Honoring the Season You Are In

The Worthy Mindset – August 15, 2016

Ya’ll know that I am coming off a season of insane activity. Meanwhile, others are heading into their season of chaos. Here’s how to make the best of whatever season you are in!
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00:20 AL: Good morning, everybody, this is Amy Latta, with your weekly Worthy Mindset video. I come to you every Monday morning with a little worthiness topic, something that we can all chew on for the week to help us understand that we are all born inherently worthy. And if we learn how to change our mindset, we can change our lives, we can change our bodies. It’s an amazing, amazing, thing. And I wanted to focus today on honoring the seasons of your life. Now, I’m not necessarily talking about winter, spring, summer or fall… All you gotta do is call and I’ll be there… Sorry, I was channeling a little Carole King there. I’m talking about the seasons of your life and honoring them and understanding that everyone you know has different seasons of life. You may be kicking up a school year and your life’s gettin’ ready to gear up, now that the kids are going away. Maybe, now that the kids are getting back into school, life is kind of calming down. Maybe November and December are go, go, go, go, go, but maybe your life is a little bit different and that’s actually kind of a relaxing season because you don’t have a lot of extended family to go visit or see. Maybe after the first of the year is when you shoot out of a cannon. Maybe after the first of the year, you actually… That’s your time for reflection.

01:42 AL: Every single person has different seasons of life. It took me a really long time to understand that not everybody is going through the same season that I am going through. In our family, April and May is chaos. In our family, April and May, we are celebrating… Four out of the five immediate family members have birthdays. We have a lot of extended family members having birthdays. There’s Mother’s Day. A lot of times, Easter is frequently in there as well. It’s the end of the school year. It is a very crazy, hectic season in our family, and I kind of made the assumption that it was everybody’s hectic, crazy season in our family, and came to quite a surprise that for a lot of people, school’s winding down and they’re thinking about summer vacation. And I’m thinking about summer vacation the day after school, because I have just survived two of the craziest months.

02:38 AL: And so I think the point of this is, is we all have seasons. We all have seasons of the month, of the year, and of life, where life is above and beyond, where life is extraordinarily busy, and we need to honor those times because when those times kinda slow down, we need to honor the need for rest. We need to honor the need to pull that arrow back so that we can shoot forward. Now, here’s a really key thing about honoring our seasons, is to not allow that to become a time to lay off, a time to just lay down and forget about things, a time to, “Oh, well when life gets a little less hectic… ” First of all, understand that life, as a norm, is always gonna be throwing something at us, but there are definitely seasons of life. So honoring our seasons is not, “Well I’ll wait until life becomes completely quiet and completely perfect, and then I’m going to attack those goals that I wanna get to, then I’m gonna start the new diet. Then I’m gonna start the new workout routine.” We need to have those things in place all the time so we can keep moving our body forward.

03:44 AL: But in those times of slow season, that’s a prime time to rest, it’s a prime time to honor your body’s need for rejuvenation, your body’s need for recharging. Maybe that’s a good time to reevaluate those meal plans that you’ve been running on automatic, those workout plans that you’ve been running on automatic. Maybe that’s a good time to try out new recipes, to try out new favorite things to do. So that when you are in a season of busyness, those things are just going, that you don’t have to think about them, because life is throwing you through a busy season.

04:16 AL: So, what kind of season are you having right now? Honor that season. Put things into autopilot if it’s a busy season, so that you can make it through and then take time to reevaluate if it’s a slow season, so that when those busy seasons come, because they always always do, you’re ready to go. Also, honor that not everybody else is going through the same seasons as you, and that’s absolutely okay because each and every one of us is on a different life path.

04:42 AL: So guys, right now, I am in a down season for sure, and I’m pulling my arrow back so that I can shoot forward. This would be a perfect time to let me know what kinds of things are you wanting to learn more about in this idea of eating well and moving well, so that we can go do the epic stuff we were born to do. I would love to hear from you. Feel free to hit me up in the comments, feel free to send a message. I can’t wait to hear what you wanna learn more about, so that I can make sure that I’m always bringing you the content that you are excited to hear every single week. And on that note, guys, have an amazing week, everybody. See you next Monday.

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Amy Latta is a life coach helping female entrepreneurs lose weight. Some entrepreneurs struggle with not enough time and not enough energy, and are so laser focused on growing their businesses, they sacrifice their health - not realizing their personal health is imperative to the health of their business. Women hire Amy to help them get an extra hour or two back in their day while figureing out why they don't do what they say they're going to do. The result being more time, more energy, and weight loss. When she's not building her own business, you can usually find Amy on her yoga mat or experimenting in the kitchen. When in doubt, bring her guacamole.

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