Your Innovation + My Strategy = FIREWORKS

Honestly, there's no end to the work we can do together when we do it one-on-one.

It's time to bring me on as your one-on-one coach.

You have 2 one-on-one options

Fast Track Days
Six months 1:1
I wanna make sure you are nothing but absolutely delighted.
Due to the nature of Fast Track Days, I cannot offer a refund. 

With six months coaching, if you find a month in that we just ain’t clicking, we can agree to end our agreement, with a prorated refund for unused sessions, minus a 4% processing fee. You also agree to cover $500 if you received full access to the Elevate Your Income materials.

But there are 101 ways to experience me right now, so let’s make sure that whole mini-section is unnecessary.


Amy planted a seed in me while coaching that I wasn't doing a good job hiding my intuitive gifts, so why keep hiding. I turned up the volume on those gifts...and signed a total of four clients in three months, after taking a break from my business for almost six months. I am creating magic.
Danijela Fadera
Life Coach for the Anxious Mind
Our group ended up being one of the most valuable and powerful experiences, not just because of strategy and "how," but because of ongoing, fluid conversation about business that helped clarify what I value and what's important to me and my clients. My business has become more profitable as a result. Amy's style of leadership and facilitation is a breath of fresh air in that regard.
Karen C.L. Anderson
Master Certified Coach and Author
When I apply Amy's coaching and tools, I sign clients. My marketing is clearer, bolder, more Me. Working with Amy is the best investment I’ve made for myself and my business, and perfect if you're looking for a masterful coach to guide you through your own inner knowing and shine your light into the world.
Melanie McNamara
Transformative Life Coach
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