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You can have all of the knowledge, I can hand you any blueprint to success, but if you don’t embark on the journey of discovering why you self-sabotage, your goals will always be out of reach.

IMG_2311Hi. I am Amy Latta. I am a Life Coach. I help female entrepreneurs lose weight.

I have been where you are now! Never enough time. Never enough energy. Everything I had went into running my business and running my home.

I white-knuckled my way to better health and weight loss…three times. Despite all the plans and systems, I struggled with permanent change.

I tried it all. Remember these top hits from the 90s?
Buns of Steel.
Body for Life.
The South Beach Diet.

December 2011 - the month I decided I'd had enough

December 2011 – the month I decided I’d had enough

I did so many things over the years to lose the weight, except the one thing that would actually work.
Figure out why I was not honoring myself and sticking with what I said I was going to do.

The process I went through to get from “I gotta get skinny” to “I need to love my body” has been a journey. Rather than depending on a weight loss system, I turned instead to life coaching to help me understand why I overcommitted myself and didn’t do what I said I would do.

Ultimately, I came to see that eating well and moving well wasn’t about looking great in a swimsuit or skinny jeans, but about being able to do the epic stuff that I was born to do.

Our purpose in life is sharing our amazing gift with the world. And we gotta take care of the one body we’ve been given in order to do so.

I used to dream about being healthy and fit without the struggle.
I used to dream about setting big goals and following through with them.

  • Does any of this sound familiar?
  • Do you imagine what it must be like to wake up in the morning with energy to start your day?
  • What it is like to eat without worry?
  • To exercise, and enjoy it?
  • To look in the mirror and love who you see?

It is absolutely possible, and I want to be the person to show you how by teaching you some of the most valuable tools for life – tools that have changed my thinking, shown me how to set goals and accomplish them, and stop white-knuckling my way to success.

I finally learned how to get more time and more energy, lose the weight for good, and I know you can do it, too.
Let me show you how to take care of you so you can take care of business.

Where do we start?

Let me teach one invaluable tool you can start using right away. Set up a free 30 minute mini session for female entrepreneurs who are committed to changing how they approach about diet and exercise.
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