Ep #200: Elevate Your Business & Your Income

Making more money and signing clients is so…boring. And no matter what I’ve said in the first 199 episodes, this is episode 200 and we’re changing the conversation.

It’s time to Elevate Your Income. Elevating your work, your audience, your personal finances, through transformational work, innovative ideas, and no longer leaving clients behind in the graveyard.

It starts by rethinking all our conversations on the nature of confidence in the first place, and committing to an elevated purpose. It’s fucking fire, and it’s the best place to be.

We start this week, with this episode. See you inside.

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What You’ll Learn:
  • Handling your “Helga brain” and the external voices that have been dampening your confidence
  • The art of navigating the evolving and elevating phase without losing your sanity
  • A crash course on owning your choices, bracing for change, and staying chic amidst emotional turmoil
  • How to ditch the ‘fix myself’ mentality and channel your energies into painting the world with your brilliant work
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Full Episode Transcript:

You are listening to episode 200 of The Confident Coaches Podcast, the one where, well, you want to know what we’re elevating. My friends, let’s go.

Welcome to The Confident Coaches Podcast, a place for creating the self-confidence you need to do your best work as a life coach. If you want to bring more boldness, more resilience and more joy to your work, this is the place for you. I’m your host, Amy Latta. Let’s dive in.

Did you hear that opening? 200. What is even happening right now? How does that even happen? I’ve been trying to figure out why this 200, way more than 100 or 150, has, like, landed on me in such a reflective way, like I get reflective every birthday, but I suspect that my 50th birthday next April I’m going to be just to, that makes sense, though, that I’m going to be a little bit more reflected there, like, why 200 as opposed to any other milestone ones, and I realized a couple things.

First of all, I started this podcast in November 2019, and it’s September, so not quite, but we’re only two months shy of four years. Four years, only, cow. Do you remember what you were doing four years ago? Do you remember what was important to you four years ago?

Do you remember I mean, guys, four years ago was months before the pandemic, like four months before the pandemic hit, four or five months before the pandemic hit. It’s before like so that, right there, right, it was pre-pandemic.

So, we are talking like might as well have been ancient times, right? It sounds like decades ago. For sure it was before I started seeing cracks in the facade of my business or my mentors. I got to tie it 2019.

When I really looked back, that was the high. That was the high. That is when I mean, honestly, I was pure obliviousness back in 2019. It’s before I felt any of that incongruence between who I really am and the work I was doing. I was still bright-eyed and starry-eyed and bushy-tailed.

I’m really thinking like everything was amazing and fabulous. It’s before so many things and yet it’s the same show. It’s the same conversation that we’re having in The Confident Coaches Podcast.

And here’s something that has been. This part of the conversation has to come before I start talking to you about what the hell, I even mean about elevating your business and your income. At first, I thought this was two separate conversations, but it’s not so. It’s going to sound like a detour from what I came out of the gate with the title of this episode is, but I promise you it’s not in any way shape or form.

It is so important to this conversation because when I think about four years ago and me starting The Confident Coaches Podcast guys, it’s before I realized I had confidence all wrong. Yes, I still believe that confidence is about your belief that you can handle whatever comes your way. I just no longer believe that we’re not all already confident.

I have told you for like 199 episodes so far, I didn’t used to be confident. This is why you should hire me for learning confidence, because I was never confident my whole life and I had to learn these things Again. See all previous episodes in this story, this idea that I lack confidence.

But I figured out how to nurture it myself plant the seeds, grow it. Where am I confident? All of those tips and tricks and tools and coaching tools that I’ve shared with you. Here’s the funny thing, it’s not that the tools were incorrect. It was the belief behind all the things that we’re doing here.

Because I didn’t become more confident. I truly can see, and I truly believe that we are actually all born into this world as brilliant beings, confident, even and yes, we all have different personality traits. I know a lot of people confuse confidence with a gregariousness or an avertness, or an introverted versus extroverted, versus people who are willing to have hard conversations or not have hard conversations.

I’m not talking about personality traits. I can look at two kids and see that one of them is more shy, one of them will go up to strangers, one of them is a little bit more trepidatious about trying new things, but I really that’s not what we’re talking about here. What we’re talking about is confidence. We’re talking about believing that we can do something we’ve never done before. The confidence to do it anyway, the confidence to believe we can handle whatever comes our way. I think we’re born with that, and I think actually it’s not us, my friends, it’s not us.

Now, this conversation, if y’all been paying attention I didn’t have the words for it, but I’ve been talking about this.

This shift started 18 months ago. We aren’t the broken ones. It’s out there that is broken. It’s the socialization. Maybe it was direct in your house, maybe it was indirect just in society, but our socialization is human beings. It’s not us as human beings that creates this lack of confidence. It’s the socialization as human beings that you aren’t good enough.

You aren’t allowed to do that. That’s not for you. You aren’t good enough in your body, in your gender, in your ideas. Maybe it’s in how you function. The lack of confidence is not inherent from the inside out, it’s coming from the outside in, it’s the piling on of shit.

Becoming more confident isn’t inside out work I mean it is, but it’s because we’re shedding layers of shit, we’re not building up confidence, we’re actually letting it out. That’s already in there. And I’ve been working through so much, so much these past 18 months, and one of them is coming to realize how I have reinforced this belief that the problem is us.

Right, and it started 18 months ago, starting to learn about patriarchal ideas and conversations around women throughout history women in money, women in family all of those conversations, sure, but this idea that you can overcome self-sabotage by changing your thoughts. The only thing standing in your way is you.

Why do you think you are doing that right? What do you need to do to build more trust in yourself? The only problem is you’re thinking this is all saying that it’s us that’s broken and it’s not them. And it’s not that way. What if self-sabotage and imposter syndrome and learning to trust yourself.

I mean, it’s just like all bullshit the focus is on the wrong thing when we talk about that as opposed to no, we’re actually already confident amazing beings and it’s the out there that we actually need coaching on how to handle, not as much as the in here.

Nope, I want to be really clear. I’m not saying that we’re not paying attention to thoughts and all of that. We’re just not having to fix every damn thing.

This has been brain like on a cellular level, brain breaking, right. It’s so interesting of like, it’s the out there that suck, it’s not the in here that sucks. And yes, I can look at my two kids and I can see that one of them inherently carries a bit more fear than another one.

So, yeah, you still have that primitive cave woman or caveman brain who is afraid of new and different things. There’s that kind of you know, that primitive element is still there.

But that that’s not for you, isn’t coming from you, and that’s what we’ve been talking about for 200 episodes. Right, that this is for you. Quit telling yourself it’s not for you. This is for you. You can do this, you are capable. You wouldn’t have the dream to go do this thing in the first place if you weren’t also given the capability for it.

Now, that statement that I’ve said before is like, obviously, because that’s not for you, isn’t coming from inside the house. Your Helga brain is actually your Helga brain. That’s the other part of the name that I gave that cave woman, part of your brain, that one that’s spouting bullshit to you all day long. It’s just reinforcing the bullshit that’s been piled on top of us to think that the only problem is our thinking that really denies the systems that devalue are thinking.

No matter how much we change it, you can change that all day long it doesn’t change the fact that there are systems in place that are like, no, that’s still not for you. And so then, what do we do about that?

Here’s what I want to offer on that specific thing. We aren’t going to change entire systems like just me, Amy Latta, in a world of 8 billion people, I’m just one gal. I’m just one feisty, audacious, 49-year-old woman having hot flashes, cussing a lot, getting diagnosed with ADHD.

But you and me, and then are the communities that we touch, and then the millions, and then the billions of others, one at a time, and I think you’re already seeing this right. We can feel this. It’s palpable in all of our communities. The systems are starting to shift right. It feels like it’s going a hell of a lot slower than I really think that it should.

And also, we’ve already felt so much disruption and it’s not just inside the life coaching industry, even though we have talked about that here, but if we pull a way out. We’re seeing this in politics, economic systems, in business and, yes, in the coaching industry.

Sure, and it’s uncomfortable as hell. And also, I want to offer to you that we are in a state of evolving and elevating. Ah, I see, I told you to get back around to that part of the conversation. We’re witnessing it, it’s happening, it’s literally happening right now. It’s uncomfortable.

A lot of people don’t like it. We’re seeing it in multiple areas of our life that, as we change how we view ourselves and stop viewing ourselves as the problem and the only obstacles that are in our way and truly believe that that is already in us and absolutely like this isn’t that we don’t have thoughts to change, but the thoughts that we have to change aren’t bullshit thoughts coming from and I’ve even said the calls coming from inside the house right now.

The calls coming from inside the house, but I want to offer to you that they’ve tapped into the line from out there. You’re still hearing on the other line the bullshit that is coming from outside of you, that’s been piled on top of you, and we are experiencing right now, across so many fronts throughout the entire world, a shifting and evolving. It is uncomfortable as hell. It does feel like this is a bit much sometimes.

For sure, I mean, guys, now we got aliens. Do you realize that we discovered aliens exist and we didn’t fucking have time for it? We didn’t have time for the evidence of intelligent beings that don’t live on our planet because we’re like, we’re going to need you to hold. We’re experiencing shit on this side of the table. That’s how I know.

I actually think that’s how I know we’re evolving. I think the aliens are letting us know that they see us and like we see you, we see you humans, we see you trying to evolve, we see you trying to elevate. It’s as comfortable as uncomfortable as shit, but we’ve been waiting.

The aliens have been waiting for us to get to this place where we shed this shit that doesn’t serve us anymore. We stop believing. We stop believing that the problem is us Imposter syndrome. I think that right there probably deserves its entire own episode. Just right there, like we just like. We need to look at imposter syndrome and self-sabotage and lack of trust in ourselves and just call bullshit to all of that.

What if none of that is real? There’s just the shit that we use, that we hear to make us think that we are the problem. But we’re not. And actually, what we are experiencing is an elevation and an evolution. Right now, we are in it.

When I think back on 200 episodes, four years of content, I know like, on one hand I know that there is work and concepts and topics in this podcast that part of me wants to go pull it. If only I knew where to go exactly.

You know, I. I know that I’ve talked about this and this and this and I believe the exact opposite now, but there’s also a part of me that’s like no, I want this documentation of my learning, my shifting and what matters most. I want this documentation of my own evolution and elevation, because this is an opportunity.

Where you are right now and what I’m offering to you, from episode 200 on, is an opportunity to look at ourselves, connect with us and our knowing, understanding what our values are and not someone else’s. And that sounds really fucking simple.

I want to offer to you that it’s not as simple at all, because when you think the problem is you, you actually struggle to understand what your personal convictions and values, what’s super important to you, because it’s important to you your core self, without all the other bullshit that’s been piled on top of you.

Like when you think the problem is you, it’s really not easy to say here’s my core values that I trust in and that I believe in all of the time. But if we stop blaming ourselves all the time and think that we always need to be fixed.

I want to offer to you that this conversation about elevating your business, elevating your income, is actually an invitation to also stop trying to fix our damn selves all of the time, because number one I’ve already established we’re not broken, and as long as we’re constantly working on fixing ourselves, then that’s not as much energy that we’re putting into actually getting our shit out into the world, because I got to go fix myself first and listen.

This isn’t even in my notes, but as I’m hearing the words come out of my mouth, I’m not going to lie that I did a little bit of that right here and I actually I do touch on that in my notes a little bit If I made sure to put that in my notes a little bit further on.

I think there’s a reason why this has taken me a little bit longer to actually get like the new good shit out, but it doesn’t need to be as long as what it has taken me and I actually, I actually I’m going to come back around to that in just a moment we stop blaming ourselves all the time. We stop thinking that we’re the ones that need to be fixed. This doesn’t mean that we don’t own our shit right.

I have spent time apologizing, and not always with the results that my ego would have preferred, you know, owning those times where I did blindly follow other people because I sure seem to have their shit together, and of course, their measure of having their shit together was they just made more money than me.

So, and it was in life coaching. So that must be good, right, when I did feel out of incongruence with myself, or I didn’t even notice. But now hindsight, always 2020, looking back, going, oh shit, I knew it then and I didn’t. I didn’t see it then. I see it now, but I didn’t see it then.

Like, yeah, we’re owning Some of that absolutely, but that’s not like an inherent thing that needs fixed because me, at my core, doesn’t need to be fixed. That was me carrying somebody else’s shit and trying to pass it off as my own, and so it’s like coming to terms with that part.

And it’s funny, the more intimate conversations that I’ve had this past summer I’ve had so many I know I’ve told you guys I’ve coached over a hundred people this summer the more I understand like it really looks very different out there than in here, and it’s totally okay.

Like there’s been so much work going on behind the scenes in 18 months and not all of our work is meant to be on public display. And for four years of this podcast, 18 months of it has been produced by an Amy who is undergoing a huge elevation and you’ve seen snippets of it.

It’s bursted out, sometimes at an opportune time, sometimes probably without necessarily the elegance that I wish that it would have, but it was 18 months ago that I felt that first, you know what a big change is coming. I knew it in February of 2022. I knew it, I felt it, I knew it. I didn’t 100% know what it looked like.

There were kind of like, well, you know, maybe I’ll do this round with my coach of four years, but maybe the round after that I won’t right, like, but I knew there was a shift coming and I didn’t have a lot of these words. But all of the puzzle pieces were there in front of me and actually I would even say that I think I’ve put the puzzle together. But it’s also possible that maybe these pieces make different pictures in the future.

Right, but after 18 months of a shit ton, shit ton, shit ton of emotional work, emotional release, work, nervous system work, therapy, unpacking, processing, old work, having big giant holes of, like space, like it’s one thing, like you can shed a lot of shit, but the universe of horror is a vacuum. We don’t like vacuum. So even like, if you’re removing shit, something needs to be put in that place.

So, I mean it’s mid-August when I’m recording this. We’re talking over eight months of exposing myself to new teachers, completely outside of the worlds that I’ve ever been in before, having my thoughts challenged. Having to unpack more shit, yeah, yeah, yeah, the unpacking of the shit. So much unpacking, I got to tell you.

And this is where I’m going to say you know, there was more than one mental health episode and back to you. Know, you don’t have to wait to go be fixed before you go put your shit out and I’m coming back to that part of the conversation because I don’t think it has to be 18 months.

I think it took me a little bit longer because there was a mental health diagnosis involved and that kind of throw me for a loop and I’ve had to rethink about how I think about things. I have to go on medication. You know there’s been stuff there and I think also that there’s a public aspect to it that most people won’t necessarily have when they’re doing that work, to like shed old shit without it being.

I need to go fix me and I need to put my new, true work out into the world. I’m not a special unicorn in any way, shape or form, but I am actually going to give myself a little bit of an allowance that, like mm. Yeah, there might have been a couple more things on my plate than I had necessarily expected.

But what I’ve learned is that maybe what’s standing in my way is not me and it’s not my thinking that my confidence was etched in stone at creation and that finding ways to make business work for me, that’s not just a kitschy tagline that we’re throwing out there Like for real you finding how to make running a business work for you.

I’m going to go ahead and bring that mental health diagnosis thing for, like literally my entire career trying to fix something that was inherently a mental neurodivergence. This is kind of not that everything comes back to a diagnosable mental health condition by any way, shape or form, but these things that we think we have to go fix, we don’t have to go fix them.

Just stop listening to the people that say how you’re doing that is wrong and doesn’t work and you need to start calendaring all of your time and you need to do it this way and you need to write all of your launch emails four months in advance and you need to do this. It doesn’t work for me, right?

So, I think about, like when we say you figuring out for yourself how you are, like part of this elevation that I’m inviting you to and this is not new, but maybe the way I’m talking about it here will give you a new focus.

Truly finding how to make business work for you based on your innovative ideas. How you function, what’s going on in your home life, your financial situation, all of those circumstances that make up who you are, and then you don’t have to go fix anything. You don’t have to go fix anything but finding a way to make your business work with that, as opposed to around it.

I got to tell you one of my newer coaches this is an ADHD coach, and it has been revolutionary for me to realize that even post diagnosis, I was still trying to come up with like okay, so what’s the tool that’s going to help me function like a normal person?

She was like you got to stop functioning, stop trying to. How about this? Stop trying to function like a normal person? Why don’t you try functioning like you? What? This is what I mean, and I’m going to go over what I mean specifically by elevating your income and a new process or methodology that I’m bringing to my coaching about knowing revolutionary. Stop trying to hack myself, stop trying to hack me and actually work with me.

It’s so simple and yet that seemed so foreign, because you have to build your business in congruence with you, no one else, your values, what matters to you, how you function. And I want to be surrounded by people and the people I want to be surrounded by that.

I want to spend time with working with people in a way that honors you, that we’re not using psychological tricks that may work, sure, but I don’t want to spend any time in any space where I am dragging people along or pointing out what needs fixed and or using any sort of marketing manipulation which, guys, that’s what I went to school for.

That may work, but anything that takes your autonomy or agency away. And I don’t want to be surrounded by people who want to learn business from me but are willing to do that with their clients either. And I’ve wondered if this means walking away from business coaching and 100% half. Does this mean walking away from business coaching?

Does this mean walking away from coaches? I mean, guys, I’ve seen the memes, right, I’ve seen the memes that say run from coaches that coach coaches. Right, it’s a scheme, it’s a scam. I’ve seen them. And also, I know that, as a coach, me working with a coach that understands my coachiness has been so incredibly helpful, right, it’s one of the things that you learn. Here’s what I know for sure.

I love business. I went to college for this 30 years ago, may I add. I didn’t just get here. Consumer behavior, my absolute favorite class in college. I love, love, love, love consumer behavior so much, which is why people buy what they buy, and I want to use it for good, not evil.

So, I say it’s time we all elevate. And also, you don’t necessarily have to Like you don’t have to. This is where I’m going. This is where I’m taking my people with me, but I’m not dragging anyone. I don’t have the energy to drag, convince anything.

This is taking my four years of business school which, by the way, no feminist theory there my 10 years in corporate, which we learned, like my 10 years in corporate, I witnessed, I experienced, like so many extractive business practices. My years as a stay home mom, where I was working for nonprofits and I started a health coaching business, pushing our babies around in strollers three days a week, becoming a coach, you know, learning the new technology and ways of connection, and what I learned from life coaching, which, I have to be honest, life coaching fucking changed my life.

One of the hardest reconciliations of these past 18 months is seeing how, like truly understanding, I’m a better wife, a better mom person, friend, sister, all of the things from something that also demonstrated manipulation and gaslighting. Like that’s some work right there.

That’s a therapy session or two, and what I’m talking about is I’m talking about elevating where we’re going to leave the extractive and we’re going to take the sustainable. I’ve been searching for words that encapsulated where this is going, and this is probably why you’ve heard me drop like five or six different names over the past six months that you’re never going to hear again. Just so you know, it hit me like a ton of bricks this past month.

I want to elevate ourselves. I want to elevate who we are in our industries, our mission, our vision, our values, stripped away of all of those shoulds and half twos. I want to elevate our audience.

You know give so much value, without the manipulation, without their expected reciprocity, keeping full autonomy and agency in their hands, truly leaving them better off, whether they pay to work with us or not, moving the transactional energy we’re bringing to talking to our people when to elevate our business and our messaging or focus the activities that you know make you money.

Like literally answering the question every time I do blank. I make money, but not just make money.

I’m talking about truly elevating your income, like elevating it literally. Stop focusing just on revenue, revenue generation, but on revenue in terms of the income that you can provide so you can elevate your life. We’re talking about elevating your income, income that elevates your life.

I’ve used those words literally all year. Whether for some people that may be 1000 extra bucks to help pay for, like, medical treatment for somebody in their family, or maybe it’s something else, you know. Maybe we’re talking about elevating your life, your business as a function, to elevate your life, so you can put your kid through college, be able to travel while you work. Maybe it is finally achieve world domination.

I don’t know if that’s your jam. You know your elevated life is. It’s a hell of a lot more than just fancy hotels and rooftop bars and expensive handbags, though that can absolutely be part of your elevated life. But I want to truly elevate your income.

You didn’t elevated life, elevated income because you didn’t suck it out of your audience, you didn’t extract it from your clients, you didn’t leave them in the graveyard of clients who never get there because they just don’t think I level enough. And this is the new mission, the refined focus is actually I created a completely new process for all of my offers, and it became the name of my new offers.

Elevate your income is for women business owners with audacious ideas. You right now still listening doing transformative work in the world, the kind of work that makes other people say who does she think she is you? I know who you are. You know who you are.

You are an innovator and you probably got some shit that you’ve been told somewhere makes that mean this isn’t going to work right, and you probably got some shit that needs to be shed and you in an elevated income focused community to show you how to get those ideas into the marketplace.

Get your innovation and get your transformative ideas into your audience’s hands so they can see how you help them create something new in their life and business structure and support and marketing support and emotional support so that you’re making money. Yes, but it’s so much better than just making more money. It’s created elevated income. It’s creating elevated income, and this is where I was really thinking about. I can’t.

We’ve talked about, you know, you having a process right and my process for Free To Paid Coach it was the original comedy coaches mastermind process. You know, believe, believe that your coach. Feel your discomfort, you know, have your own back.

You know, no, rely on yourself. You work, have your own back. And then I was like, well, what’s you know what? What’s the process for this group? What’s the process for this group? What’s the process for this group and if I wasn’t making it more complicated than it needed to be, it’s all, all of it is the elevated income model.

So, whether you are a brand-new coach, I net for Free To Paid Coach are going to work with me and one of the other offers that I’m getting ready to just tell you. I’m not going to give you all of the details in this podcast episode, but I’m going to tell you what they are. It’s all the same process.

Now, the specific questions might be different and for sure the answers are going to be different, but the elevated income model, the framework, the model, the process, the methodology all the same thing is three steps. It’s number one no wing. I’ve already dropped that a couple of times in here.

What do you bring to the table with your background and your expertise? What do you know for sure? What do you know what your values, your vision, your mission, your definition of success that’s not necessarily somebody else’s definition of success what’s already working in your business, if you have an established business, what you know for sure about your audience, your clients, their desires, their worries, their, their agitators, their desired outcomes and how you help them get there.

And the second part of the elevated income model is experimenting how you best meet people, offers that land pricing for income, your messaging, your positioning, how you best make money, how you create revenue, your copy, your content buckets, your core messages, your hot topics, your evaluating of things.

It’s all part of this experimentation, right, because you’re going to need to try things to figure out what actually works for you and what doesn’t work for you, and then eventually that becomes what you know for sure. And then, as you grow in your business, we’re experimenting with new and different things, right?

I love this idea that, like the experimenting part, once you start to find answers, it goes into the knowing part. And as you grow your business, this is how the model works, no matter where you are in your business. That’s so much.

And the third part of elevated income model is the nurturing. It’s where we started Episode one, believing you can do this, having your own back, unbelieving the bullshit, navigating your feelings, incorporating play, incorporating rest, normalizing the differences among one another, nourishing your nervous system.

When I think about these three steps knowing, experimenting and nurturing and how simple they are. And this is how you’re going to create elevated income, no matter where you are.

If you’re a brand new coach wanting to start out, if you are a woman with an established business and you want to rebrand, if you want to figure out how to make the same level of income you’ve already made, but with less hustle and less stress, if you want to like you’ve made 30, 40, $50,000 and you really want to fine tune everything and grow from there, it works no matter where you are. And this is where it applies across all of the offers.

So right away, I’m going to mention it at the end. You’ve heard me mention it before the Play more Sell more Facebook group. It’s absolutely free. This podcast and that group. If you are picking up what I’m throwing down, keep listening every week and make sure that you are in that free group.

And yes, I am still selling Free To Paid Coach. Now it’s been getting a facelift since freaking May, but I have to tell you it’s a damn good thing we didn’t actually start the facelift back in May, because it wouldn’t have been, that would have been the longest surgery of ever, right, but like taking what I’ve just shared, the knowing, experimenting and the nurturing all of that’s actually in there. We’re just going to put it into some new places. I’m very excited about that.

And then the new offers the Elevate your Income 8 Week Intensive. It’s an eight-week marketing intensive where you’re going to nail who the fuck you are, who you are in this industry, who your audience is. You know you’re messaging your vision.

Messaging vision values your audience, what they really truly desire, what are their desired outcomes. You know how is not having that showing up in their life right now? What are the agitators that are in their life? Figuring out your differentiators, like why you and only you we’ve had that conversation right why you and only you. The messaging that tells them this is what happens when you work with me.

In a way that’s like how they talk about it, not let’s no more clarity, bullshit and translating that into an actual, usable content and marketing plan. Plus creating pricing so that you can actually create an income from this work instead of hemorrhaging every dollar or running a business that’s not elevating your life. We’re stopping that.

This is what elevate your Income is all about. We’re no longer running businesses where money’s coming in and it’s not there and there’s not a path, there’s not a. This is, this, is the. This is where I start seeing money.

No, no, more not happening at all, because, of course, along with this eight-week marketing intensive, a lot of what’s going to come along is the coaching that you need, not to get out of your way, but to unpack the shit that’s been piled onto.

But I’ve been told for years that I have to do it this way, but I’ve been told for years that this is what we should be doing. It’s not to get out of your own way. It’s to tell the rest of the world to get the fuck to fuck all the way off so that it gets out of your way.

I’m so excited about this eight-week marketing intensive and there’s also going to be two ways to work with me one on one, the Elevate your Income Fast Track days. This is where we there’s like a VIP Day where we just work together and as well as longer term coaching where we’re not just coming up with the plans, but we are also implementing them together.

Because we’re working on an elevated income goal, and these are the four core things that I keep coming back to. What Elevate your Income, why this is the work we are doing here with me, why this is my work to put out into the world. Because an elevated income goal income created through putting your ideas and innovations into the marketplace that elevates your life and nourishes your audiences in your community and in a way that’s individually focused.

There’s no framework where everyone fits in. We’re going to adapt to your unique personality, whether there’s, whether there’s, neurodivergence, your social structures, whatever your size family. We are adapting this to you through a simplified marketing strategy.

Like I can bring those foundation marketing principles from my business education and my corporate marketing career, but in a way where we’re adapting to what’s the latest and greatest thing that’s going on right here and in a simplified way where, like, we’re going to throw out all of like I love integrated marketing communications, I can like really geek out on it, but how can we do it for use?

In a way that’s simplified so that you can actually execute it. But we can’t do that unless we also bring in the feminist coaching part when we realize you are not the problem. Systemic and intersectional agitators and bias is the problem and focusing on solutions so that we either overthrow those systems or we work around them.

Now, as of this recording, as of this recording, the website still isn’t updated with all of this information is in process, so hopefully, by broadcast date, or really not long after, and for sure, the new material will be up and running, because my person is moving towards the end of September and he has to take a full month off, so definitely by mid-September everything will be up and running as it should be, informational wise.

In the meantime, I’m dropping the goodies out onto the social media and via email and this podcast all over the place, but this is the direction we started heading there, honestly, back in February of 2022. But this is your official invite right now to come with me and elevate your income.

Stop fixing yourself and create a business where you really show the world and show yourself that the innovation is already there and the transformative work is already there and you know that, like can you know that and actually get it out into the marketplace, no matter where you are right now?

And the first place to start is the free Facebook group. You don’t have to drop a dime if you’re not ready. Start with play more, sell more, start there. So much more to come.

We’re actually doing a 90 minutes day focus all the month of September with the brand new the Free To Paid Coach 90 days to paid. I had hoped it was going to drop in September, but it’s actually going to be October 1st, with the time that it’s going to take to get everything moved over.

Elevate your income the inaugural and eight-week intensive. We’re actually going to start that in just two weeks from the time this airs for an absolutely unbelievable offer. I’m so excited to take people through this brand-new experience of what it truly means to elevate your income. But right now, start with Play more Sell more. I’ll see you inside there.

I’ll see you here on this podcast, weekend, week out, and I really, truly, when I say at the end of every week, I’m so excited to see what you create in the world. I’m not just blowing smoke up your ass. I truly cannot wait to experience what you are putting into the world, your innovation, your new ideas, your transformation, the transformative work you are sharing. The world needs it. I can’t wait to see it. I can’t wait to experience it with you. I’ll talk to you next week.

Coach, it’s time to sign your first free client, your first paid client, your next client, and to learn how to do it consistently and have a hell of a lot of fun along the way. This is exactly what you’re going to do in Free To Paid Coach. It’s the only program giving you step-by-step what to do to become a paid coach and step by step, how to handle the roller coaster emotions that come with doing what you need to do to become a paid coach.

 If you know you can’t not do this life coaching thing, but believing that you can do it, handling rejection and remembering how to do all of those things shuts you down. The Free To Paid Coach community is waiting for you.

Find everything that you’re looking for inside. It’s only $1,000 payments are available and then you are in forever. Visit www.amylatta.com/ftpc to join us right now. See you inside. Let’s get paid, Coach.

Thanks so much for listening to The Confident Coaches Podcast. I invite you to learn more. Come visit me at www.amylatta.com and until next week, let’s go do epic stuff.

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