Ep6: Done Versus Perfect

Episode Description:

The one where we talk about the difference between Done and Perfect. And which one will help you reach your goals better

Episode Show Notes:

Thank you for over 20 podcast reviews on iTunes in under 21 days! Can we hit 30 in 30?

Did you hear the audio glitch in Episode 2? Find out why I’ve chosen to leave it up.

I have struggled with perfectionism since I was young, and have even tried to convince myself that it helps me, rather than hurts.

However, the need to be perfect creates though patterns that lead to negative emotions – and that way of thinking does not serve me. Or you.

We officially institute the Judgement Free Zone – we don’t beat ourselves up and we won’t beat ourselves up over beating ourselves up.

“The Truth About Being Done Versus Being Perfect,” by Martin Lindstrom, Fast Company

How do we apply the Done is Better Than Perfect model to our health?
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This Week’s Action Item: Find places to apply the “Done is better than Perfect” model in your self-care routine.

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Episode Transcription:

Hello FRIENDS! How is everyone today?

I’m doing fantastic! This is actually the first episode I am writing post-podcast launch, post-move, post first round of feedback!
First and foremost, I have to tell you all that you are amazing! I told you guys I had a goal of 20 podcast reviews on iTunes in our first month out. The launch of the Business Women Losing Weight podcast is being featured on Kelsey Humphrey’s In The Trenches reality show, and she made me put a number on it! And in less than three weeks, Business Women Losing Weight has already surpassed those 20 reviews! WHAT!?

You guys did that! Thank you!
AND, those reviews give you an opportunity to leave feedback, and so far it has been fantastic! I want to reiterate that this is a show for you all to use. Not just some grand theories and interviews, but real tools that you use to learn how to take care of you so you can take care of business. Because I know you. I am you. I know when faced with the choice, you’re gonna get laser focused on that business and neglect yourself! So are you hearing what you need to hear to make that change?

So thank you to Jody, who said…Love the podcast so far, I’m only on episode 3, and it’s great stuff…but…I still don’t know how business women lose weight! Can you do more specific topics?

And the answer is Absolutely! As you all know, we cannot create products in a bubble. We need customer feedback, what’s working, what’s not working…this would be great if only…

So I can’t change my voice or my energy or my Amy-ness! The things that make me Me. You either love me or you don’t! And luckily, it sounds like from all the reviews that ya’ll love me so far!
But I can make sure to create episodes that answer specifics questions you have.

So leave me a podcast review on iTunes – I mean, we hit over 20 in as many days, let’s see if we can hit 30 in the first 30 days! And it gives me a chance to hear what you have to say.
Or, if you are listening to the podcast directly on the website – because the only app I am on so far is iTunes – leave a comment on the webpage!

I also had lots of great feedback on…episode 2. Do you guys know what I’m talking about?
Well, episode two is one of my favorite topics, Mental Load. All the stuff you are mentally responsible for, all the areas of life and business you have punch lists for and tasks you oversee.
And did you hear it? At about 3:45 into the show, there’s an audio glitch.

As soon as we were live on July 6 – when I released the first three episodes – texts and messages starting coming in.

“Amy, I don’t know if you caught it, but there’s this weird double voice thing going on at 3:45 in episode 2! Can you fix it?”

And for about half a second, I panicked! I had imperfect work out there! Ok, maybe more than half a second.

But what ya’ll don’t know is that episode….Oh. My. Goodness.
Actually, the first five episodes. Life was coming at me from multiple directions. I’ve mentioned it before, but we have moved, my grandmother fell ill and eventually passed away the week before the podcast launch, and then the actual podcast launch – which was delayed a couple of weeks because of all that.
And the technical problems. I’ve already had to replace my mic, and have had to borrow a computer for the recording until I purchase a new machine next weekend.
Technical. Problems. Galore.

But that episode in particular…by the time it went live, I’d already partially recorded it three times, and all the way through another three times. Legit, true story! So I’d edited it a few times in there, too.
I was so over that episode by the time it hit your ears.

Now, that’s not reason enough to leave an imperfect product out there, though. I could have – and still could – re-record and replace that episode and future listeners would be none the wiser.

But what I realized is Episode Two is an ideal example – perfect even – of our issues around perfectionism.

Quick show of hands…how many of you struggle with striving for perfection?

Let us be honest. My need for perfection has always been strong – and it has led nicely into my procrastination, but we’ll save that topic for another day! Being perfect was something I strived for from a very young age. The whys and the hows of it are not as important as how I let it affect the way I lived.
I have lived as if nothing I have done is every really good enough. It can always be better – and it should be.

And now, we live in the Social Media Age, and what we typically see on social media is cultivated to show only the best. The perfect. So even those who have not struggled with perfectionism may suddenly feel the need to live up to some ideal standard.
Do we all know the Pinterest Mom Stereotype? Some woman who’s life is picture perfect, crafting beautiful decor from junkyard scraps, while cooking gourmet food for her toddlers, in between her Barre and Pilates routines she does on a grassy knoll overlooking the soothing calm waters of a mountain stream. There’s a $500 pair of riding boots in there somewhere, too, because she’s blogging about it and earning 7 figures from ad revenue and affiliates.

And even though we may laugh and confess that we really want to be Real and Authentic, in our most vulnerable moments, we often find ourselves worrying if our lives are up to snuff.

So how do we look at being perfect? As I was writing this, I wondered if perfectionism may actually help us? I mean, it’s something I’ve hung onto for most of my 43 years, certainly it has done something for me, right?

I know perfectionism made me work harder! If I can only put out perfect content and live a perfect life and have a perfect body, I’m going to have to step it up a notch. Or three. Or 100. I’ll have to work twice as long and three times as hard, and hard work is a good thing! Right?

Well, certainly my perfectionism makes other people like me more. And buy more of my stuff! Because when I present nothing but the absolute best, people will want to be around me and they’ll think what I want them to think about me. Because I can totally control what other people think about me! Right?

And I’m fairly certain my perfectionism makes me way more relatable. When I think back to that description of that Pinterest Mom stereotype, I think…yep, she’s my people. And that’s surely what other people will think of me when I present myself that way. Right?

Ya’ll realize I’m being ridiculous, right? I just exhausted myself thinking about what Being Perfect did for me, because all I could feel under the surface was tension and anxiety.
Because those are the feelings created when I think “I just have to work harder,” “I can make other like me,” and “I’m going act like someone that I’m just not.”

In no way does thinking and feeling that way serve me. I’m either going to act out of sheer desperation or more likely than not, I’m eventually going to just shut down. Because you cannot sustain positive action from a place of negative emotion.

And if we really get to the heart of of perfectionism, it involves intense judgment of ourselves. Because we are always critiquing ourselves against some unattainable standard – and we will always be left disappointed. In fact – can we just all agree that this podcast, and any work with me, is a Judgement Free Zone. We are not going to trash ourselves, and then we aren’t going to trash ourselves over those times we may trash ourselves.
We’re gonna mess up. We’re gonna be hot messes sometimes.
Did anyone happen to catch the Facebook Live from this past Friday – which would be July 21st? Good gravy, it was a Hot Mess Express. But if we’re in the Judgement Free Zone – maybe it was just me, with lots of chaos in my home, trying to make the best of a not-normal situation – movers, dogs, trash trucks, and record heat to boot.
Sometimes we may make legit mistakes – we apologize, we remedy what we can, and we do our best to keep moving forward.
Beating ourselves up for not being perfect is like salt in the wound.

And besides the judgement that perfectionism requires…we’ll all business owners. We know that being perfect is just not possible, or even desirable.

Have you heard the adage, “Done is better than Perfect?” It’s a common business mantra, and I read an article from Fast Company about what the “Done is better than Perfect” idea is all about. The author, Martin Lindstrom, talked about how Instagram and Skype and Facebook put the Done over Perfect model to the test over and over again, and because they went for Done, not Perfect – they are mega successful for it.

I will link to the entire post in the Show Notes, but for now, I really love this part right here:
“’Done is better than perfect’ is not about coming up with ideas; it’s about believing in them. And having an attitude that compels you to run with the idea before it’s too late.”

We learn in business that if we wait for perfection, we will never bring our products to market and we give our competitors an opportunity to surpass us. My own mentor, Brooke Castillo, reminds us coaches to get comfortable putting out B- work. Because it’s out. And we learn. And we grow.

So, take your brain for a moment and give it a shift. How do we apply the “Done is better than Perfect” model to your health? Your weight loss journey?
Have you resisted taking care of your self because you can’t be perfect about it?

I hear the words “I’m an all-or-nothing kind of person” from my one-on-one clients a lot. And that’s one of the first things we address.
Because if you are striving for perfect in your eating and your exercise and your sleeping and all the other components of self-care, you will never, ever get there. You’re gonna throw your hands up first.

My self-care over the past two months? While taking care of my ailing grandmother and overseeing her estate now that she’s passed? While putting my house on the market and selling it and buying another home and packing and moving? (Those are all separate things, by the way!) While writing, recording, producing, and marketing a brand new podcast?

If I had approached my health from an all or nothing point of view, I’d be in the toilet right now! I mean really!
So we ate out more than we normally do. I can still eat to fuel my body. And when I couldn’t, I couldn’t. No guilt. On to the next meal.
Workout? I assume that packing and moving count, because that’s all I’ve gotten in in the past six weeks.
And I feel good about it. It was either make that count as body movement or what? Beat myself up that I wasn’t in a routine?
I am a Sleep aficionado! And I know this is a season, and I’ve caught up where I can, and am grateful to be on the other side of this series of life events – because that is the first thing I’ve put back into place.

And you don’t even need crazy life events to throw your perfection on it’s head. So you’ve scheduled a 30 minute workout, and now only have 10 minutes?
Then go do 10 minutes. Some and done is better than perfect.

And when you’re looking at 21 meals over the course of the week – how tense and anxious do you get at the thought that everything has to be clean and perfect. I feel twitchy.
Make a plan, and put it into action, and show yourself Grace when it doesn’t come together quite as planned.

Perfectionism may sound like a noble effort. But it is rooted in fear. And comparison. And it creates tension and anxiety. Ultimately, perfectionism only helps to paralyze us. And prevent us from building ideal businesses, from losing weight, and from living the life we say we want to create.

So. It’s time to let that shiz Go.

This week’s Action Item is to put “Done is better than Perfect” into action. Pay attention to those times when you see yourself backing out of planned self-care because you can’t do it 100% or the way you think it should be done. I want to offer you that “some and done” is better than none. Goodness, that rhymes.
And every step forward in your health, just like in your business, is either one step closer to your goal or a great learning opportunity.

And join me on Friday morning at 8am central on Facebook Live on my Facebook page – Amy Latta – to let me know how it’s going! You can chat with me, Live! And let’s see if we can do it without the chaos of last week!

Now, I’ve mentioned a few times working with one-on-one clients. Have you ever wondered what one-on-one coaching is like? I’d be happy to give you a little taste. Just visit www.AmyLatta.com/coaching to schedule an absolutely free, no strings attached, 30 minute call with me. You get a chance to see what coaching is like, see if my coaching program is a good fit for you, and either way, you walk away with a tool you can use right away to help on your weight loss journey. Everyone is welcome, though I only have five spots available each week for mini-session, so if you’ve been listening and wondering…schedule a call and let’s talk.

Alright, my LattaLuvs – you’ve been in the Judgement Free Zone with me today. Because we are GAWs – taking emotional responsibility with our lives, paying attention to that Perfectionism trying to rear its ugly head! You have been listening to Business Women Losing Weight with life and weight coach Amy Latta. And until Next Week…let’s go do Epic Stuff.

About Amy Latta

Amy Latta is a life coach helping female entrepreneurs lose weight. Some entrepreneurs struggle with not enough time and not enough energy, and are so laser focused on growing their businesses, they sacrifice their health – not realizing their personal health is imperative to the health of their business. Women hire Amy to help them get an extra hour or two back in their day while figureing out why they don’t do what they say they’re going to do.
The result being more time, more energy, and weight loss.
When she’s not building her own business, you can usually find Amy on her yoga mat or experimenting in the kitchen. When in doubt, bring her guacamole.

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