How to run a successful business, with your Bestest Clients, that creates income, not just makes money.

You are making money. People are buying the transformational work you have created.

That's where Elevate Your Income Comes In.

NOW enrolling for November 2023 group, starting on Wednesday, November 1.

Elevate Your Income.

When you're making money in your business and You're Done throwing spaghetti at the wall to see what sticks, this is the place to identify what's sticking and what fell on the floor.
An 8 Week Group Marketing Intensive.
Because you are ready to:
It’s for women entrepreneurs, business owners, coaches, Consultants, and creatives who know people want their shit, and are ready to focus less on “how to make money,” and more on how you create income.
It is a small group coaching and consulting program for $1000 for 8 weeks.
Traditional business, marketing, and sales consulting and coaching serve their purpose.

It’s just that the purpose is maximizing profits, above all else.

  • Above your mental & physical health.
  • Above what matters to you most at the end of the day.
  • Above your clients’ circumstances.
  • Above your audiences’ autonomy and agency.

I’ve been a student of business since 1992.
I completely geek out on marketing strategy and integrated communications and why people buy what they buy.

I’ve been a social justice warrior since my first political rally in 1990.
Using my voice to effect policy and advocate for the unheard.

I’ve seen the good, the contradictory, and the How-is-this-legal of people trying to make money through doing good.

I have no claim as ethics police, but since actively working towards reconciling Doing Business and Doing Good, I have:

  • Extracted contradictory practices from my own business that trigger audience FOMO in the name of “only wanting the best for them.”
  • Called bullshit to my own internalized patriarchy and capitalism that drives over-working, attempting to be all things to all people, and shames the way I function and show up.
  • And stopped spending every dime I have on someone who must know better than I do because they’ve made more money than I have.

It’s how I created Elevate Your Income. 

Elevating Your Income isn't just making more money revenue or signing more clients.
  • It’s creating income by getting your innovative ideas that revolutionize thinking and transform communities, out of your head and into the market.
  • Income achieved through nourishing your audience and community, not extracting from them, leaving their autonomy and agency intact.
  • Income that elevates your life, allowing you to accomplish your own dreams without running yourself (or your hired teams) into the ground.

Because why are we working so damn hard in our businesses, not to have income to pay for our life?

Here's How You're Gonna Increase Income.

You're gonna use the Elevated Income Model.
Elevate Your Knowing
Elevate Your Experimentation
Elevate Your Nurturing
You're gonna do this work in a small group for $1000 for 8 weeks.
It’s not complicated work.


But it’s not easy work because your mind will fight you on whether you’re doing enough, doing it right, or doing it efficiently. 
That's Because Internalized Patriarchy and Capitalism are a Bitch.

You could totally pick up a few marketing books, watch a few YouTube videos on strategy and copywriting and storytelling, and sort this out yourself


But you don’t have to sort it out on your own.
You can work with a week-by-week plan.
Have the coaching and implementation sessions required to do the work now.


With a coach working alongside you through the not-complicated-but-often-hard-as-fuck work required to stop shaming yourself for daring to say what your Bestest Clients actually needs to hear.


You can’t grow up in this world without that “who do you think you are” undercurrent running in the background, driving decisions you don’t even love, saying Yes to shit you hate, and not saying No to what you could give two fucks about.


We all do it. Some of us more than others. There’s zero shame in this game.

It’s just so much freaking easier to not have to go it alone.


And we’re gonna do it together, over 8 weeks, in a small group, for $1000.

For those who want all the details. I gotchu.

What Is It & Who’s It For:
It is small group marketing consulting and feminist coaching for $1000 for 8 weeks.

For women entrepreneurs, business owners, life coaches, consultants, and creatives…


The Work We're gonna Do:
gut check for my perfectionists
You cannot do this program wrong.
  • You get to decide if you’re gonna do all of it.
  • You can create elevated income without doing every step.
  • It doesn’t have to be done perfectly or to completion.

It’s possible just one thing unlocks what’s been tight As Fuck, and unleashes your brazen soul and genius onto the world.

Some peers will answer every question and have it all wrapped up in a tiny bow at the end.
Some will just run with one thing and love no longer beating the shit out of themselves for running your business your way.

Some will have a fully fleshed out Content Plan.
Some will just mix Core Messages and 90 Minutes A Day, and rock it.

Trust that you can’t do it wrong.

The Logistics:
The Next Steps:

Here's where you sign up.

Pay In Full

$1000 USD

Payment Plan

2 Payments of $500 USD
A note about Payments

I offer payments at no additional cost. Getting charged extra when you don’t have full funding or need to spread out expenses doesn’t align with transformative feminist work.


Also, I am a solopreneur running the show mostly on her own, without access to outside funding.
It makes a big impact on my business when you pay in full.
Please do what you need, fellow entrepreneur. I see you.
And know if you pay in full, you’re helping an audacious woman do her work in the world, with a bit more ease.

What Clients Have to Say

Elevate Your Income is a brand new program. These are clients who’ve worked with Amy in similar group programs.

Amy planted a seed in me while coaching that I wasn't doing a good job hiding my intuitive gifts, so why keep hiding. I turned up the volume on those gifts...and signed a total of four clients in three months, after taking a break from my business for almost six months. I am creating magic.
Danijela Fadera
Life Coach for the Anxious Mind
Our group ended up being one of the most valuable and powerful experiences, not just because of strategy and "how," but because of ongoing, fluid conversation about business that helped clarify what I value and what's important to me and my clients. My business has become more profitable as a result. Amy's style of leadership and facilitation is a breath of fresh air in that regard.
Karen C.L. Anderson
Master Certified Coach and Author
When I apply Amy's coaching and tools, I sign clients. My marketing is clearer, bolder, more Me. Working with Amy is the best investment I’ve made for myself and my business, and perfect if you're looking for a masterful coach to guide you through your own inner knowing and shine your light into the world.
Melanie McNamara
Transformative Life Coach
NOt 100% sure Yet?

Then schedule a consult call with me.

You. Me. 15ish minutes. We’ll figure it out together.


You can schedule a call with me by clicking this link right here: Schedule A Call 

Having income is just so much cooler than just making money. Let's make it happen for you.

Pay In Full

$1000 USD

Payment Plan

2 Payments of $500 USD

Meet Amy.

A marketing consultant and master certified feminist coach, Amy Latta helps female entrepreneurs, business owners, coaches, and creatives, elevate their income and communities by releasing their audacious ideas into the market.

Amy earned her cred with:

  • 4 years of business school and a degree in marketing.
  • 10 years in corporate marketing helping international corporations, clothing manufacturers, and homebuilders craft messaging, manage communications and marketing plans, and hit record sales.
  • 10 years in online business and life coaching, helping hundreds of coaches start their business, ensure it reflects their values and definitions of success, and create income doing what they love.

Amy’s own business – from weight coaching to business coaching – is driven by a passion for uncovering the confidence required and the people pleasing that stands in the way of women achieving what they want.

Her passion for social justice and her passion for women in business collided like chocolate and peanut butter in 2020.
(Did anything happen that year? Can’t remember, it was decades ago.)

An irreverent Aries GenXer with ADHD and lifelong rule-follower, Amy’s done #allthework to embrace her brazen and audacious self, those boat-rocking ideas – to swap people pleasing for defying other people’s expectations.

Helping women entrepreneurs create a life and business that lights their soul on fire is her Favorite.

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