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Believe you can do the audacious

Confidence is the foundation to everything you do in your life coaching business.

Marketing. Sales. Your coaching.
Without confidence, it all suffers.

CCM is the ONLY Mastermind teaching you to be OK with you.

When there are no consults. When no one is saying Yes.

More Confident Marketing.

More Confident Selling.

More Confident Coaching.

Jessica doubled her confidence. More than doubled her clients. And 5x her income. In six months.

Take Action That Works

Ready to become a confident coach?

Confidence is not a luxury.

It’s not just for a chosen few.
It’s for every coach.

Confidence allows you to be OK with you when shit isn’t working.
When no one is signing up for consults.
When no one is saying Yes.

Confidence is power.
It’s owning a room just by walking into it.
Not because you are taking power from others.
It’s not bullshit.
It’s not arrogance.

It’s being grounded in who you are.
What you bring to the table.
And knowing you are safe, just being you.

Confidence isn’t needing others to fail so you can succeed.
Confidence is pulling everyone else up with you, and changing the world together.

You wanna know what a life coach with confidence can create?
Anything she fucking wants to.

Just a 1% shift in your confidence takes you to an entirely different destination than where you are headed now.

Confidence is a process and requires commitment.
Some get it right away.
Some take a minute.
Neither one is wrong.

My clients double and triple their confidence in just six months.
Some spend the six months learning to trust themselves.
Some spend the six months learning to not let doubt stop them.
Some spend the six months practicing making powerful decisions.

All of them come out the other side no longer trash talking themselves when things don’t work out.

And that’s why they can create the life coaching business they want.

You ready?

Now Enrolling April 2021

“Thank you from the bottom of my heart for going first, and creating this space for me to safely navigate my way to more self-confidence. I’m freaking out the whole way and you make it totally OK.”
~ Rebecca, after hitting her year-end goal a month early.

Confident Coaches Mastermind

Because Confidence is Your Secret Weapon




“I am literally bursting with gratitude over you! I’ve been rewatching the modules, posting consistently, and telling people I am life coach and I can help them. This work is freaking amazing. It’s not only a great program for coaches. It’s like a ‘how to’ for life in general.”

Double Your Confidence - Sign More clients

The Confident Coaches Mastermind includes exclusive access to the Member Site

Section One

Self-Confidence Basics

Section Two

Purposeful Belief

Section Three

Embrace Discomfort

Section Four

Be your Best Mentor

Section Five

Have Your Own Back

Section Six

Keep Going

Now Enrolling April 2021

I restarted my coaching business after quite a few years hiatus, and I’d only made $500 and had 1 client in six months when CCM began. My confidence was at a 4.

Six months of CCM, and I’ve signed four clients, made $15,000 and my confidence is at a 9.

My biggest shift is knowing I have my own back, no matter what. I’m much more confident in my copy, in posting, and showing up and adding value consistently.

The best part is knowing my results are inevitable.It’s happening, it’s done, and I believe that 100% now.

Rachel Nelson

Rachel Nelson Coaching

In 3 years, I worked with six clients and made $12,000. My confidence was 2 and I was close to throwing in the towel. And just 3 months into CCM, I signed six new clients and made $18,000, and my confidence is at a nine.

Like some kind of voodoo magic concoction Amy put together, this program was the exact potion I needed to shift my belief in myself. To trust myself to do whatever it takes to make my dreams come true.  To take the risks necessary and sit through the discomfort and push through when it gets hard.

I feel equipped now to do that. And that makes me feel pretty unstoppable. I am not quitting on myself and my dream ever again.

Rebecca Thornberry

Rebecca Thornberry Coaching

Working with Amy in Confident Coaches Mastermind, I went from making $4000 the first half of the year to $20,000 the second half, and from a 4 to an 8 on the Confidence Scale.

Because I learned how to be my own best mentor. I know my strengths as a coach, and CCM helped me, for the first time, to stop looking to outside sources to find my answers and instead find what I am looking for inside of me. 

All by tapping into who I am now, who my future self is, and see her already in me. That shift alone was worth every penny, for how I not only show up in my business, but in all areas of my life. 

CCM was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.

Jessica Farmer

Jessica Farmer Coaching

Confident Coaches Mastermind

The Confident Coaches Mastermind is application only.

It’s for life coaches ready to get over their need to not piss anyone off.
Be OK with feeling exposed and vulnerable.
And not 
letting doubt stop them anymore. 

Because Confidence is the backbone to your business.
It’s my Secret Weapon. And it can be yours, too.

Together, we will…

All for $10,000.

You all in?

We are Confident Coaches.
Believing we can do the audacious.

Now Enrolling April 2021


About Amy

A former good girl, rule follower, and Teacher’s Pet, Amy was tired of playing small and throwing all her money at one business coach after another.
So she went to work on her real problem:
Not believing she could really do it.

She had to do the uncomfortable work of shedding who she used to be so she could step into who she was made to be.

And built a $425K/year life coaching business in the process.

Amy created the Confidence Coaches program after realizing it wasn’t more how-to she needed, but rather the belief she would be successful when her consult calendar was sporadic and people were saying no. 

From those first few clients, to fully booked 1:1, to moving to a group program, now scaling to a million dollar coaching business.
Amy has relied on her five-steps to Confidence to get to each new level.

She teaches other coaches her Confidence process so they can do the same.

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