Ep30: How to Get Anything You Want – Part 2

get anything you want
The one where we talk getting anything you want in your life with a little reverse engineering of how you think. Super cool brain science right here!

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Episode Show Notes:

We can set up all the plans and tap into productivity and commitment and create massive action plans, but the skill of mastering your brain is key to our success. In this episode, we are learning to use the Self-Fulfilling Prophecy Model backward. To start with the end in mind, and reverse engineer what we need to be thinking to get to our Big Hairy Audacious Goals. Plus, the power thought I never leave home without!

What You Will Learn:

  1. How to create the thoughts and emotions you need to get the result you want
  2. How to nurture those thoughts and emotions so they grow and not die
  3. The power thought that you can always have handy in your back pocket, no matter what the day brings you.

Woman Business Owner of the Week:
Kelsey Humphreys – entertainer, interviewer, motivator KelseyHumphreys.com
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Action Item:

Put whatever you want in the R line.
Imagine you have achieved it, and channel the emotions you feel.
From that emotional space, what you are you thinking in that moment. Come up with at least four or five individual thoughts from the person who has achieved what’s in your R line.
From there, work a model on each of those thoughts.
What does that thought make you feel?
What does that feeling make you do?
Now you have a list of actions you need to do to get the result you want.
Spend time each day nurturing those thoughts. Either one a day, or spend daily time with a thought for a week.
As you really go into what each of those thoughts mean to you and how you will show up, you’ll discover more thoughts to nurture.
And as you get results towards your big hairy audacious goals, you’ll discover new thoughts as well.
And write out your power thought for this Big Hairy Audacious Goal.

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Episode Transcription:

You are listening to Business Women Losing Weight with Amy Latta, episode 30 – The one where we talk getting anything you want in your life with a little reverse engineering of how you think. Super cool brain science right here! Let’s Go!(Music) Welcome to Business Women Losing Weight, a community for fabulous women small business owners so laser focused on building their businesses….they have been sacrificing their health! Together we’re going to get back your time, get back your energy, and teach you to live naturally thin.

I’m your host, Amy Latta, and I’m all in! Are you comin’ with me? Let’s take care of you so you can take care of business!

Hello Grown Ass Women of the world! How you sisters doing out there?
The Lattas are good! We are STILL fighting coughs and sniffles and my sweet, lovely podcast editor still has to edit around my throat clears and coughing fits. I actually kept losing my voice for two days this week. Again. Luckily I feel totally fine.
I hope you are all healthy and vibrant this first week of 2018! Because we have work to do, my sisters!

If you have been listening for the past couple of weeks, we have addressed perfection, learning to fail, focusing in on our Big Hairy Audacious Goal. How to use a Word of the Year, and tap into your own existing commitment.
Massive Action. Goals. Dreams. All the buzzwords that everyone talks about this time of year, right!

So today is an extension of last week. This is part two of a two parter and you will understand it much better if you listen to part 1 first, because I am not going to rehash last week before getting started. So if you haven’t listened to Part 1, now would be a good time to pause this episode and go back and listen to that first. It’s only 30 minutes, and I suspect this one will be about the same.

But it’s worth your time, because we are talking about…How to Get Anything You Want.
I mean, that’s snazzy right there, am I right? What? I can get anything I want, and you’re going to tell me how to do it in an hour?

Yeah. Pretty much. That’s what I’m throwing down, if you’re picking it up!

OF COURSE, it requires more than an hour of your time to actually manifest that which you want. But last week’s episode on how the self-fulfilling prophecy model works and this week’s episode on working that model with the end in mind – the very result that you want – has the building blocks of what you need to move forward.

And like I said last week, it’s not hard, but I wouldn’t say it was easy.
It’s not hard, but it requires you be willing to get uncomfortable.
Requires you to consider different ways of thinking. Your brain won’t enjoy that.
But mastering your mind is such powerful work, and it’s the key to getting anything you want.

Before we dive in, ya’ll might have caught on by now that I am featuring a woman business owner of the week! Thanks to the begging and pleading of my first six months, I have some fantastic iTunes reviews for the Business Women Losing Weight podcast from fellow woman business owners.

This week I am showing some love to another dear friend of mine and my first business coach, Kelsey Humphreys. She is STELLAR, my sisters! Amazon best selling author of Go Solo, host of The Pursuit internet TV show, interviewer of phenomenal entrepreneurs such as Gary Vaynerchuck, Tony Robbins, and Barbara Corcoran, but most importantly, she shares inspiration, motivation, and success for the rest of us in her weekly Quick Pep Talk series – and she has huge plans for us in 2018!
Here is what she said about the Business Women Losing Weight podcast.
“Amy is fun and has great content that has helped me reshape how I think about diet – and realize that it’s the thinking part that really matters! If you’re a hustler growing your business and also, unfortunately, your waist line, you HAVE to subscribe!”

Ya’ll know when you admire someone so much and they return the favor and you get all gushy inside? Yeah, that’s me right now.
Any of my woman business owners out there right now, do yourself a favor and connect with Kelsey. Sign up for whatever she is offering for free on her KelseyHumphreys.com website, and most definitely make sure you catch her weekly Quick Pep Talks on her Facebook page. Over half a million views on these videos already, they are that stinkin’ good.

Okay, now that we are feeling a little extra peppy – or at least I am, because my love for Kelsey runs that freakin’ deep, my friends! – let’s talk about how to get anything you want.

Last week, I reviewed and went in depth into the self-fulfilling prophecy model. You really must listen to the part one episode, but as a very brief recap:
C is for your circumstances
Your circumstances create the T line, your thoughts. What you think about your circumstances.
What you think creates your F line, your feelings. The one word emotion that thought makes you feel.
Feelings create the A line, your actions. What you do or don’t do when you feel that way.
And your actions always give your R line, your results.
And the self-fulfilling part?
Your results always refer back to your original thought.
So this week, let’s talk about putting anything you want in that R line.
We need to practice running the model the front way – so you can see how your thoughts are creating all of your results.
But learning to work it backwards, figuring what you need to be thinking in order to create the result you want.
Now that’s super fun.
That’s when you realize that anything is possible.
And you can actually get anything you want.

You can put anything in the R line.
How to get anything you want – define it, put it in the R line, then work that model backwards to figure out what actions you need to take, what emotions you need to feel, what thoughts you need to think to feel that way.
No matter your circumstances.

And what I am going to share with you is a training my coach, Stacey Smith, did with me. Ya’ll know that coaches have coaches! Oh hell yes, because how do you think I can do my thing? How do you think I can create a podcast from nothing and keep moving forward when Life comes at me and how to handle my limiting beliefs that try to keep me from doing what scares the crap out of me.
I have a coach!

Stacey is my life coach right now – and SHE has a coach. She actually has coaches – one for each area she is working on.
And she uses advanced coaching techniques to show me how my thinking it driving my emotions and actions. Holds a mirror up so I can see how I am creating my own results.
The very same thing I do for my clients! It such fund and powerful work, no matter which side of the table I am sitting!

And what I am sharing with you today is work Stacey and I (and the other amazing women in our small group) did together.
She calls it the tingle in your toes exercise, so I hope you walk away from today’s episode feeling that way, too!

This is an active podcast – so hit pause and grab some paper and pen. OR listen to the whole episode in your car or during your workout or wherever you love to listen. And carve time in later today – do NOT put this off! – to do the work.

Because I know anytime I feel stuck, it’s almost always because I ain’t doing the work. So let’s get to work.

>We have been looking at our goals from a few different lenses. Let’s take your Big Hairy Audacious Goal and drive it into your bones.

>We’re starting with the result you want. The R line.
My mind always looks at the model from top to bottom – with the C line at the top and the R line at the bottom – so I start at the bottom of the page.

You use your Big Hairy Audacious Goal. Yours may be to lose 100 pounds, it may be to run a marathon. It may be less about weight, and more about ending the hold the food has on you or the act of putting your self-care above all else.
Since I don’t know what yours is, in today’s show, we will use a real result many of my clients are looking for.

So for this example, let’s put the Big Hairy Audacious Goal of Lose 50 pounds by December 31, 2018 in Results line.

For some people, that makes you really nervous but hopeful or even sounds impossible. No matter what we are feeling, however, we need to channel the powerful thoughts and emotions that will actually get you there, not your default emotions of fear yet possibility and doubt yet hopeful.

We need to channel badassery. That badassery is already within you – I know this, because look at what you have built in other areas of your life! Now we are going to channel that badassery to your health goals.

So picture yourself. On December 31 of 2018. You are standing on the scale. You have lost 50 pounds.
It has happened. You did it.
Whatever your goal, close your eyes, and imagine you are there. In that moment. Of having achieved it.
Standing on the scale. Crossing the finish line. Standing at a buffet of all your favorite foods and feeling completely content.
How do you feel? We are going to the F line. What are you feeling in that moment. You’ve accomplished the impossible and you are in that moment. What are all the one-word emotions coming right now?
Take a moment to write them down. For me, in our example of losing 50 pounds…

Unstoppable even!

With those emotions all stirred up, we’re going to dive into some Vision. This was the step that Stacey offered in the training that really brought this home for me. In that moment you hit that goal and you are feeling all of those emotions. Picture it in your mind. Filled with pride and excitement and motivation and confidence.

>What are you thinking?
Think back to all the hard work it took to get there.
What you had to say No to.
The deep thought work this required.
All of the effort you put into this journey.

List at least four or five specific thoughts about what it took for you to get to that moment. Take a moment to pause the show and make your list of thoughts…..And here are some thoughts I came up with when I did this exercise.

This is just the beginning.
I can’t wait to see what else I can create.
I am in awe of what I am capable of.
If I can do this, I can do anything.
I can do really uncomfortable things.

So now, guess what you have? Individual thoughts. Individual positive thoughts. Created from the place of you already achieving your Big Hairy Audacious goal.
So when you are asked…what do you need to think to get that result?
We have found it.
You have four or five individual thoughts that will create the emotions you need to drive the actions it’ll take to get the result you want. You following’ me?

So now we work the model forward again. Just like we learned in last week’s episode.
Take each thought, and do a separate model.
What does that thought make you feel – a One Word emotion.
When you feel that way, what actions will you take to get you to your goal.
To what you already have written in the R line.

Go ahead and pause this right now, and run a model on each.

Now that you have the thoughts and feelings, you also have a list of actions.
For our example…
Take 15 minutes a week to create meal plan.
Decide 24 hours in advance what I will eat.
Daily brain dumps and journaling.
Get 7-9 hours of sleep.
Workout 20 minutes every day.
Allow myself to feel emotional food urges.

You probably already knew what actions you needed to take, but now they are fueled with positive thoughts and emotions behind them.
They are not just a to do list of actions.

That’s what has not worked in the past. You have always known what actions you need to take to get to your goals. But most health coaches and weight loss systems and diet plans don’t come with the thoughts and emotions you need to spur that action. Those plans rely on the Just Do It and the Willpower tactics. And then we wonder why we self-sabotage.
“I know what to do, but I can’t figure out why I don’t do it!”
It is thoughts and emotions. And not just any thoughts and emotions. But YOUR thoughts and emotions. The ones YOU would think.
I mean, I can hand you a list of thoughts and emotions all day long, but if they don’t ring true to you, they won’t work.

Here is how we get there. We just created what will motivate you from the inside. What will create inspiration and determination and confidence. Not from blanket statements, but from inside yourself.

And now you can apply that Massive Action we talked about a couple of episodes ago.
You now have a list of actions you know you must do until you hit your big goal, the one we put in the results line!
You keep working these thoughts and actions until you get there.

And how do we do that?
We nurture those thoughts! Imagine that those thoughts are fragile little babies.
We can’t just birth a baby. And then hope it grows up and figures it out.
It needs love and care and attention. Every day.
This is the second reason for needing something other than just a plan you sign up for somewhere. The need for a coach or a mentor or even just a podcast to listen to keep you moving forward.
You can’t just set your intentions and then walk away.
You have to nurture these Big Hairy Audacious Goals. Nurture the thoughts and emotions behind them.

Love them and feed them and take care of them…so they don’t die!
So how do we nurture those thoughts? What does THAT actually mean?
Spend time with them every single day. Maybe you’ll just do one thought at a time from your original list you created today.

Take out your journal and write about each one of those thoughts. Take yourself into that thought and the feelings it creates. What does that look like? What evidence do you have to support that thinking?

Another question to ask yourself when you are writing about one specific thought is how do I show up when I question this thought? When doubt creeps in – and it WILL creep in – what does that look like.
And how do you show up when you stop questioning?
Because the doubt will show up, and we will need to make a conscious choice to stop doubting and believe in our thinking before we see the results.

>Here’s even the coolest thing. The more you nurture your thoughts, and act on them…you’ll start seeing success. You’ll start getting results that move you towards the Big Thing you really want.
And NEW thoughts will start to emerge. So you won’t be nurturing the same thoughts all year long. As the scale moves, as you log more miles, as you become more comfortable around food, as you spend more time on your self-care…when you go to journal every day, new thoughts will come up.
And then you’ll have new thoughts to nurture! And care for and feed on a regular basis.

Right now, that list of thoughts may not be exactly what the person who has already lose the 50 pounds would think. As you use those thoughts to start seeing results, you’ll get closer to the thinking of the person who will actually achieve those results. We are so far away from our Big Hairy Audacious Goals right now, that we may not actually be thinking the thoughts of that person who is already there. But we will get there. Through nurturing the thoughts we do create through today’s exercise – and taking the actions we need to start seeing results.
I always tell my clients that positive energy begets more positive energy. That’s the self-fulfilling prophecy at work.

I want to end on one last thought. I have talked about power thoughts in the past, one big overriding way of thinking that stirs action.
After today’s podcast, you will have created the list of individual thoughts to get to the anything you want you defined in the Results line.
Yes. Awesome.
But crap thoughts will still pop up. And I have created a power thought I personally use remind myself of why I am doing this work towards my Big hairy Audacious goal.

Write this down.

“It is possible for me to – insert your Big Hairy Audacious Goal – and I am willing to stay committed and fail as many times as it takes to get there, no matter what.”

So using today’s example, I would word that as..
It is possible for me to lose 50 pounds by December 31 and I am willing to stay committed and fail as many times as it takes to get there, no matter what.

Now, if the first part didn’t tingle your toes, I hope that one does. Every time I have shared that with a client, there have been squeals or screams, laced with all sorts of emotions!

All the other thoughts from today are your own.
This one is Coach Amy’s that she’s giving you to pull out when you can’t pull yourself up.
When you face plant, when the others aren’t working.
This is your back pocket thought.

How do you get anything you want?
Learn this model.
Learn to work it frontwards.
Learn to work it backwards.
Find the thinking you need to do to create the emotions you need to create to drive the actions we all know will help you get to your Big Hairy Audacious Goal.

And when all else fails, you have a Power Thought that I myself use, to put yourself up when you get knocked down.

So I really loved today’s exercise, and really want to do more of this one-on-one with you ladies. So please be sure you are subscribed to the podcast. Because I will be doing some live trainings and rather than share them in this podcast that will be out there forever, I will announce them in bonus episodes.
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The best way to make sure you don’t miss out is to hit the Subscribe button on the podcast and make sure you download all the episodes so you don’t miss any.

It probably goes without saying that this week’s action step is to do the work I just went through.
Put whatever you want in the R line.
Imagine you have achieved it, and channel the emotions you feel.
From that emotional space, what you are you thinking in that moment. Come up with at least four or five individual thoughts from the person who has achieved what’s in your R line.
From there, work a model on each of those thoughts.
What does that thought make you feel?
What does that feeling make you do?
Now you have a list of actions you need to do to get the result you want.
Spend time each day nurturing those thoughts. Either one a day, or spend daily time with a thought for a week.
As you really go into what each of those thoughts mean to you and how you will show up, you’ll discover more thoughts to nurture.
And as you get results towards your big hairy audacious goals, you’ll discover new thoughts as well.
And write out your power thought for this Big Hairy Audacious Goal.

It is possible for me to achieve this goal and I am willing to stay committed and fail as many times as it takes to get there, no matter what.

And absolutely know how this process goes for you!
And – I have a new way for you to do that! I have created a Facebook Community for us!
The Business Women Losing Weight community. Simple enough. Search for us on Facebook. It’s a closed group.
A place for us to discuss these weekly topics. For you to get know others just like you.
Get to know me even more than I already share!
Discuss the episodes.
Post questions.
I plan to host some live trainings and discussions.
Even better – we are all business women, so let’s support each other’s businesses! Let’s connect and see how we can not only help each other reach our health goals but our business goals as well!
The possibilities are endless.
So search for us on Facebook, and I am linking to the group in the show notes.

If you want to be featured in the woman business owner of the week, please leave a review on iTunes and then email me your review title and a little bit about your business. And then I can share what you have written about the show and link to your businesses’ in the show notes.
Because we are building this tribe!

Alright, my Grown Ass Women! I believe in you. Are you ready to take the next step? Download your free Business Woman’s Jump Start to Weight Loss – yours completely free, just go to AmyLatta.com/quickstart.
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Alright, you have been listening to Business Women Losing Weight with life and weight coach Amy Latta. And until Next Week…let’s go do Epic Stuff.

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