVID hit, moving, and getting pregnant. 

Before CCM, I was always looking for that Right Thought I would just instantly believe in order to make my business work. 

But Amy teaches how to actually create belief I could do what I had never been able to. I don’t think anyone ever explained belief to me the way Amy did.  So when everything hits the fan, I rely on the practice Amy taught with the tools she provided. It’s huge.

Jackie Skinner

Jackie Skinner coaching

Confident Coaches Mastermind

The Confident Coaches Mastermind is application only.

For life coaches ready to do the powerful – and yes, at times, uncomfortable – work of becoming the humans they were born to be so they can put their gift out into the world.

Together, we will…

All for $10,000.

You all in?

We are Confident Coaches.
Believing we can do the audacious.

Next class starts Jan 2020


About Amy

Former good girl, rule follower, and Teacher’s Pet, Amy has done the uncomfortable work of shedding who she used to be so she could step into who she was born to be.

And built a $425K/year life coaching business in the process.

Amy created her 5 Steps to Creating Self-Confidence after realizing it wasn’t more how-to she needed, but rather the self-confidence to take the actions that actually signs clients.

Self-confidence she relies on at every level of her business.

She teaches other coaches to create the self-confidence they need to do the same.

Next class starts Jan 2020

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