Ep28: Committed to Massive Action

The one where we talk about what it means to really commit to a goal and taking massive action to get there.

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Episode Show Notes:

So we have our sites set on our big hairy audacious goal for 2018, and we are going to use failure to get there. What about commitment and massive action?
Because those things are absolutely necessary to get there!
Commitment is the difference between I am committed even when…,” and I am committed as long as…”
And it’s the difference between those who are successful and those who are not.
And that level of commitment is necessary in order to take massive action.
Massive action is not the big push we make in January towards our health goals. Massive action is setting our goal for 2018 and not stopping until we reach it. Even when it involves learning and tweaking and figuring things out. Even when it gets hard.
Massive action means not stopping.
So let’s dive into this!

What You Will Learn:

  1. Why commitment even when is so important.
  2. How to use commitment in other areas of our life for committing to the big hairy audacious goal of 2018.
  3. How to use commitment in the smaller aspects of our goal to fuel commitment in the parts we finds hard!
  4. What massive action really means and why it’s so important to our success

Books Mentioned (these are affiliate links):
One Small Step Can Change Your Life: The Kaizen Way by Robert Maurer
The Slight Edge: Turning Simple Disciplines into Massive Success and Happiness by Jeff Olson

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Action Item:

What is your Big Hairy Audacious Goal from last week?
Rate your commitment in at least six areas of your life, like health, business, marriage, parenting, spirituality, relationships, money.
Now you have a list of areas of your life you are more committed to that you can show your brain that you are a person who can be deeply committed to a goal.
And then make a list of all the smaller things you need to do to reach your BHAG, and rate your commitment level on each of those.
This creates a list of what you are more confident in and what you have more fear about – and now you can use that confidence when facing your fear!

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Episode Transcription:

You are listening to Business Women Losing Weight with Amy Latta, episode 28 – The one where we talk about what it means to really commit to a goal and taking massive action to get there. Let’s Go!(Music) Welcome to Business Women Losing Weight, a community for fabulous women small business owners so laser-focused on building their businesses….they have been sacrificing their health! Together we’re going to get back your time, get back your energy, and teach you to live naturally thin.

I’m your host, Amy Latta, and I’m all in! Are you comin’ with me? Let’s take care of you so you can take care of business!

Hello my Grown Ass Women, how are you today? You are listening to this the day after Christmas, so I hope you had a lovely day with your friends and family and a not-too-hectic week this week. It’s the Last Week ion 2017! How did we get here!

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More about the Giveaway at the end, but for now, I want to build on last week’s episode on your Big Hairy Audacious Goal. Which, at the time, I had told you that I alternate the A – sometimes it’s audacious, sometimes it’s Ass. And I wasn’t paying attention and the show artwork says Audacious, but the show name in your podcasts app says Ass.
You are welcome! Ha! Totally a faux pas on my end, but I decided to keep it as is, because not only does it get some attention, but I DO say that I use the two interchangeably! So whether you have set your Big Hairy Audacious Goal or your Big Hairy Ass Goal, the episode was all about setting your sites on the Impossible Dream AND using your brain’s fear to your advantage instead of against you! Because we are going to plan to fail all over the place in 2018, and that’s what is going to get us where we want to be!

So this week, I want to talk about what kind of commitment it takes to reach our goals. And it just so happens that I have had this conversation at least three times in the past two weeks. Two to existing clients and one with a potential client. COMMITMENT!

Because it is Commitment and taking Massive Action that is honestly the difference between hitting your goal this time, and all the times it didn’t work in the past.

Now, I will throw out the disclaimer that sometimes we do learn new things, sometimes we can tweak our plans just so so that we can improve our chances of getting there. But the whole idea behind my coaching is not to take someone who has never tried to lose weight before and teach them the ins and outs of dieting and exercise. Most of you already know. Am I right?
You know what does and does not work for you.
You know the foods that don’t help you lose weight.
These are not your struggles.
Your struggles are doing what you said you were going to do.
Putting an end to the self-sabotage.
No longer putting everyone and everything ahead of your own needs.

So if you have most of the knowledge, why don’t you hit your goals? This episode is some blunt talk on commitment and massive action, sisters!

Are you gonna do the thing or aren’t you? That’s really what this all comes down to. We have dove into the brain science behind weight loss. The brain science behind what it takes to form new habits, and neurotransmitters and carving new neural pathways and dopamine and all the super fun stuff.

But at the end of the day, you are not at the whims of your urges. You are a grown ass woman, you hear me? A Grown Ass Woman takes emotional responsibility for her life.

She does not blame mom and dad for the shit they laid on her. And believe me, moms and dads and other various family members have a well-documented history in laying some serious crap on the delicate minds of their children. All crap that’s gotta be worked out as we get older.

A GAW does not blame that one big event, or that thing that changed everything. Those events can certainly teach us so many things, but we are only victims once. We do not have to continue to let something hurt us.

A GAW does not blame the normal events of life. The husband doesn’t do this, if only my kids that, there’s only 24 hours in a day, work this, clients that, and good Lordt, have you seen the laundry. Because that’s all just Life, and it will never conform to what we want it to.

And while we certainly receive huge mounds of mixed messages from society, a GAW does not blame society either. Society does not make you eat when you aren’t hungry and society does not zone out on Facebook when you said you were going to walk the dog.

You know what, I feel like each of those things could be an episode in and of themselves, but today is about you.
You, the Grown Ass Woman. And what it means to be a Grown Ass Woman who is looking at 2018 and saying, this is the year. This is the year that I lose the weight, that I run the marathon, that I do thing.

Commitment means wholehearted dedication to something, and I find that many people who want to lose weight, want it…but are not necessarily committed to it.
It’s something that they would like to see happen. Kind of a “wouldn’t it be nice.”
Their weight and health struggles may be a source of angst or problems for them.
And then there are often the big ugly emotions wrapped up in carrying too much weight or being too exhausted to do everything that you want to do – like shame, or anxiety, or depression, or regret, or resentment. Blech, right? The big baddie emotions that we do anything to avoid.
But commitment can still elude so many of us setting Big Hairy Audacious Goals. We can tap into our Why and our Purpose, we can mind map, make sure they are SMART goals – you know, specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-based goals.

None of that stuff address commitment. And Massive Action.

I’ve been doing a lot of this work with my own coach – because you know that coaches have coaches, right? Again, I will never ask you to do anything I haven’t done myself! And my coach is all up in my biz-ness on my commitment to my big hairy audacious goals and my massive action to get me there.

Commitment is No Matter What. Are you committed to losing weight, to putting your health as a top priority? Even when the shit gets really hard. Even when all those big baddie emotions like Shame and Anxiety and Depression and Regret and Resentment come to the surface.
It’s super easy to stay committed when things are easy. When things are going as planned when Life is just lobbing the easy balls your way. It’s a bit touchier when Life throws a super fast curve ball your way that you didn’t see coming. It’s easy when there’s only healthy food in the house and it’s already made for you. It’s another story when you’re facing weeks of long nights and business meetings and buffets full of all your old favorites that no longer serve you.

But the Big Truth here is that success comes to those people who are committed to their goals, no matter what, and the people who do not see success are only committed to the point as long as it is still fairly easy for them.

It’s the difference between “I am committed no matter what happens” versus “I am committed as long as…”
Oooh, right?
How many times have we been committed, but only as long as…it never got too hard? It didn’t require that I get too uncomfortable.
As long as I don’t have to give up my favorite things.
As long as I don’t have to change what I eat.
As long as I can keep blaming my husband for not doing what I need him to do.
As long as it doesn’t cost me any money or not too much money.
As long as I don’t have to work out.
As long as I only have to add working out.
As long as I can keep eating sugar and flour.
As long as I don’t have to try different things to figure out what works.

Think of all the things reasons you have ever stopped working on your health in the past. That’s your list of As Long As.
And that’s what you are going to have to be OKAY with doing if you are truly committed to your Big Hairy Audacious Goal.
Because commitment is No Matter What, Even when.
I am committed to losing weight, even when I have to give up my favorite things.
Even when I have to change what I eat.
Even when I can no longer blame my husband for not doing what I need him to do.
Even when it costs me more money than I have spent on losing weight before.
Even when I have to work out.
Even when I have to do more than just add working out.
Even when I have to cut sugar and flour.
Even when I have to try different things to figure out what works best for me.

Do you see how that is a totally different mindset shift?
During many of my mini-sessions, when the potential client is on the other end, and they are *this close* to being all in, but they are hesitant to pull the trigger, it always comes down to them worrying – what will make this time different.
When I ask them what their spouse will say, there’s always a worry that their spouse will assume the result will be the same as always. Which is honestly their real fear, right?

And here is what I KNOW, that potential clients need to put their full faith in.
The difference this time will need to be your commitment.

And that’s what leads to massive action.
Now, I’ve always viewed Massive Actions as a large amount of action up front. Like a big launch. Think of all the massive action involved in a big push of a new product or service. It’s all about leading up to the big launch day and the big push on launch day, that massive action in those first few critical hours of a new release. We all know as business people that we get the biggest amount of new coverage in those first few hours or days or weeks of a new endeavor.

That is how I have always thought of massive action. Until I went into coaches training.
And now I see massive action as something entirely different.
Massive Action is less about the big push at the beginning – you know, all that effort and umph you put in that first week of January to launch your New Year’s resolution!
Massive Action is actually all about the long haul.
Massive Action is moving forward towards your goal until you reach it!
Massive Action is not quitting until you hit your goal.
Even when.
Even when you fail massively, and have to get back up and brush yourself off. You keep taking action.
You assess and see what’s working and what’s not working and you make adjustments along the way.
But you don’t change your goal and you don’t stop.
That’s massive action.
Massive Action is less in the mass amounts of work you put into the big diet overhaul and killing it in the gym every single day that first week out.
Massive Action is actually the small steps you will take, day in and day out, with consistency, until you get there.

Have you heard of Kaizen? It’s the Japanese word for “continuous improvement,” and it’s a huge factor in the Japanese business industry. My business coach I hired a year ago, that I just wrapped up my year with, Amy Baue, gave me a book by Robert Maurer called “One Small Step Can Change Your Life: The Kaizen Way.” That entire idea revolves around how great change is made through small steps.
That, my friends, is massive action.
One small step every single day towards your goal until you reach it. It’s related to another book an old mentor gave me, back from my Advocare days, called “The Slight Edge,” by Jeff Olson. Again, about how the small consistent steps we take every single day are what make us successful, that help us reach our goals.
Both are excellent reads and I recommend them if you have not already read them. Add those to your Audible wish list.

So how can we get the idea of commitment from your brain into your bones?
How can we help make this time different?

What your brain does is look for evidence. And right now, it has evidence in your lack of commitment to taking care of you so you can take care of business. Am I right?
As you decide whether or not this is going to be different, your brain is scanning your past history, make a log of all your diet failures of the past and saying, “See? Not gonna happen this time, either.” I know this is what’s happening when I’m on the phone with a potential client and they were so excited and now they suddenly aren’t so sure about it!

It’s not that your brain is a jerk. I mean, it IS, but it’s a jerk with a purpose and that is to keep you safe. And Change is hella scary and it’s just so much easier and safer to stay where you are.
So what you need to do is show your brain evidence that you can commit!
That you have a great ability to commit to yourself and take massive action in order to get what you want.

And that is not that hard to do.
Start by taking a look at the rest of your life. You have had major successes in your life and they required a level of commitment from you! You have a successful business, maybe a successful marriage or parenting or a hobby you really love or have built a solid nest egg or have amazing friendships. Unless you are literally in the gutter right now, you have successes that required commitment! We’re going to channel that commitment energy into commitment to lose weight in 2018!
Something I have my potential clients do is rate themselves on a scale of one to ten in a couple areas of their life. On our short mini-session, it’s like the top three areas of life.
So think about your commitment in a few different areas of your life.
And rate yourself on a scale of one to ten.
Your health.
Your business.
Your marriage (or significant relationship.)
Your friendships and other relationships.
Your spirituality.
Your wealth and money growth.
Your parenting.

Rate yourself on a scale of 1-10 on your commitment levels in those areas of life. And maybe not all six of those resonate with you, but maybe there’s another area of your life in which you have a high commitment – like a hobby or educational endeavor. Include that!
I am going to guess that there are some in the 2-3-4 range and some in the 8-9-10 range.
And if there is not, then definitely let’s get on a mini-session together to talk about that!
But most of us have a variety of numbers in a variety of areas.

And that right there is evidence. For yourself and for your brain that you are, in fact, capable of high levels of commitment. So when your brain tells you that you aren’t disciplined enough or this will never work or you could never do this, you can point to the other areas of your life where you have a high commitment level and say, “No, that’s not true! I can absolutely be committed to my health and weight goals, just look at…. And then fill in the blank.”
Your brain is looking for evidence of how this won’t work and you will give it evidence of how it will work.
When you have convinced yourself that you don’t have what it takes, you remember that you DO have what it takes, and you can use your success in other areas of your life and apply it to your health.

Remember from last episode that your brain is going to be all wrapped up in fear and we are going to use that fear and channel it into a list of things we are ready to fail at regularly.
And we can channel a little confidence in ourselves in the midst of all of the fear by pointing out to our brains – hey, we can, in fact, do hard things! And be committed to ourselves!

You can even take this a step further! Let’s set a weight goal for 2018. You did this last episode. What was your goal?
Maybe it’s stop binge eating.
Maybe it’s run a marathon or a big fitness endeavor.
Maybe it’s lose those last 10 pounds once and for all.
Maybe it’s lose 60 pounds or more.

Now break down what you need to do to get there.
A consistent meal plan of foods that help you lose weight.
Regular workouts.
Getting enough sleep.
Develop a meditation habit.
Drinking enough water.
Collect those 100 urges we talked about a couple episodes ago when we talked about cravings.
Regular brain dumps and running models on your thinking and feelings.
And anything else that you know you need to do to hit that big hairy audacious goal. You know all those things you are planning to fail at week in and week out.

I bet some of those things you feel more confident than others. Some of those are you more committed to doing.
Make you list of all you need to do in order to lose the 60 pounds or whatever your goal is, and then rate each of them on a scale of one to ten of how committed you are to do them.
Again, I bet you have some low numbers and I bet you have some higher numbers.
Use those high number items to show your brain that you can, in fact, do the lower number items.

By breaking it down this methodically, we are stopping that habit of making vague generalizations about how we can and cannot do certain things.
We are showing ourselves and our brains that there are things we are really great at and things we need to improve on. And we’re going to use the good mojo of what we are good at to fuel the confidence and the commitment needed to address those areas we need to improve on and take the massive action towards our goals.

So freakin’ awesome, right?
Have you ever broken down your weight loss goals like this before?
I had not, and now that we are really studying how the brain works and understand the underlying reasons why we self-sabotage, we can address them!

And what’s awesome, is you can apply this technique to any goal. Anything you want in your life.

And in next week’s episode, we are going to dive just another layer deeper into massive action.
Another layer deeper of turning our fear into failure into confidence in ourselves to reach our goals.

So for this week’s Action item – take those steps I mentioned already.
What is your Big Hairy Audacious Goal from last week?
Rate your commitment in at least six areas of your life, like health, business, marriage, parenting, spirituality, relationships, money.
Now you have a list of areas of your life you are more committed to that you can show your brain that you are a person who can be deeply committed to a goal.
And then make a list of all the smaller things you need to do to reach your BHAG, and rate your commitment level on each of those.
This creates a list of what you are more confident in and what you have more fear about – and now you can use that confidence when facing your fear!

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Alright, you have been listening to Business Women Losing Weight with life and weight coach Amy Latta. And until Next Week…let’s go do Epic Stuff.

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