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Confident Coaches Mastermind

Confidence is not a luxury

Building a business without confidence is like building your business on quick sand.

It will sink under the weight of your doubt at some point.

CCM teaches you true confidence. In your Marketing. In your Selling. In your Coaching.

To be OK with you, no matter what.

January Class Sold Out
April Class Coming Soon

Believe you can do the audacious

Ready to become a confident coach?

After four decades of playing small and being afraid of rocking the boat…
I decided to rock some boats.

I completely stripped away who I was – the good-little-girl-make-everyone-happy-Amy – to become a self-confident, says-what-she-means-Amy, who dropped the rules and the judgment to put her genius out into the world.

And I’m recruiting for the cause.

Imagine, my friends, a world where people take the burning gift inside of them and stop putting it in a box on the shelf, and instead let it out to shine!

I have created the best damn confidence coaching program in the world, because a lack of belief in ourselves is all that stands between us living life small and stepping into our brilliance.

And I’m starting with other coaches, because we are on the front lines of helping others rock their own boats.

To hell with the lies we hear in our head or what anyone else says, we are learning to believe so hard in ourselves so we create the future we always wanted, no matter what.

A future where we share our gifts we were given with the world.
A future where people don’t let fear of the unknown stop them from doing it anyway.
A future where coaches make a f*ck ton of money rockin’ some boats.

And that future starts now.
You in?

Confident Coaches Mastermind

Applications for the next Confident Coaches Mastermind open soon.

It will be application-only and limited to 20 life coaches.

It’s for life coaches ready to get over their need to not piss anyone off.
Be OK with feeling exposed and vulnerable.
To try all the things, fall on our faces, and keep getting back up.
And not letting doubt stop them anymore. 

Because Confidence is the backbone to your business.
It’s my Secret Weapon. And it can be yours, too.

You’ll learn every step you need to believe you can do what you’ve never done in CCM.

Do not miss it.

Get On The Waitlist to be the very first coaches with access to the application and ability to join the Mastermind before everyone else.

BONUS: Once you are on the list, you immediately receive my podcast guide, exclusive to those on the waitlist.

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January CCM Sold Out.
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