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The Confident Coaches Podcast with Amy Latta | Inside a Million-Dollar Mastermind

I just got back from a weekend in Las Vegas with my coach’s mastermind, the Two Million Dollar group. I often get so many questions from you guys wondering what you learn at this high level and the lessons I can impart on you. Well, it’s your lucky day today because I’m sharing the inside scoop on what went down.

You might think it was a weekend spent breaking down strategies and business plans, but I’m going to break it to you now that there was absolutely none of that. There was not a single how-to taught, or a plan for our action steps in our business. Instead, we got coached on all the core things I share with you here, and I came back a totally different person than when I left.

Listen in today as I offer the 4 biggest takeaways I learned from the Two Million Dollar mastermind. Let me tell you right now, there were a lot of tears. In fact, not just tears but bawling. And I urge you this week to take the time to consider the questions I’m leaving you with, so you too can experience a life-changing transformation for yourself.

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What You’ll Learn:
  • 4 things I learned from the Two Million Dollar mastermind.
  • Why we didn’t learn a single “how-to” or discuss our action lines.
  • The 3 questions we got coached on in this mastermind.
  • What your thoughts about your people are an indication of.
  • The most valuable part of any mastermind or any coaching that you get.
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You are listening to episode 77 of The Confident Coaches Podcast, the one where you get a sneak peek into the mind of some million-dollar coaches. Alright, let’s go.

Welcome to The Confident Coaches Podcast, a place for creating the self-confidence you need to do your best work as a life coach. If you want to bring more boldness, more resilience, and more joy to your work, this is the place for you. I’m your host, Amy Latta. Let’s dive in.

Hello, hello my Latte loves. How are my confident coaches doing out there? I hope you all are doing as fabulous as I am. I have just returned from my first – I traveled. What? I traveled on an airplane through two airports. It was crazy.

I was in Las Vegas this past weekend with my own mastermind and we’re going to be diving into some of the inside scoop of what went down, lessons that I can impart on you. But just – I’ve said from the very beginning that my family has been kind of right in the middle.

Not hibernating, not hiding from the world, but also being very cautious and being very mindful. I know I have a lot of friends and even quite a few clients who’ve lost loved ones, who’ve lost family members during this past year. So just – we’re not crazy on either way. So this felt different to be traveling like that.

But it was a great time with my mastermind sisters and to be able to meet in person and to be around humans again. And I’m a straight up introvert so it was outstanding and I can’t wait to – I don’t know when this will be, I’ve never met in person with my own mastermind or the one that I host, but I’m really looking forward to maybe making that a component of the mastermind that I host as well.

I think that would be a lot of fun to just bring everybody together. There’s a human being, there’s an actual flesh and blood person there. It’s so fun. And speaking of my mastermind, I do want to give a shout-out to my January class.

Last week I gave a shout-out to my April class but to my January class, I’m going to share this anonymously because we’re still processing and working through it. But I just wanted to share with you something that a member of the January class shared today after our coaching session.

She said, “I don’t know what it is. Maybe I was just ready but while on the outside looking in it doesn’t look like lots of progress being made, like typical business metrics that we use to measure success, but I am a whole new person than when I started this mastermind. I like who I’m becoming, I like what I’m believing is possible, even when it sucks, and I just want all the things I’m working towards to happen like, yesterday.”

And she went further on into the post because a couple people asked, what ways is she different? “What I’m believing is possible, what I’m willing to feel, what I’m willing to own, what I’m willing to do, what I’m willing to be wrong about, my self-concept, what I’m willing to hold and to have, how I choose to define success, the level at which I’m willing to question my beliefs, how I’m looking at timelines, and just the fact that I can call myself a six-figure coach and believe it.”

Tears. Like, what? All verklempt up in here. All the feels. Music to my ears. All of the words. That is the best possible thing I could think of that someone would share from the mastermind. That is what Confident Coaches is about.

Because we can measure. We’re so used to measuring success from typical business metrics. How many clients have you signed, how much money have you made, here’s all the money the members of the mastermind has made, and here’s how exciting this is. And that’s all amazing stuff.

I mean, I just did that myself in my own mastermind. But who you become, are you all listening out there? It’s about who you become as a person. That’s the magnificence. Liking who you’re becoming, believing that something is possible even when it’s not there in front of you to hold, and still knowing in your bones that it’s inevitable, remembering that confidence isn’t knowing how this is going to work. It’s knowing that you can handle whatever comes your way, that you’ve got this.

These words from my group, from my January group, who’s three months in, it’s just going to permeate and then everything else, the standard business metrics, those become inevitable. That becomes the inevitability. And I really just want to make sure that that understanding, that this loving who you become, believing what is possible, willingness to feel, your self-concept, being willing to be wrong about things and to question yourself, that doesn’t come after the business metrics.

It comes before. The confidence doesn’t become later. It comes before. There are a lot of “successful” coaches walking around in this world making six figures or more and feeling like crap about themselves because they’re not sure how they’ve created it. They still don’t believe that it’s possible, even though the numbers are in their bank account.

They still are terrified of every single comment that comes in from the people out there in the world or what their clients think of them or what strangers think of them. All of that is still there because that doesn’t bring confidence. But learning to believe what you no longer have to believe, learning to believe something else instead and learning how to make a decision about the next best step, that my friends, three super simple basic steps of confidence. You got that. It’s that simple.

Shout-out to my January class. You guys are making huge waves just in your own mind first. I love it. And speaking of masterminds, I just got back from my own. So for those of you who are new to me, I have my own mastermind. So you’re listening to The Confident Coaches Podcast and I host the Confident Coaches Mastermind.

So when I’m talking about my mastermind, I might be talking about one or two things. I have my own, I, the confidence coach for coaches hosts the Confident Coaches Mastermind. We start every quarter. In fact, April is just under way.

But then I also belong to a mastermind. And that is the Two Million Dollar group, and my coach Stacey Boehman hosts the Two Million Dollar group. I’ve been working with Stacey since October of 2017. I’ve been in her Diva Business School, in her 2K for 2K, in her $200,000 mastermind, and now I am in her Two Million Dollar group.

And we meet quarterly and we just got back from our first in-person meeting. So when I’m talking about inside a million-dollar mastermind, that’s what I’m talking about. Inside her mastermind where I am a member, where I am the client and not the coach.

And what happens so often is my clients want to know, even people who aren’t my clients want to know like, what were your big takeaways? What were your a-has? What did you learn? What did you discover? Tell us everything she taught you.

And so I’m going to be sharing that with you all right here. You are welcome. Because here’s the thing; this may come as a shock, I don’t know, I’m not really going to tell you anything that you don’t already know. I know, I know.

So many of us are like, I mean, at some point did you learn strategy? Was it – what did you learn? Did you break down Facebook ads? Did you figure out what the exact steps you were going to take in order to get to your million dollars, your two million dollars? Did you break down business plans?

No, absolutely none of that. Not a single one of those things. We did none of that. This happens all the time. We think it’s the how. So I’m going to share four things with you that came from the million-dollar mastermind or the Two Million Dollar group is what it’s called that I am a member of and our first in-person meeting this past weekend.

And I want you to really listen to what I’m saying and apply it to your own brain. So right out of the gate, number one, we didn’t learn a single how. Not one. We talked nothing about the action line. We talked nothing about what we were going to do.

I know. Is this surprising to you? For some of you, maybe you’re like, no that doesn’t really surprise me at all. But some of you are like, so then what did you do?

So there’s 12 of us in the group. There’s 12 clients. I’m one of the 12. And not a single person did we discuss you’re going to do step A, and then step B, and then step three. Not a single one time did we talk about what we were going to do next. A webinar, or Facebook ads, or anything like that.

We didn’t say, oh, we’re going to host this event or we’re going to host that event. There was not a single action item. Not one. Because that is not what creates your results.

I feel like grabbing my microphone right now and shaking it, except I’ve been told to talk further away from the microphone by my podcast producer. I feel like shaking, I feel like shouting into the microphone right now. Not a single action line item was discussed for like, 12 hours.

We didn’t talk about any of that. It was all about what we were thinking. So right out of the gate, our coach asked the same thing that I ask my clients every single week. So far in your business this year, what’s working and why? What’s not working and why?

And then what are your thoughts about your numbers so far this year? So we did all report our first quarter numbers, our numbers that were a year to date. And we all did report that number.

And that’s what we got coached on. What’s working? What’s not working? And what are all of the thoughts that you have about the money that you’ve made so far? Because those are the thoughts that you’re going into the second quarter with. And then we got coached on those thoughts. That’s what we did.

Nary a business plan was discussed, my friends. In fact, the very, very top earner, after she’s been coached and she was crying and I was crying, I don’t know if anybody else was crying but I’m bawling, she’s crying, and she’s like, wiping her tears away and she goes, “I thought we were going to be talking about Facebook ads.”

No, we didn’t talk about any of the logistics. We didn’t talk about any of the semantics or logistics or the action items. It was all about what’s working, what’s not working, and what do you think about what you’ve created so far, and then we got our asses coached on that.

Again, confidence isn’t knowing the how-to. Confidence is knowing you can handle whatever’s coming your way because what you believe about yourself. So right out of the gate, number one thing, everybody wants to know what did you discuss? What did you talk about?

We talked about what you already know to focus on. So that one was kind of the more general one. I’m going to share three more things that are definitely Amy’s takeaways. I don’t necessarily know that my other mastermind sisters would have these next takeaways, but these were definitely my own takeaways from my own coaching.

But I want to make sure that that one thing that we started with, that applied to everybody. That was the coaching everybody got. No one had their plans hammered out or anything like that. It was all about their mindset and what they were thinking going into the second quarter.

So then from my own personal takeaways, I would say that the biggest thing for me was probably realizing that every single thing that I think about other people, my audience, my clients, people engaging with me on social media, et cetera, all of those things, whatever I’m thinking about other people is always what I’m thinking about me.

So if you are judging your clients, if you are pitying your clients, if you’re thinking that they need more hand-holding, if you’re thinking that they need more prodding, if you’re frustrated because they’re not engaging, if you’re frustrated because people aren’t interacting or aren’t scheduling consult calls with you, or aren’t getting the results that you want, that’s your indication and your opportunity to look in.

Where are you frustrated with you? Where are you needing prodding? Where are you needing hand-holding? Where are you pitying yourself? Where are you judging yourself? Whatever you are feeling that you’re projecting onto others, the answer to that is how are you doing that to yourself?

And then you can see when you are doing those things to yourself, how it does show up in your coaching and how you are projecting that onto your clients. But whatever you are thinking and feeling and doing about them, that means you are thinking and feeling and doing about yourself. Look inward. That is always where your answers are.

If you think they think you’re a fraud, that means you think you’re a fraud. Whatever it is that you’re putting on other people. Those were some of the things that came up during our coaching and it’s some of the things that have come up when I’m coaching my own clients and they have thoughts about their clients.

But it’s always an invitation to see how are you thinking that about yourself. You think they’re annoying, how do you think you’re annoying? Here’s the thing; this is very uncomfortable. When I really admitted how I was feeling towards my clients and my audience, I was crying right there because it was so hard for me to admit this negative emotion because I thought it was love and it wasn’t love.

So just being able to shift from this uncomfortable negative emotion because I was willing to look at it, because I was willing to admit that and get coaching on it. Then I can come back and I can serve my people on such a much deeper level.

And there’s kind of a side note here to make sure that coaches always have coaches. I kind of feel like that’s a given. But I haven’t mentioned it in a while and it’s why it’s so important to be a part of a mastermind, to be in a group that’s talking about what you believe about yourself that you don’t have to believe anymore.

What do you want to believe instead? And what are you going to do with that? What’s the next step you’re going to take from that place? It’s so important to have somebody helping you find those things that you believe about yourself that you don’t have to.

So whatever you’re thinking of them, it’s really about you. And that is your work. If you’re willing to do it, that’s the doorway to walk through. This is 100% the kind of work that we do inside Confident Coaches Mastermind.

And so the next thing that came that was a big piece for me that I will probably do even more work on this in possibly separate episodes just on this, but it really became about fitting in and belonging. Because even while I was there amongst these amazing groups of women, I’ve always had this sense – I mean, I just turned 47 this month.

I’ve always had this story that I don’t belong and I don’t fit in. So it’s really powerful that at one point, a member of the mastermind, somebody that I love, that I probably feel the most connected to, we’re so similar in so many ways, but she brought a friend and I met this woman and like, it was kismet. It was like instant attraction.

Have you ever met a human being before where you were like, this person gets me? She saw me on another level that I just rarely feel seen before. And it was so fascinating because I found myself longing to spend more time with this person.

She wasn’t in the mastermind. She’s there visiting someone else and yet I was like, when can I see you? When can we – do you want to have breakfast? Do you want to have dinner? Do you want to hang out? Do you want to be my friend?

There was this greediness about it. I wanted more. I wanted to spend more time with her because every time I was spending time with her, I could feel this magnificence, this brilliance. And I could tell, I was like, I felt warm and I felt love and I was like, I don’t know what this is, I don’t feel it very often, but oh my gosh, I want more of it. I was greedy for it.

And then in a separate conversation with someone else that weekend, she asked me this question of what was it that this person was reflecting back to you? When you say she saw you, what is it that she saw? And that’s when I realized it was me.

In 47 years, I’ve done everything I can, I’ve been trying to reconcile this desire to be an unapologetic Amy, to be 100% myself, to drop the good girl, to drop all the rules, there are no rules, there is no judgment, everything that you hear me talk about on this podcast and being 100% me, but I’ve been tagging along for 47 years this desire to fit in and to belong.

And this story that I have, which is really funny, I’m sure some of my closest friends in the world are like, hey, what about me? Because it’s not even true that I don’t belong and I don’t fit in. But I’ve been tagging this along, like where’s my person that’s going to – I don’t even need to have a conversation with.

And it occurred to me this weekend through this interaction with this woman that I belong with me. I was seeing me. I was seeing my magnificence. I was seeing my brilliance. What she was reflecting back in me was me. I don’t need to fit in with anybody other than myself. I can drop that and just be 100% unapologetic Amy, and so can you.

I got so many messages from so many clients like, this trip to Las Vegas looks amazing, but it could never be for me, I’m not that kind of person, I don’t think I would fit in with that. That’s not for me. That group is not for me. It might be great for other people, I bet the group is amazing.

I see this a lot in the applications for the Confident Coaches Mastermind. Like, the mastermind sounds amazing Amy, I love everything that the podcast offers, I don’t miss anything, but I’m just not sure I would fit in, I’m just not sure this is for me.

And I want to offer to anyone out there that has that, I see you. I get that. And what I want to offer you that we now know your work and your work is to learn how to see yourself and fit in with you. And that when we’re looking to belong, the person we’re looking to belong to is actually ourselves.

This is my deep, like deep, this is my super deep work that I myself am doing. I get this work. I understand it. This is why I see, I’m like, oh, we could really work in this area right here. I could see a lot more brilliant content, brilliant coaching coming out just on how to fit in with yourself, how to belong with you, how to see your own magnificence and brilliance.

Because what you’re seeing in other people is actually what you’re seeing in yourself. And being able to do that allows you to be that fully confident version of yourself because you’re not – these two things are in conflict with one another so when you drop the one, the other one becomes so much easier. How to be fully confident you coach, you right now, let’s work on you fitting in with you. Then the other one becomes so much easier.

Alright, so then one last lesson that I feel that I really understood after this million-dollar mastermind weekend that I had in Las Vegas is two of the members of our Two Million Dollar group were unable to attend because they live outside of the country.

And so travel between countries during COVID time just wasn’t available. So they were there on screen. There were there virtually. We were able to see them the entire time on a big screen TV. And so I was private messaging with each of them over the weekend and one of the things that I realized is that the processing of the coaching was just as valuable, if not more valuable than the actual coaching itself.

And I had actually – most people went home on Sunday. So we met on Friday, almost everybody stayed all day Saturday and we kind of hung out at the pool and we did process some of the coaching, but it was may more relaxed.

And then most people went home on Sunday. A handful of us stayed until Monday. So Sunday was kind of a quiet day. And most people were leaving. I was not. I had no place to go, I was just having dinner with an old client of mine, and so Sunday was the day that I really processed the coaching.

And what I mean by that is I spent my extra day before I returned home, before I was all intermingled back into my own family, just journaling on all of the coaching that I got and processing all of the coaching that I got. And I had a couple of conversations with some of the other ladies before they left.

I got a few more questions to clarify but almost all of that extra time I spent with myself and my own brain. And I was messaging with these other ladies that were unable to be there and kind of processing with them too of she brought this up.

So there were a couple other questions, but most of it was spending time in my own mind and what I realized was that that processing created the reveal. In other words, the coaching that we got from our coach on Friday, it created the space and the questions I needed, but the processing of it all showed me the answers.

Do you see that? Your coach, your peer coaches, your coach in your mastermind, they will create the space and the questions that you need. But that’s not where it ends. You then take that space and those questions and you spend time with it alone in your mind and process through it and write pages and pages and pages of everything that comes out and discover what is inside your own mind so that you can discover the answers to the questions.

That is the most valuable part of any coaching you can possibly get. That’s the value of a mastermind. That’s the value of having a coach. And that’s why I love the mastermind format because I don’t just get the coaching from my coach that I hire that I paid all the money to, but I get to then bounce different things that are coming out of my head off my other mastermind sisters, and then they reflect back to me and I just am able to get closer to the right answers or to the real answers even faster.

So I returned home yesterday because I’m recording this on Tuesday. I got home yesterday; I processed all day Sunday. By the way, processing, tears. Bawling. I offer you that processing anything, processing emotions, processing coaching, processing anything – it is an emotional journey.

I was at the Wynn VIP tower suites pool, tears bawling down my face as I was processing the coaching that I got. Every question she asked of me, I wrote more about that. Full pages of how to accept myself because that was one of the things. Do I really accept my clients? What would it look like to accept myself?

All of these things, where am I stuck? Where do I need prodding? Where do I not show up? And I wrote pages and pages and pages and tears were just flowing and falling out of my eyes. I don’t even know what the other patrons around the pool were thinking.

But that, because I know emotional strength training, because I know how to embrace discomfort, that’s all part of what I teach you in Confident Coaches, because I know how to do that, I can process. The coaching creates the space and the questions that you need, but the processing shows you the answers, my friend. Do not overlook that part.

And helping your clients do the same thing. So they can get closer to the results that they want. Because here I am on Tuesday, I’m like a new person because I took the extra time to process everything. It’s not – this episode just came full circle, right?

It’s not unlike my client who shared today from the January. I’m a whole new person than when I started this mastermind. I am a whole new person than when I left my house five days ago. And the reason that I’m a whole new person is because I didn’t focus on the how. I focused on what’s working, what’s not working, and what do I think about what I’ve already created?

I’m a whole new person because I realized all the thoughts I have about other people that are in my circle. All the thoughts I have about my audience, my clients, my past clients, my coaches, my peers, all the thoughts I have about them are actually about me because I saw for the first time in my life that when I feel magnificence and brilliance coming from someone else, they are merely reflecting what is already in me.

So I don’t have to be greedy and I don’t have to chase it anymore because it’s all in me. That, my friends, you want to talk about bawling? Bawling, bawling. I was at Chica restaurant inside The Venetian with an old client when that realization came. Bawling.

If you think that becoming a new person doesn’t involve a lot of tears. Because I was willing to process all of that, because I was willing to go into my own brain and spend hours, hours, yes, literal hours inside my own head with pen and paper and just writing and writing and writing and writing.

What does that mean? And what do I make that mean? And let’s go even further. What would this look like? How does this show up in my coaching? How does this show up in my life? How does this show up in my marriage and in my parenting?

I just kept going and I was willing to spend that time. I am a new person just five days later. That’s possible for you too. It is possible for you to get closer to that brilliant, magnificent person waiting inside of you if you’re willing to take these steps too.

This is what we do inside the Confident Coaches Mastermind. If this is the work that you want to be doing in the world, then let’s do it. Don’t delay. Hit me up in my emails, hit me up on social media, go to my webpage, amylatta.com.

The application is still open. Fill it out. Let’s do this work. We’re ready for you. You ready? Alright my friends, I can’t wait to see what you create this next week and until then, let’s go do epic stuff.

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Friends, this is the best training I’ve ever done. So visit amylatta.com/podcastgift to get yours. Again, that’s amylatta.com/podcastgift. Go now and feel more confident in just an hour.

Thanks so much for listening to The Confident Coaches Podcast. I invite you to learn more. Come visit me at amylatta.com and until next week, let’s go do epic stuff.    

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