Ep #124: Keep Going ’Til You’re Paid

The Confident Coaches Podcast with Amy Latta | Keep Going ’Til You’re Paid

We are diving into the fifth and final step of the Free to Paid Coach process: keep going ’til you get paid.

Sure, this step might seem painfully obvious. But be honest, do you really keep going no matter what? I used to quit on myself at every obstacle that came my way, and this is the very work I needed to do to become a consistently paid confidence coach. 

Everything inside Free to Paid Coach will not only guarantee that you make your money back in 30 days, but you’ll be well on your way to six figures and beyond. And the doors are open right now, so what are you waiting for? 


The doors to Free to Paid Coach are officially open! If you’re ready to learn the foundational concepts of confidence that get you from being a free coach to a paid coach who makes six figures and beyond, join us right now! 

If you want to make your path to $100K inevitable, you have to join me in my Confident Coaches Mastermind. We’re only running one more class this year, happening in August, so don’t delay this work. Mark your calendars and join the waitlist!


What You’ll Learn:
  • The trainings and modules you’ll find inside Free to Paid Coach. 
  • What I’ve built into the program to help you calm your nervous system and create safety for yourself.
  • Why not investing in Free to Paid Coach will cost you more money in the long term.
  • How you’ll make your money back in 30 days inside Free to Paid Coach.
  • Why your path to 100K is guaranteed once you’re inside Free to Paid Coach. 


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Full Episode Transcript:

You are listening to episode 124 of The Confident Coaches podcast, the one where you do not stop until you are a confident paid coach. Let’s go, coach.

Welcome to The Confident Coaches Podcast, a place for creating the self-confidence you need to do your best work as a life coach. If you want to bring more boldness, more resilience, and more joy to your work, this is the place for you. I’m your host, Amy Latta. Let’s dive in.

Why hi, coach. It’s Amy. How are you doing today? It’s like no big deal around here. It’s just another week in the world of Amy Latta Coaching and Confident Coaches. And oh yeah, there’s a new program around these parts.

Confident Coaches now consists of two programs, Free To Paid Coach, a group coaching program. A pay one time and you are in forever program that gives you everything that you need to become a confident paid coach. And Path to 100K Mastermind, everything that you need to forge your path to 100K. 

Free To Paid Coach teaches you everything you need to know about getting paid, so that you can enter Path to 100K Mastermind and become the coach that you wanted to become when you decided you were going to do this thing.

And for the past couple of weeks we’ve been talking about the process that is Free To Paid Coach. How do I get you from brand new coach, like literally you’ve just decided you want to start coaching people and you haven’t even coached anybody, to maybe a newly certified coach who’s only worked with free clients, to maybe a coach that’s been around for a while and you’ve just been kind of toiling around, bouncing back and forth and really struggling to make any headway. Free To Paid Coach is exactly what you need to become a confident paid coach.

And today, we are talking about the fifth step of the process, the fifth piece of the Free To Paid Coach process, and that is keep going until you’re paid. The process is pretty simple and it’s information, it’s like stuff that we’re like, “Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah, I know how to do that.” But you guys don’t.

This is the very work that I needed to do in order for me to become a consistently paid, confident paid coach. To make my way to six figures and then on to multiple six figures. This is the kind of stuff that we’re like, “Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know.” But that we don’t actually do.

And keep going until you’re paid sounds like, well, yeah. But the thing is, is I remember being in that place where I quit over and over on myself. Where I watched 10 seasons of Supernatural in seven weeks instead of getting more coaching clients, solving for that. Because I didn’t have a program that taught me how to actually keep going until I was paid. What does that look like?

You know, it’s kind of like the first step is like believe that you are a paid coach. And people are like, “Yeah, yeah, yeah, I believe.” But do you actually have something that teaches you the step by step of believing something new? Like believing something new on the action line, the actual actions of believing things. The actual actions of unbelieving something.

These are the things that we talk about knowing how to do but we don’t actually do them. How do you actually learn to feel a wide range of human emotion? Not just conceptually in your head, but like go practice it on a Tuesday at 1pm when you’re like, “I’m going to go practice some emotional strength training.” And this is how you do it.

This is how you sit in belief. How you try thoughts on. This is how you extend your emotional range. This is the actual process of doing it. How to keep going until you are paid is something that somebody had to teach me how to do, and I am teaching you.

We evaluate, you figure out what’s working, you figure out what’s not working. You’re going to try new things with the intention of figuring out what works, not because you know it’s going to work. You’re going to learn about mini quits, you’re going to learn why you quit, how to quit less, and also not beat the shit out of yourself when you do quit on yourself.

And you have your belief and your feelings practice, and your trust in yourself, and you’re having your own back. Like all of these pieces that we’ve been talking about over the past few weeks, they are integral to becoming a paid coach. And it’s one thing to say, “Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know that.” And another thing to actually go do it.

And Free To Paid Coach is the program that teaches you how to do it. And it’s exactly what you need to become a paid coach. This is why the process works together, why all five steps are so important, why you can’t just do one and none of the others. Now, of course, your work might look a little different than the coach next to you. Maybe you’re great at feeling, you have a really good emotional range, but you’re terrible at finding your own answers, right?

Or maybe you don’t necessarily beat the shit out of yourself repeatedly, like you’re not really want to flog yourself over and over again, but your belief in your ability to become a paid coach is in the toilet. And you actually do listen to everything that your brain tells you about what you should and shouldn’t have, and how you don’t have those things.

But that’s why I really love this fifth step. Now, in the online course that you get access to as soon as you enroll in Free To Paid Coach you will see all of the steps and what’s inside each step as soon as you log on. You know, keep going until you’re paid, pretty simple.

I show you how to evaluate all the things that you’re doing. What an evaluation actually looks like, the importance of it. How to do an evaluation. How to identify what is working, what is not working. How to determine what you’re going to do next. How to implement those next steps. Again, we’re going to talk about mini quits, not making a big deal out of taking time for yourself while also calling yourself out when you are quitting repeatedly.

Are you quitting every Tuesday at like 3pm? Do you start out strong every Monday and like you’re kind of over at all by Tuesday afternoon? We talk about that in Free To Paid Coach, I show you what to do about that.

But the biggest piece of keep going until you paid that you will not find in the program materials, you’re not going to find this in the video modules that you get immediate access to, you’re not going to find it in the workbook that you’re going to be able to download right away.

You find it in those peers by your side. You’re going to find it in the FTPC community, the Free To Paid Coach community. You’re going to find it in the FTPC room. You will find it in the Facebook group where you’re going to have every member of FTPC working this work alongside of you.

You’ll find it in our weekly group coaching calls. Calls that are come and get the coaching you need style calls. There’s no protocol, you just show up and raise your hand to get coached. You come, raise your hand, get the coaching you need for me or one of the coach mentors.

And why I’m so passionate and so excited about the community aspect, you might have heard me talk about Make More Offers. It’s a free training that I’ve run multiple times, it’s a fan favorite, all the coaches love it. You know, it’s three to five days where I share the mindset work, like the belief work, which is in Free To Paid Coach, I’ve put it in there. And then some offer prompts.

So here’s what you need to be thinking about. Now go write an offer around this idea. And we do this for three to five days, we gather in a free Facebook community and you all come and you get the coaching you need based on the teaching I offer for the day. You share your offers inside the Facebook group.

And in a week’s time we have coaches who haven’t had consults or clients in like months or ever, they’re walking away with more engagement, more consults, more clients. Literally leaving this free training getting paid in a week, maybe two because sometimes you’re like putting posts out and it takes maybe a week or so for that consult to hit the books.

But within two weeks, they’re like getting paid. It’s fabulous except for one major thing, once it’s done, it’s done, it’s over. After a week or so it’s gone. Free trainings are not ongoing coaching programs. Coaching programs that show you how to be accountable to yourself.

Coaching programs that teach you how to keep going until you are consistently and confidently paid. Coaching programs that offer you a community that has your back while you are learning to have your own back. A community of people who are all equally committed to the same thing because you all have paid the same price, and you’ve all enrolled together.

Free trainings are one weeklong, maybe. And then you still are left. What happens at the end of that free training? What are you left with? You’re left with a week’s worth of knowledge and your brain. A brain that tells you all the reasons why that one week was a fluke, why you can’t really do this, why you should just quit.

You want to keep going until you’re paid? Get in the Free To Paid Coach room. Get yourself in the room where it happens. Yes, fill your brain with brilliant coaching tools that work and will get you paid, you’re going to find all of that. As soon as you enroll you’re going to get access to all of that.

But ensure you keep going until you are paid by getting the weekly coaching you need. Watching others get coached. By sharing in the Facebook community the coaching that you need the wins that you are celebrating. And best of all being able to proclaim I am a paid coach. Being able to proclaim I have made my money back. Being able to proclaim, I made $5,000.

How exciting to have that community of coaches that are ready to cheer you on and say, hell yeah, of course you are. Listen, you can do this on your own, I know that you can. You can take everything that you find here in the podcast and you can go become a paid confident coach, because everything that I teach is in this podcast somewhere, right?

Hell, you can even create your own damn path to 100k with everything that I’ve shared here. But why do it on your own, when you don’t have to? Knowing the information is one thing, doing the work is another. And doing the work with hundreds of coaches by your side with you is even better. Like that’s way more magical. That’s way more fun. Like we don’t do anything around here if we’re not having a hell of a lot of fun. If you haven’t picked up on that yet, right?

It’s so much more fun to share the magic with others and not just keep it to yourself. And the thing is, is that if you really could do this on your own, you would have done it already. I know this. I’ve been in this place right here.

So listen, Free To Paid Coach, if you are brand new coach who has like no idea where to start, if you haven’t signed any clients for money yet, like you  haven’t actually gotten paid. Maybe you’ve worked with free clients but you haven’t gotten paid by clients.

If you have just, you know, all this uncertainty and frustration of being in business, you hate it. You don’t like it, you wish it would all go away, maybe you’re still struggling to really believe that you can do this. Maybe you’re just not really sure, can I really do this?

If you can’t figure out why what other people are doing doesn’t seem to work for you. If you want other people like to just tell me what you’re doing. Tell me what to do, tell me I’m doing a great job so that I can believe that I’m doing a great job and so that I know what to do.

You know, maybe you’re beating yourself up for every start and stop, every miss, every failure, right? Maybe you’re worried about wasting time and money when weeks or months go by with nothing happening. Maybe you’re wishing life, and family, and friends would stop distracting you from your business. Maybe you’re wanting to spend more time on your backup plan like do you do that? Do you spend more time thinking about your backup plan? If this doesn’t work out, then you do your actual business.

And then even if you have gotten some money, and this was me, like this was where I was, I had sporadic clients. But it was never enough. Not just like banking wise, but like, I could not make enough money for me to believe I actually knew how to be a paid coach. Certainly didn’t feel like a confident paid coach.

You’re going to learn how to handle the frustration and fear that comes with being a newly paid coach. The frustration and fear is normal. Learning how to handle that, learning how to deal with that, learning how to not make that stop you anymore. That’s the golden ticket right there. That’s what you’re going to  learn inside the program.

Learning to believe you can do something you’ve never done before. I see you. I see you out there, I could believe it if I had the results already. Well, but you got to believe in order to create the results. So like the chicken and egg here, let’s work on the belief. I know how to do that, I can actually teach you the step by steps of believing something new. Not just conceptually, but I will actually give you like do this, do this, and then do this so that you can start believing new things.

Learn to figure out what’s going to work best for you. Learn to believe you’re doing great without needing others to confirm it for you. Though, honestly, in the community you’re going to have lots of people confirming it for you. Right? Learn how to learn from every misstep. Like when you mess up, you’re not going to do this thing without messing up.

There’s literally no successful business owner literally anywhere on the face of the planet who hasn’t messed up somewhere. Learn how to handle that. Learn how to learn from those and handle the disappointment that does come from misstepping, that comes from failure. So that failure is just like a thing that’s a part of your business and it’s totally okay because you know how to handle that. I teach you that inside Free To Paid Coach.

Learn how to stop quitting on yourself. Learn to have a better relationship with your money, better relationship with your time. Learn how to stop letting life out there distract you from what you really want to do in here. Learn how to let go that backup plan and just go all in on this life coaching business.

And probably one of my favorite things, learn how to be in awe of every dollar you make. I’m getting ready to tell you a little bit more about this, hold on, I’ll tell you in just a second. I’m going to tell you even more about being in awe of every dollar. And you’re going to do all of this by following the process that I’ve been sharing with you over these past five weeks.

Believe you’re a paid coach. Feel better asking for money. Rely on yourself and what you already know. Stop beating yourself up when you fail. Keep going until you’re paid. And not only are you going to learn how to use these to become a paid coach, you’re going to use those to make your first $1,000.

$1,000 for coaching somebody. $1,000 for changing someone’s life and doing what you love. Oh my gosh, yes, more please, I’ll have what she’s having. When you make your first $5,000, and when you make your first $10,000, and $100,000 in the mastermind, right? That path to 100k mastermind is all about getting to 10k and then to 100k.

Inside Free To Paid Coach, so not only are we going to follow that process, but like pieces of the process, we’re going to do a 30 day make offers training. That Make More Offers free training I do over three to five days, we’re going to do it for 30 days. And we’re actually starting a 30 days make offers challenge next week on March 28th. We start on Monday. This episode is coming out on Tuesday, we’re starting one on Monday.

Now you can start it any time you want. As soon as you enroll, as soon as you pay for Free To Paid Coach, you get everything. I’m not holding anything back. You can access it right away, you get immediate and permanent access to the 30 day make offers training. It’s just that we’re going to do it together every once in a while. And the first time that we’re doing it together starts next Monday. Like how much more fun is it to do as a group than it is to do on your own?

This is why you want to get yourself enrolled this week, so that you are ready to go on Monday. And we’re going to do 30 days of offers in a row. I’m going to tell you exactly what to post. I imagine never having to bang your head against the desk anymore. I don’t know what to say. All you got to do is pull up your 30 day make offers training and look at the prompt for the day and go write a post about that thing.

You will never be at a loss for what to say. Oh my gosh, yes. I’ve covered that for you. And you can rinse and repeat the same 30 days over and over again because I gave you 30 different prompts and nobody’s attracting that much attention. You can mix it up, you can make your own, but I created one for you and we’re doing it together starting next Monday.

My goal for you is that you’re going to get into the program, you’re going to download that workbook, you’re going to watch the modules, and you’re going to start making offers within your first week. So that 30 days of making offers, you’re going to get your money back in the first month. This is my goal for every single one of you. Are you in? Let’s do this.

I’ve also included sign your next 10 clients. These are the exact steps that I used four springs ago, four years ago, to create 19 consults and seven clients in just two weeks. True story. This is the literal work that I did four years ago.

Now, important note, if you are one of those brand new coaches who’s never ever coached anyone ever before, you’re going to use the exact same steps to get your first free clients ever. And I’m going to teach you why you want to get those free clients and work with them for about six weeks, so that you can get some coaching under your belt, so that you can gain some confident in your coaching ability. And how doing this work will actually get you paid faster than not doing it.

How getting free clients first if you’ve never coached another human soul ever, how getting free clients first will actually help you become a paid coach faster. Okay? So sign your next 10 clients, it’s the same exact steps whether you are a brand new coach or you are ready for paid coaches. And it’s the same exact steps that I use to create 19 consults and seven clients in two weeks, okay?

And then you’re also going to get inside Free To Paid Coach money relationship counseling. Like I want you to think of me as a marriage counselor. We going to fix that relationship you got with money because it is jacked up my friends. It’s the only reason why you feel so terrible asking people to pay you money.

Listen, lean in, here’s a secret. Here’s the biggest secret to becoming paid. It’s really so much easier to sign your next 10 clients if you aren’t afraid to ask someone to pay you and sign with you. It’s so much easier to get paid when you’re not afraid to ask somebody, “Do you want to pay me?” Right?

So we have to talk about this relationship you have with money. We have to. I could not create a Free To Paid Coach program, I could not create a program about becoming a paid coach and not extensively talk about money, and specifically your relationship with money. We’re going to go to some counseling. I want you to see me as your therapist, okay?

We are going to change the relationship you have with money for the better so that you feel better asking for money so that you can become a paid coach. Right? Hello, obviously. I see so much of this work on the mastermind level, but I don’t see it in the entry level programs. I don’t see so much of the money relationship conversations taking place for brand new spanking coaches.

I’ve done so much of this work in my masterminds, but not so much on the entry level. That’s why it’s an integral part of Free To Paid Coach, because you can’t be terrified of money if you want to become a paid coach.

Also, in Free To Paid Coach we’re going to be talking about the patriarchy, and we’re going to get the patriarchy out of your damn confidence. It’s all tangled up in your confidence right now.

I’ve done so many trainings on there are no rules and there is no judgment, but what I’ve really learned over the past year is that like 99% of the rules that we are following that are stopping us, is just old patriarchal thinking that was literally created centuries, or even millennia ago. And we all agreed to climb on board with that line of thinking.

And it simply doesn’t have any bearing in today’s world. And yet it is still in every fabric of our society, it is embedded in your brain, it is embedded in your thinking. Of course it is, it’s the message we’ve gotten ever since we were very young. We’re going to find that for you.

I’m going to help you believe in new things, unbelieve in old things, feel better about asking for money, learning that you belong in this room by pointing out do you see where the patriarchal structures might be at play here? If you weren’t following these rules, what else is possible?

And not only how to find it, and how to confront it, and to choose other thinking, but also how to create safety for yourself. Because what’s also embedded in our nature, it’s also embedded in our society that when we go up against the patriarchy, our safety is on the line. So I’m going to teach you how your safety is not on the line. How to create that safety for yourself and chill yourself out.

Listen, this is big stuff. Going from never having worked with clients before, never having haven’t been paid before, to a confident paid coach, we’re going to be pulling up some deep feels. If becoming a paid coach were already easy, you’d already be doing it hand over fist and not needing these programs to help you make money and get paid, right?

So I’ve included steps on chilling yourself out when your nervous system is going haywire because you’ve been putting yourself out there so much and you’ve been feeling so vulnerable, and it’s kind of starting to freak you out. You will come to that place where this is like, hi, vulnerability hangover, I can’t handle this anymore.

Don’t worry, Free To Paid Coach, I have built in how to regulate your nervous system, how to create safety for yourself so that you can truly experience uncomfortable emotions and truly understand that you are okay.

You are safe here. You are safe in Free To Paid Coach. I’m going to teach you exactly how. Plus the good stuff. Know what to say every single day you want to make a post. Know the exact steps for signing your next clients. How to get ready for a consult call. How to run a consult call that will help them say yes and get you paid.

All of this leads to you becoming a paid coach. Let’s get your money back in the next 30 days. And then let’s go get you to $5,000 in the next six months, because that’s where you need to be for the mastermind. Confident Coaches Mastermind is now called Path To 100K Mastermind.

I’ve been talking about the path to 100k for the past six months. And it just made so much sense to just call the mastermind Path To 100K since that’s really what we’re doing in that program now. I pulled out all that foundational work on how to get paid in the first place. I pulled all of that out of the mastermind, and I put it in free to paid coach.

And then I added these elements that were previously missing when I’m thinking about that brand new coach who just wants to become confidently paid. I’ve made it simpler and easier than I ever have before so that you can create super fast results. And that’s how I created Free To Paid Coach so that your path to 100k is all but guaranteed once you enter the mastermind.

Free To Paid Coach is where you want to start. Learn how to become confident paid coaches. There are no flukes in here, Free To Paid Coach is now open. We officially opened the doors yesterday. If you’re listening in the future, it’s open right now and it’s been open.

Because what does that mean doors are open? There’s no start and stop here. Free to Paid coach is an ongoing coaching program. There’s no cohort, there’s no classes, it’s just a paid coach love fest all the damn time. It’s a onetime fee and you are in forever group coaching program. It’s open enrollment all the time.

At least as of right now we don’t close the doors and open the doors. It’s just open, come on in. We finally, like the grand opening was yesterday. When you buy it, when you pay the money, you’re going to go to the website and you’re going to fill in your credit card information. And then when you hit pay or submit or whatever the button says, maybe I should know what the button says.

When you hit submit, or yes, I want this, you are enrolled. You get immediate access. You don’t have to wait a couple weeks, you don’t have to wait for it to be finished. It is waiting for you already. And you’re going to get an email that sends you a login and password for the member site. The member site has everything, it’s got all the materials the moment you enroll.

All the goodies that we’ve been talking about here on the podcast for the past few weeks, plus some more. And you’re going to have lifetime access to the member site, which basically means as long as Free To Paid Coach exists, you’ve got it. If I make changes, if I create updates or find simpler ways to coach things, you’re going to know, you’re going to get those updates. You get video modules and the Free To Paid coach workbook.

Plus, there’s a whole section of bonuses like my past trainings and my old podcast, but that’s just there for fun stuff. The good stuff is in the Free To Paid Coach process and the workbook. And you can begin right away, you don’t have to wait for anyone.

You’ll also get an invite to the Facebook group, which you’re going to want to join right away. Come in, tell us who you are. Introduce yourself, let us know who you are, what it means to you to become a paid coach, what you’re so excited about. Find new friends and old, your next best friend might be waiting inside. I know some of my BFF have come from coaching groups.

In the events section of the Facebook group you’re going to find the call schedule. We have a call every Tuesday afternoon. Our first call is today, you could be listening right now. Go enroll and be coached by me today. I know, isn’t that so fun? Our calls are every Tuesday afternoon central time. I’ve chosen a time that people all over the world can mostly make. So it’s late at night in Europe. It’s early in the morning for East Asia, and Australia, and New Zealand.

I’m going to be your host for most of the calls. And you’re also going to meet some of my coaches who have already gone through this work. Some of my past mastermind coaches, some of my current Path To 100K coaches. They’re going to be in their hosting calls and coaching also. What I love about this community is hearing my coaching and my tools come out of somebody else’s mouth, because so frequently it lands differently.

One of my best students may coach keep going until you’re paid in a way that you need to hear, in a way that maybe I didn’t phrase it. But they’re going to phrase it in a way and you’re like, “Ah yes, that.” I may be super passionate about money relationship coaching, but I’ve seen so many times where one of my students will come in and say, “Here’s how I think about what Amy coached me on,” and my mind gets blown.

So you come and you get the coaching that you need. And then you commit to doing the work. We have a coaching call every single Tuesday, the member site with all the teaching is yours immediately and 24 hours a day. You’re going to have the 30 day make offers challenge.

We’re going to focus on the money relationship counseling, we’ll host some calls around creating safety for yourself and all the other topics that you have seen here and all the other topics that will come up week to week in the Facebook group.

This is the room, this is the room where it happens. This is the room where you become a paid coach. It’s everything that you’ve been looking for. I’ve done everything I can to make this the most impactful and the most accessible life coaching program for coaches.

It is a onetime payment of $1,000. And in Free To Paid Coach, you simply won’t find this much coaching to help you become a confident paid coach for a lower investment. It simply doesn’t exist. The cost of not investing is literally thousands of dollars more than the actual cost of Free To Paid Coach.

Not doing the 30 day make offers challenge with us starting next week is going to cost you more money than not investing and doing it with us. Not changing your relationship with money is going to cost you 100 times more, if not even more than that. Not knowing how to keep going when you just feel like quitting, always costs you more in the end.

$1,000 and everything you need to become a paid coach with confidence. Confidence you will use to scale to even greater heights once you learn how to get paid as a coach, it’s all in here. And you can enroll right now at amylatta.com/FTPC. Www.amylatta.com/FTPC. We are waiting for you inside.

That’s free to paid coach FTPC. This is the place. This is the program you’ve been waiting for. And until next week, let’s get paid, coach.

Coaches, I have created a brand new freebie offer just for you podcast listeners. I created a brand new training called Stop Over-Complicating Confidence. Because I see my coaches do it all the time, make this confidence thing way harder than it has to be.

In this free training you’re going to learn exactly how you over-complicate confidence, what’s creating that, and how to stop it. Here’s the best part, all of it less than an hour. Less than an hour of your time. You will feel more confident in less than an hour. Yeah, friends, this is the best training I’ve ever done. So visit amylatta.com/podcastgift to get yours. Again, that’s amylatta.com/podcastgift. Go now and feel more confident in just an hour.

Thanks so much for listening to The Confident Coaches Podcast. I invite you to learn more. Come visit me at amylatta.com and until next week, let’s go do epic stuff.

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