Amy is a powerhouse. She is honest, fun, encouraging, and, most importantly, she empowers others to become the best possible version of themselves!
Ryan Eller, CEO of Paradigm Shift, Host of The Live Your List Show, and TEDxTulsa speaker

Amy helps others find their truth, and speaks around the country to a variety of audiences, including women’s events, entrepreneurial workshops, parenting and family conferences, corporate and health organizations, schools and universities, and home and community workshops.

Signature talks include:

From Self-Loathing to Self-Worth: How I Lost 30 Pounds by Learning to Love Thunder Thighs
Learn the importance of accepting our physical body in order to find long lasting fitness, and the six steps it takes to get there.

Ditch the YoYo Tricks: Why We Can’t Keep the Weight Off
Get insight into the mental aspects of weight loss, and the four areas of action to make permanent changes.

Put Yourself on The List: Self-Care for the Entrepreneur
Understand why self-care is key to business success, and the five changes busy executives and entrepreneurs can implement today.

If you are looking for humor and authenticity in the areas of Mindset, Mindfulness, Wellness, Self-Care, Body Image, Health, Fitness, and Nutrition, Contact Amy!

What Others Are Saying:

Melissa Hawks, Mutiny of Dreamers: “So Amy Latta just made us all drown in tears with a reminder of our self-worth. The entire place was swimming.”

Ronne Rock: “You, my friend, are changing lives.”

Kelsey Humphreys: “Loved your presentation today!”

Shayla Raquel, Curiouser Editing: “Loved your session today! I needed to hear that. So glad I met you, too!”

Cat Knarr, Faith Driven Business: “Amy Latta changed her fitness business focus from perfection to self worth.”

Ronei Harden: “I am blown away by my friend Amy Latta. She is speaking about self-worth, health & fitness, but more importantly, she’s a hero.”

Speaker Sheets

Amy Latta Speaker Sheet


For a downloadable color speaker sheet, click here: Amy Latta Speaker Sheet

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Remodeling Clay Podcast, October 2014


Live Your List Podcast October 2014


LaunchOut Conference, Tulsa, OK, June 2014:

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