Ep33: How to Love Your Body

love body
The one where we talk about physical, practical ways to love the body you have right now.

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Episode Show Notes:

We continue our conversation on learning to love your body, right now, today, so that you can lose the weight you want to lose. Not only do we need the mental transformation of loving our body first, but there are practical, physical ways we can show our body love as well. These are simple, easy things we can all do, that doesn’t have to cost us much money. No reason to wait, let’s start today!

What You Will Learn:

  1. How to love your body now so that you are motivated to eat well and move well in order to lose weight.
  2. Viewing exercise not as a weight loss tool, but as a way to love your body.
  3. How decluttering your closet may be the physical body love tool with the most impact.
  4. Which daily routines spur the most body love

Woman Business Owner of the Week:
Krista Kehoe, Wise Balance Lifestyle
Connect with her on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/WiseBalanceLifestyle/

Action Item:

Pick one of the three physical ways to show our body love. All are good, but if you are not sure which one to choose, choose decluttering your closet.
Toss anything that doesn’t fit or that you don’t love when you wear it and then get it all out of your house.
And find at least one, preferably three, outfits that make you feel like a rockstar.
If your budget allows, hit up the store to buy another outfit or two of items that continue the rockstar vibe.

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Episode Transcription:

You are listening to Business Women Losing Weight with Amy Latta, episode 33 – The one where we talk about physical, practical ways to love the body you have right now. Let’s Go!(Music) Welcome to Business Women Losing Weight, a community for fabulous women small business owners so laser-focused on building their businesses….they have been sacrificing their health! Together we’re going to get back your time and energy, reconnect with your lust for life, and teach you to live naturally thin.
I’m your host, Amy Latta, and I’m all in! Are you comin’ with me? Let’s take care of you so you can take care of business!

Hello, my amazing Grown Ass Women! How are my sisters in business and in life doing this week? I hope it’s amazing, I hope you and your family are surviving this Flu season, and I hope the sun is shining, no matter where you are in the world! For real, so many of my fierce sisters in the world are all sporting full-on Smelly Cat voices right now, scrambling with childcare as their kids are home sick and they continue to work.
I just had an accent wall painted in my office and Bonnie, the owner of this painting business, had to scramble that morning because her daughter has the flu and has been out all week, and she and her husband were making it work!

Because that’s what we do! Right!?

So here’s to all the sisters out there, you wonder women, making it work.
I’m very excited for today, as we are continuing the conversation from last week about how to love yourself thin. Which is so much better than hating your way there, because that just sucks and ain’t nobody got time for that! Am I right? Of course, I am, because I tried it, didn’t work, and I had to figure something else out.

That something else was learning how to develop a positive body image and learning how to love my body first, right now, thin or not thin, fat, chunky, wrinkles and flab and all the fun stuff!
That the key to finally losing weight for good was loving my body no matter what…Like, huge, mind-blowing moment for me.
Just like my clients who say, “But aren’t I supposed to punish myself when I do something bad,” and I tell them, “No!”, it can come as a shock when I also challenge them when they say, “But aren’t I supposed to hate my body now so I’ll be motivated to lose weight?”

The answer, to both of those deeply ingrained and incredibly destructive questions, is an emphatic NO!

We can still LOVE ourselves when we do something we wish we had not done, and in fact, the best way to move forward and not repeat the pattern is to love ourselves deeply in our own shame and anger at our self.
>We can still LOVE ourselves when we are overweight and are overeating and know we need to take better care of ourselves, and in fact, the best way to move forward and not continually repeat the pattern of overeating and poor self-care is to love ourselves deeply as we are right now.

If that shakes you to your core a bit, well, GOOD! It should! It should shatter your illusions of all you have ever been told about diet and exercise and shame and guilt.
Because how we have thought about all of this in the past is what got us here.
What if changing how we think about all of this is what we need in order to move forward?

Spoiler alert – that is HOW we keep moving forward. Changing our thinking. Unless this is your very first episode, that in and of itself should not be news!
Changing how we think about everything is what changes everything. Self-fulfilling Prophecy Model 101.

So if you want to change your body, change how you think about your body.

And listen, there’s this fundamental idea, that I think is at the core of all the work I do:
People may come and go, nothing here in life is guaranteed, but there is one person on earth you are guaranteed to spend the rest of your life with and that’s YOU. So you might as well love the hell out yourself because you are your one life-long companion, no matter who else is along for the ride! And I’ll give a little shoutout to my guy riding shotgun, my husband, Trey, who amazes me each day with how much he loves me in all my broken bits!
But no one’s love is more important than my own while I am here on Earth. Got it? Got it!

And just last week, in episode 32, Love Yourself Thin, I talked about the mental exercises you can do to help your mind start learning how to love the body you are in. And there are physical ways you can love your body, too. And I’m not even talking about Sex, though that is certainly an amazing way to show your body love!
So what am I talking about?

First of all, there’s exercise. Some of you are groaning, some of you are cheering! In episode 18, I talked about the Truth About Exercise, and the truth is that exercise is not the best weight loss method. How you eat will actually determine your weight loss much better than exercise alone. But that doesn’t mean you should not exercise! It’s just that we want to start viewing exercise as a way that we love our body. Show our bodies love. Because our human bodies were designed to move and I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but our modern society ain’t big on body movement. We drive everywhere, take elevators and escalators, many of us sit for hours at a time in meetings and at our desks, preparing client presentations or – like me – that’s how I work with my clients, sitting at my desk, one-on-one coaching! That, and more and more tasks are getting automated. You don’t even have to go shopping at a store anymore if you don’t want to, you can order it online and Amazon or Instacart will be right there with your order.
My husband talks about his middle school teacher, who told him, way back int he 1980s, that someday, all we will need is our index finger. And we will have everything we want.
And this is kind of the scenario we see in the Disney movie, Wall-E! Have you seen that!? My husband was like, “Oh my gosh, its just like my 7th grade teacher said, all we would need in the future is one finger!” The entire movie takes place in the future, where the human race gets whatever it wants and needs with the touch of a button. And they are miserable. It is one of my favorite Disney movies, if you haven’t watched it, I highly recommend it.
But I digress…

Exercise is what we are talking about right now, and exercise tells your mind that you are a person who takes care of your body. You love it with movement, the very movement it was designed for. Going on walks, hikes through the woods, swimming, biking, yoga…these are all great ways to show your body love. You do not have to kill it in the gym in order for it to count. Though if a high intensity, balls-to-the-wall workout is something that knocks your socks off, go for it!
The point is more that making room for exercise in your life is a way to make room for loving your body. Because you can do any of those activities, no matter what your body looks like, no matter your weight.
Go find yourself an awesome workout outfit. Soft, breathable fabrics, in a color you love.
Don’t go workout in old painting clothes.
Nothing says “I love you more than anything” like worn out sweatpants with 1990s hunter green paint on them, and a t-shirt that’s so oversized and worn out, it’s basically just threads holding hands trying to keep it together.
Wrong. Go buy yourself some nice workout clothes. Now. Yes, you will lose weight and need to buy more. You don’t have to buy Lululemon head to toe. But you shouldn’t feel like crap in what you are wearing before you even step outside. That is not showing you love.
With each goal weight, you can go purchase a new workout outfit.

Which brings me to the next way to show your body you love it. Clothes.
Ladies. It’s time we let go of clothes we don’t love.
What if we only stepped out in what made us feel amazing! What if we only owned clothes that we really loved, that fit really well. That flattered our best parts. And you have best parts, that was part of the work we did last week, is honoring the body parts that we have.
Wait…I’m not actually sure we talked about the body parts that you LOVE, I think we may have only talked about the body parts that you don’t love, and how to refocus on what they do for us.
So here’s a side note, a side activity, that should have been a part of last week’s show. So I’ll stick it in here!
Because I can, I’m the show host!
Side action step – make a list of those body parts you love. You don’t have to talk yourself into it, you know that part or those parts, are awesome. Know that list. It is entirely okay if that list is short. Something – your eyes, your mouth, your nose, your bosom, your clavicle, your toes….something on your body is pretty awesome. Know it, love it, show it off when you can!
Which brings us back to the clothes discussion. If you have an amazing bosom, show it off. If your eyes pop off your face and shine bright light from across the room, then highlight them, wearing the colors that help them pop.
If you have great gams, wear more skirts. If you have great arms, show those off.

You will also find that certain cuts of clothes are very flattering, while others aren’t. When you find something that works, buy more of that.
And just because something is popular, that doesn’t mean it works for you. So don’t let trends dictate what you should and should not wear.
This comes with practice and being willing to try different things on – like, literally try things on!

Now, this overlaps into a discussion on clutter, too. In general, it’s been shown over and over that our happiness does not increase with the more that we own, and we may even feel happier without a ton of clutter!

Many of us have too much crap in our closets. Racks of clothes we never wear. Racks of clothes that haven’t fit since Alanis Morrisette topped the charts. So we need to let go of what does not serve us…in our closets!

Before we start clearing stuff out, though, I want you to head into your closet and find what you love.
Find at least one, preferably three, of your best outfits. The outfits you put on, and you feel like a fucking rock star.
And then ask why?
Is it the color?
Is it the cut?
Because that will help you when you are out shopping. KNOW what it is you are looking for, based on what you already love in your closet.

The next step is the purge.
If there’s one thing you can do for me and yourself this next week…it’s to step into your closet and get ruthless.
If you do not love it, if you do not love how you feel when you wear it, then it’s gots to go.
If you haven’t worn it in years, then its gots to go.
If it’s some gorgeous rare bird that you have never, ever had the occasion to wear, let it go!
You may come across something that you love, more than anything, but no longer fits. I am okay if you keep a few of these items. But channel that ruthlessness, and make sure it is truly something you cannot wait to put back on.
Because, for the most part, we hold onto clothes that don’t fit us, just in case. It’s this belief that we have no idea what size we may be next month, so we better have all the sizes.
And what that does, is it fucks with psyche. We have literal physical reminders hanging in our closet, that we are not to be trusted and we are unable to honor ourselves.
That, and we are keeping our options open.
That right there gets us every time. Stop giving yourself the option to fail yourself.
Be ruthless in your belief and in your love for yourself.
Woah, talk about radical self-care and self-love!

So the last physical way you can love your body is to pamper it. Literally, physically love on your body. There are so many different ways you can do this.
Investing in massages and facials. Spa treatments.
Manis and pedis.
Keratin treatments for your hair
A full body routine before during and after you shower – like a dry loofah before, luxurious soaps for during, and then a moisturizing routine from Heaven for after.
A full bedtime routine for your face and your skin and your teeth. Not just running to bed with makeup still on and dinner still wedged in-between your teeth.
Some of you think I am stating the obvious because you already do these things every single day.
Some of you are still using the facial cleanser you have been using since high school, and only when forced.
Most of us lie somewhere in between!
But these are simple things we can to physically show our bodies that we love it and we take care of it.

And that’s what I hope you walk away with today.
Imagine a daily routine where you give your body some great movement, have a luxurious bathing routine, only to slip into clothes that make you feel like a rock star.
It all goes together, you feeling me!
And honestly, it doesn’t take much more time. It just requires intention. Purposeful action.

So our action item of the week is to pick one thing to show your body love this week. Any of them are good, and you may have one or two of them already down and don’t need me to tell you!
If you don’t know where to start, I suggest the clothing. Channel your Ruthless Grown Ass Woman and go clean out your closet. Toss anything that doesn’t fit or that you don’t love when you wear it.
If you feel feisty, feel free to sell it on the Internet, but I say the sooner it’s out, the better.
So I suggest you snap some pics, take a tally of pants, shirts, jackets, etc for tax records, and drive it to your local clothing donation spot. Just get it out of your house. If you keep it around, you will likely find items sneaking back into your closet.
Purge your closet and identify at least one, preferably three, outfits that make you feel like a rockstar.

If your budget allows, hit up the store to buy another outfit or two of items that continue the rockstar vibe.

You with me? Awesome!
And let’s support each other on this one! Join us in the Business Women Losing Weight Facebook group, and post pictures of what you purge! Let’s see the fruits of your efforts!
Just search for Business Women Losing Weight on Facebook, and the group will come up. Request to join, and I’ll see you in there!

Alright, so this weeks’ featured woman business owner is Krista Kehoe! Ms. Krista was one of my beta clients, those clients us coaches get right out of certification, when we are testing our skills and figuring all of this out! She is also the owner of Wise Balance Lifestyle, a holistic health company helping busy women find better health using essential oils. She’s so passionate for health and wellness and she’s become such a good friend these past two years! Here’s what she said about the Business Women Losing Weight podcast:
Who can you go to when you need…A kick in the pants?A friend who gets your journey? A strategy for keeping your shit together? A powerful push into your next venture? A supportive ear that won’t let you create excuses? It’s Amy Latta. She’s got your back and you’ll feel it in her wise words and full on caring. Go on… connect here! You’ll be so glad you did!

The feeling is mutual, my friend! Connect with Krista on her Wise Balance Lifestyle page on Facebook!

If you want to be featured in the woman business owner of the week, please leave a review on iTunes and then email me your review title and a little bit about your business. And then I can share what you have written about the show and link to your businesses’ in the show notes.
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Alright, you have been listening to Business Women Losing Weight with life and weight coach Amy Latta. And until Next Week…let’s go do Epic Stuff.

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