Ep 20: Live Your Best Life Ever

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The one where, at risk of channeling Oprah, I give you the five steps to living your best life ever.
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Episode Show Notes:

Are you living the life you always dreamed of? Our goal in the Business Women Losing Weight podcast is that you are living a life standing on your own two feet, without needing approval from others, and without needing food in order to feel however you want. To live naturally thin.
How do we do that?

  • Self-Love and Self-Confidence on a freakishly deep level
  • Loving your body no matter what
  • No longer allow food to control us
  • Love others unconditionally
  • Have vision for your life

Action Item:

Take five to ten minutes and visualize your best life. What does it look like? What have you achieved? Where do you live, do you travel, what are your hobbies, what kind of person are you?
Write it out and then visualize it. Get it into your headspace and see yourself there.
Describe your life to someone, speaking to them as if you hadn’t seen them in a long time and you are updating them on how much has changed.

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Episode Transcription:

You are listening to Business Women Losing Weight with Amy Latta, episode 20 – The one where, at risk of channeling Oprah, I give you the five steps to living your best life ever. Let’s go!

(Music) Welcome to Business Women Losing Weight, a community for fabulous women small business owners so laser focused on building their businesses….they have been sacrificing their health! Together we’re going to get back your time, get back your energy, and teach you to live naturally thin.
I’m your host, Amy Latta, and I’m all in! Are you comin’ with me? Let’s take care of you so you can take care of business!

Hello My lovely sisters! How is everyone today! Holy cow, it’s Halloween! Is anyone here dressing up with their kiddos tonight? I think the Lattas are going as a family of robbers, all because Grammy gave us all some black masks, and I didn’t have time to do real costumes year! And robbers are just Black pants, black shirt, a mask, stocking cap, gloves…Done!

The booty bandits are here!

I am recording this the day before my trip to Boston, and this airs the day after I return. More of that super fun space-time podcast continuum.
So I am just going to assume that I have had an amazing time in Boston. One of our stops is spending the day in Salem Massachusetts and I cannot be more excited! I love the folklore and the vibe, and seeing these centuries-old sites is just the kind of thing the empath in me takes in mind, body, and soul.

I also think it’s a great allegory. Without specifically thinking of anyone Salem Witch, it’s amazing how easy it is to condemn others who speak and live differently than you do.
We certainly see plenty of that in modern times as well!

But I always want our community – this growing tribe of Business Women Losing Weight, my grown ass women taking emotional responsibility for themselves, to feel empowered to speak and live differently than those around you. Because most of society is living scared and terrified. Most of society is numb. Completely unaware of how their thoughts create their reality, and both literally and figuratively sheltering themselves from the pain of the world with food – and drugs and alcohol and Facebook and Netflix and all the other buffers we use!

So at risk of sounding very Oprah, though there’s certainly nothing wrong with that….on this, the 20th episode, I wanted to reflect on some of what I’ve shared with you in the podcast so far, and to give you an idea of where we are going from here. The fact is I share a lot of information that individually speaking may not make a lot of sense but really all together, sets you up for living an amazing fucking life. That is why I am here, I believe so firmly in building and creating a life that you love completely, from A to Z, from head to toe! One that others may not understand and that is okay!

To live a life where you don’t have to use food in order to feel better, a life where you feel completely empowered at all times. Because empowerment comes from within you, not from what’s happening in your life or from what other people say or think.

This is living a life where you stand on your own two feet, where you do not need approval from other people, no need for recognition or accolades in order to know that you’re doing the right thing.
Where you love yourself so freaking deeply, someone can look you in the face and tell you, “you are doing it wrong! ” and you will be okay with that.
And food? It’s just fuel. Not a means to happiness.

So let’s break this down.
What do you need to live your best life ever?
First and foremost, self-love and self-confidence on a freakishly deep level. I am currently working with a coach on this very thing. It’s raw and uncomfortable, but I am tapping into love of myself in a way I never have before. This is the ultimate in living your life without needing other people’s approval.
First of all, nine out of ten people aren’t thinking the judgmental things you worry they are thinking.
Those are all your worries. That’s all revealing to you what you don’t love about yourself.
What if you constantly challenge yourself on those things you think other people are thinking about you?
Ask yourself – but is that even true?
Does anyone else really think I have an annoying voice?
Maybe someone does. Most likely not, or they wouldn’t be listening.l
Does anyone really think eyes aren’t quite even?
I mean, does anyone even frekain’ care about my eyes?
Does anyone think I am not a good coach?
I mean, it’s possible. But none of my clients have thought so, and they are who matters.

And none of those fear matter if I felt complete self-confidence in myself.
The beauty of self-confidence is that I can still love myself even when I make a mistake.
We have been raised to believe that not only should we own up to our mistakes but we should feel shame about them.
What if I can love myself unconditionally, even in shame?
Woah. Right?
And here’s the thing. There will always be that one guy. Or woman. Whatever.
Who actually does think the very worst thing you can think about yourself.
And that is okay.
You can still love yourself and you can still unconditionally love them. Even when they are in their worst.
Because when you feel Self-Love and Self-Confidence on a freakishly deep level, you learn to be okay with that.
This right here, folks!
It’s what I am working on with my coach and I have just introduced these tools to my one-on-one clients myself!
Good good stuff!

The second thing you need in order to live your best life ever is to love your body first.
This goes along with the self-love, because the deeper the self-love, the easier this is. But this is the love of your physical body, as opposed to the love of your spiritual being. They are two entities, and they are both deserving of your completely love and adoration.
Here’s some truth talk. I have pretty sizable thighs. Have I talked about my thunder thighs here on the podcast yet? I gave an entire talk once based on my relationship with my thighs. I am tiny from the waist up, and then Hello
Thighs and Booty!
I have loathed my thighs throughout my life. Thick thighs and skinny jeans are not always friends. And shorts. SHORTS! Shorts don’t work right on thick thighed ladies. Unless you go the Bermuda right, am I right, fellow Thigh Sisters?
But what we do is we equate thick thighs or a squishy belly or chicken flaps on our arms to checkpoints around our body that we use to decide if we should love ourself or not.
As opposed to looking at my thick thighs and marveling at what they do for me! These thighs formed a great lap with which my boys can easily rest. I have rocked my boys to sleep for years on these babies and I can’t see anything but love in that.
Are you strong? Are you flexible? Maybe you aren’t either, but you can pick up and run a mile without thinking about it, because you got a killer ticker?
Ladies. Not everyone can do that. I have a friend that laments about her size and I have to stop her and say, my goodness! You are flexible and you can run and you can lift! Your body is freakin’ amazing! Stand in that, honor that!
I know I did an entire episode on how you don’t need exercise in order to lose weight, and that is truth, but exercise is the greatest gift we can give our body and is such an act of self-love!
Let your body show you what it is capable of and then marvel in it.

The third thing you need to live your best life ever is to no longer be controlled by food. Ahhhhh. That’s the sticking point, no? How many episodes have I done around this topic! And will continue to!
You do not need food in order to feel better. Let. That. Sink. In. Over. And. Over.
Our goal is Food Freedom!
We eat to feel a million different ways, but it’s not food that makes us feel better.
Feeling better is not on the other side of that pizza. I don’t care what the pizza and your asshole brain tells you!
We might momentarily feel better, and then shame and guilt show up, making us feel awful all over again.
So what do we do? We eat something else in hopes of feeling better! When does this cycle end?
It ends HERE.
We can feel whatever we want to feel without needing food!
Remember that feelings are just vibrations in our body and they can’t hurt us no matter how uncomfortable they make us. And feelings come from our thinking! And we always have a choice in how we feel about something.
That doesn’t mean being a Pollyanna who creates false happiness with thoughts it doesn’t really believe.
You can’t really go from “I’m fat and ugly” to “I’m a beautiful thin goddess” in five seconds flat.
But you can believe that you are a worthy human being learning to lose weight. You can believe that you are learning how to have a better relationship with food.
We have a choice in what we make the situations and circumstances of our life mean.

I have a client who struggles with overeating because of the asshole in her brain. Her brain says, “you haven’t been eating perfect, so it doesn’t even matter what you do next because it’s all gone to shit anyway.”
What an asshat!
So we are putting into practice what she wants to think about herself and food and eating. What does she want to think when she doesn’t eat per her regular meal plan.
And put that into practice, shutting down the jerk before pizza turns into cookies turns into ice cream.
This is so stinkin’ powerful!
This is our life’s work!

Next, in order to live your best life, is to Love fully. I kinda touched on this when I mentioned before loving people when they aren’t loving to you.
Listen, it’s easy to love people who love you,r right? It’s easy to love people you give birth to, your husband who adores you, your mom, your biggest cheerleaders.
But loving everyone in your life, even the ones who aren’t very lovable. This is unconditional love and it changes everything.
It’s easier to do when we love ourselves unconditionally. Though some may say it’s easier to love others unconditionally!
When we no longer require people to act a certain way, to say certain things. When we no longer place expectations on them to make us happy. When we can accept others for who they are, why they are.
We talked last week about other people’s opinions of you and how exhausting it is to try to act and be a certain way so that other’s like us.
The same goes for the people in our life. They can’t act and think and say things in a way that we always want. How exhausting for them to be forced to only live how we want them to.
But when we love them unconditionally, we can let them be them. We can set boundaries with those people in our life that need boundaries set.
Everything gets better when we no longer extend requirements for the people in our life.
Besides, our happiness comes from how we think, not how others act.
So my husband can not share my podcasts – let’s be honest, honey, you’ve never even listened to an episode! He can not promote my business, not understand any of it.
And I don’t have to make that mean that he doesn’t love or support me. I can remove that expectation of him, and love him as he is.
No freakin’ angst!
Just love.
Anyone got a bonfire on the beach for us to sing Kumbaya!

Okay, so the last thing you need in order to live your best life is Vision. Or goals or dreams or whatever word you want to put on it.
Maybe it’s your purpose. Maybe it’s your passion.
But why are you here and where are you going?
And let’s not take five minutes one day to write out a vague list, never to think about it again.
What does your ideal life look like? Go there. Often.
What kind of person are you? What do you like to do? What have you accomplished? Where do you live, do you travel?
The first time I was ever asked this question, about two minutes into answering, the coach I was working with noted that everything I said was about what other people in my life would have.
You see, I didn’t have Number One down – the self-love and the self-confidence! I only wanted for others, not for myself.
But your life’s purpose isn’t about other people, it is about you.
And when you are living per your life’s purpose, other people in your life will absolutely benefit!
I have a new exercise I introduced in workshops here in St. Louis that starts this process. Of not just dreaming about your future, but really seeing yourself in your future. It’s hugely powerful!
It’s where I now start all my coaching clients, too, and then we build on the other items over the course of our time together.
So that they get all five of these Best Live Ever components!
But if you want to get to your best life ever, you have to know where you are going.

So on that note…our action item of the week! YES….
Take five to ten minutes and visualize your best life. What does it look like? What have you achieved? Where do you live, do you travel, what are your hobbies, what kind of person are you?
Write it out and then visualize it. Get it into your headspace and see yourself there.
Do you have a trusted confidant? Describe your life to them, speaking to them as if you hadn’t seen them in a long time and you are updating them on how much has changed.
Heck, you can record this and send it to me! Cause I don’t know you!
This is not only so much fun, but once we get past the twinge of uncomfortableness of it – it’ll make you tear up. It’ll give you chills. When you allow your mind to go where you want to go…it’s magic!

Alright, and some fun news! I create a BRAND NEW FREEBIE for you!
Right? I am so excited!
Take the next step and go to AmyLatta.com/quickstart to download just what you need: The Business Woman’s Quick-Start Guide to Losing Weight.
And let me know what you guys think!

Alright, my Grown Ass Women! I believe in you. Who do you know that needs to hear this episode? I am serious. Don’t keep this awesomeness to yourself. Share this podcast with other women who need to hear it.
Let them know that there is help, there’s another way, and we are a growing tribe of Grown Ass Women who have their back.

Alright, you have been listening to Business Women Losing Weight with life and weight coach Amy Latta. And until Next Week…let’s go do Epic Stuff.

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